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Mochileros: La guía definitiva para viajar barato en Latam Review

Mochileros: La guía definitiva para viajar barato en Latam Review
Por: Constanza Trebilcock / @conitrebilcock ¿Estás pensando en ser un mochilero con un presupuesto limitado? ¿No sabes dónde ir y quieres saber los precios de estadía, comida y otros? Latam Review hizo una lista de las ciudades más baratas para viajeros en los 5 continentes. Aquellos destinos turísticos para mochileros que encabezan esta lista son ciudades asiáticas. Sin embargo, gracias a la crisis europea, algunos destinos de este continente han disminuido sus precios de alojamiento, comida y atracciones turísticas acercándose a los primeros lugares. Los precios están en dólares estadounidenses (US$). Costo para cada ciudad Se consideran los siguientes puntos, tal como los tomó - Una noche en el hostal más barato que tenga buena ubicación y alta valoración en - Dos tickets de transporte público por día - Una atracción turística pagada por día - Tres comidas por día que estén dentro del presupuesto Sudeste Asiatico 1) Pokhara, Nepal Moneda local: rupia nepalí

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America's 10 Best Cities to Live and Launch A great place to live can also be a great place to start a business. The financial blog 24/7 Wall St. recently ranked the 50 best cities to live. They used Census Bureau data for 550 cities, including statistics on employment growth, educational attainment and housing affordability to determine which cities are at the top of the heap. Here are the top 10 cities to live (and also start a business):--Graham Rapier Taj Mahal, India In The New Seven Wonders Of The World list Taj Mahal, a mosque-mausoleum located in Indian city of Agra, takes a very important place. In spite of its Muslim origin this white marble necropolis became an actual symbol of India. Serious security measures are taken to protect it. There is a special 500-meter security zone established around the complex.

The 46 Most Brilliant Life Hacks Every Human Being Needs To Make Life Easier I love finding clever solutions to the little snags I come across in cooking, building, cleaning, or just about anything. These are some that I find myself using all the time! Pour a half a cup of baking soda and a cup of vinegar into a clogged drain. Once it stops foaming rinse down the sink and your drains will be clear. A cheap and environmentally friendly way to unclog a sink! When camping or just in a pinch, a standard headlamp strapped to a 1 gallon jug of water can illuminate an entire room or tent. 26 Real Places That Look Like They’ve Been Taken Out Of Fairy Tales If you love fairy tales and have a serious case of wanderlust, this bucket list was made for you. Travel suggestions via this Quora thread. 1. Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany As a way to seek refuge and withdraw from public life, Ludwig II of Bavaria built this extravagant castle in 1868.

30 Outstanding Websites to Fuel Your Creativity Inspiration can sometimes be hard to find, but you can feel more creative in just a few minutes. If you’re in need of design inspiration or insightful articles the following list of 30 can’t-miss websites will get your creativity juices flowing. Enjoy! Inspiration Feed: Of course this is the first one on my list! Need some inspiration for your next marketing campaign or graphic, this is the place to find quality articles to help you find your next big idea. This Object Doesn't Really Exist...When You See What I Mean You'll Flip Felice Varini is a Swiss artist known for his mind-bending designs, which consist of so-called perspective-localized paintings. These are shapes that appear three-dimensional when viewed from one vantage point, but which are in fact a skillfully-arrayed geometry of flat graphics painted onto the surfaces. The technical term for this is "anamorphosis" from the Greek prefix "ana-" meaning back or again, and "morphe" meaning shape or form. But no words can do justice to how unreal these look. Scroll down to see for yourself. This truly takes the art of illusion to another dimension, wouldn't you agree?

20 Wonderful Places You Need To Visit Before They Disappear 01. Olympia, Greece The site of the first ever Olympic Games in 776 BC, the ancient city of Olympia has been inhabited since prehistoric times and is one of Greece’s top archaeological sites. a special instance of perspective The geometry of cylindrical mirror anamorphoses is really quite complex, but there are simple approximations which give images that are very close to being mathematically correct. As with conical mirror anamorphoses, the image is spread out in a circular region around the mirror. This is not surprising since a cylinder can be thought of as a cone whose tip is an infinite distance from the base. However, when you look at cylindrical mirror anamorphoses, you look sideways on to the cylinder, rather than from above. If the image goes all the way around the cylinder, then you have to move around it in order to see the different parts of the image, but normally the images are semicircular.

25 Secret Small Towns in Europe you MUST Visit 1. Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic There’s no other town in the world that I am more fond of than the quaint, charming, fairytale-like town of Cesky Krumlov in southern Bohemia. It’s as if you have stepped into a time warp – small cobblestone roads, bridges every which way you look, and no, there’s no McDonalds! It’s a great short day trip from Prague if you find yourself there but for the best experience, visit Krumlov in the summer season and raft down the Vltavy River. 2.