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Ukulele Beatles Fun!

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Strawberry Fields Forever" "Strawberry Fields Forever" by The Beatles Intro: G GM7 G7 G7sus2 Fdim F C | | | | | | | A---2----2----2----2---|--2----2------0----X--|-----3------2---|---X----X---- E---3----3----2----2---|--1----1------1----0--|--0-------------|---1----0---- C---2----2----2----2---|--2----2------2----2--|--------2-------|---0----0---- G-----0----0----0----0-|----0----0----X----1--|---2------0-----|---2----0---- Chorus: [C]Let me take you down 'cos I'm going [Gm7]to Strawberry [Gm]Fields [Gm7][A7]Nothing is real And [F]nothing to get [A7]hung about [F]Strawberry Fields [C]Forever Verse 1: [G]Living is [GM7]easy with [G7]eyes closed [G7sus2] [Fdim][Am]Misunder[Am7]standing all you [F]see [F]It's getting [G]hard to be some[C]one but it [Em7]all works [Am]out [G][F]It doesn't [G]matter much to [F]me [C] Chorus Link: Verse 2: Link Verse 3: Ending: [F]Strawberry Fields [C]Forever [F]Strawberry [G]Fields [F]Forever

Fingerpicking Since fingerpicking requires the use of more than one finger on the right hand it can be a little more difficult than simple strumming. It’s really not that hard to do though and the results are well worth the practice it takes to get comfortable with it. In my style of playing I use the thumb, index finger, and middle finger. You can play fingerpicking patterns as accompaniment while you sing instead of strumming, or you can mix it up by strumming in some places in a song and fingerpicking in other places. Pay special attention to the right hand fingering at the bottom of the tablature (T=Thumb, I=Index, M=Middle). Click on the PLAY VIDEO buttons for a video example of how to play each pattern. The MIDI files are computer generated so they might not sound a lot like a uke, but they can still be helpful to practice along with or at least listen to so you can hear the right notes.

Song tabs Richard Gillmann's Free Ukulele Tab Links These tabs are for high G (gCEA) tuned ukes, unless otherwise noted. Some give full tablature, others just the chords and lyrics. All are free downloads, unless otherwise noted. Charts 808 Uke Jams (Maui) - ChristmasAlex W.' Uke Chords UkuleleChords - GCEA chords, including m7b5 and suchUkuke - chord charts and downloadable chord boxesMichelle Kiba's Student Ukulele Chord Chart (pdf)Brian's Chord ListSheep EntertainmentUkeGeeks - chord toolsUkulele Chord ChartUkulele Chord Generator4-string Chord Name FinderFree Blank Tab paper Old Sheet Music UCLA Digital Library Sheet Music ProjectUCLA Sheet Music ConsortiumDuke Historic American Sheet MusicDuke sheet music collection - 1920 and earlierLester Levy Sheet Music Archive (Johns Hopkins)Indiana University Sheet Music CollectionTempleton Sheet Music Library (MS State)U. of Colorado digitized sheet music - pre-1923The National Jukebox - Library of Congress, old public domain recordings Instructional Videos Additions welcome!

Clawhammer As you play the bum-ditty, keep in mind that in addition to playing the melody you are also strumming the chords, much like a rhythm guitar player plays chords. Be sure to pay careful attention to the chord changes that are written on top of the tablature. Most of the time the melody notes will be within the chord that you should be playing at the time, but sometimes you will need to move away from a particular chord position for certain notes. The strum is accomplished using the back of the fingernail of one finger only -- either the middle finger or the index finger. The thumb should automatically go to the top string (4th string) as the strum is being made, all in the same motion. Except for the bending at the wrist, the hand is basically held rigid. The technique for playing the single strings is basically the same as the beginning of the strum.

Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds Uke tab by The Beatles Ukulele Tabs and chords Login Register Follow us: Ukulele Tabs The Beatles uke tabs Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds tab Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds Uke tab by The Beatles 9 Chords used in the song : View these chords for the Baritone You must be logged in to change the Key of this song AutoScroll Don't know how to read a tab or a chord ? How to read uke tabsReading chord diagrams F#m DmPicture yourself in a boat on a river FWith tangerine trees and marmalade skies DmSomebody calls you you answer quite slowly A girl with kaleidoscope eyes Bb CCellophane flowers of yellow and green Dm BbTowering over your head DLook for the girl with the sun in her eyes and she? DLucy in the sky with diamonds DAh ah DmFollow her down to a bridge by a fountain FWhere rocking horse people eat marshmallow pies DmEveryone smiles as you drift past the flowers FThat grow so incredibly high CNewspaper taxis appear on the shore BbComing to take you away DClimb in the back with your head in the clouds and you? DLucy in the sky with diamonds

Uke Crazy Bitches The Ukulele Helper : Chord Finder & Scales Fidelity Uke tab by Regina Spektor Ukulele Tabs and chords Login Register Follow us: Ukulele Tabs Regina Spektor uke tabs Fidelity tab Fidelity Uke tab by Regina Spektor 5 Chords used in the song : View these chords for the Baritone You must be logged in to change the Key of this song AutoScroll Don't know how to read a tab or a chord ? How to read uke tabsReading chord diagrams FI xxxxx xxxxx xxxxxx fully FAlways xxx xxxx xx the xxxxxx BbAnd xx xxxxxxxxxx xx xxxxx truly Dm CI xxx xxxx xx xxx sounds Bbx xxxx xx my xxxx xxx xxxxx voices Cx xxxx xx my xxxx xxx xxxxx words Bbx xxxx xx my xxxx xxx xxxx music Dmxxx xx xxxxxx my xxxxx Cxxx xx xxxxxx my xxxxx C xxx xx xxxxxx my xxxxx Bb Cxx xxxxxx my xxxxx BbAnd xxxxxxx x xxxxx met xxx CSuppose xx xxxxx xxxx in xxxx BbSuppose x xxxxx xxxx let xxx xxxx xx Cso sweet xxx so xxxx Bb Suppose x xxxxx xxxx saw xxx CSuppose xx xxxxx xxxx called BbSuppose x xxxx xx xxxxxxx love xxxxx Dmxxxx to xxxxx Cmy xxx fall C xxxx xx xxxxx my xxxx C xxxxx my xxxx CBreak xx fall CBreak xx fall Dm All xx xxxxxxx xxx xxxx xx xxxxxx xxx

Fingerstyle Uke - ukulele lessons - arpeggios Creative Right Hand Arpeggios Most of the music we play and hear is in 4/4 timing, which means there are four basic beats to each bar: One Two Three Four It might seem useful to assign the thumb (T) to the fourth string, the index (i) to the third, the middle (m) to the second and the ring (r) finger to the first: --------------a---------- ----------m------------- -------i------------------ ---T--------------------- However, the standard ukulele tuning has the third string as the lowest note, and often it is good practice to use the thumb on that string. --------------m-------- -----------i------------- -------T---------------- ---T-------------------- These four beats can be subdivided: One and Two and Three and Four and So, if you want to play arpeggios over all of these beats, you might use the following: --------m-------------m------- ------i-----i-----i-------------- ---T---------T----------------- --------------------T---------- or: Try making up a few more - they are all valid.