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ESL Activities for Kids - Fun Classroom English Ideas for Teachers

ESL Activities for Kids - Fun Classroom English Ideas for Teachers
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Games in the English language classroom Learn About EnglishCentral Teaching English Magazine Read The Latest Newsletter Digital Downloads TESOL Certificate Supporter Games in the English language classroom Games are wonderful to use in our classrooms, a must. See below, many of the well researched reasons we should be using them in our teaching. Nowadays, with online resources and resource sharing, there is no longer any excuse for not using games. Here are a few of the games related resources and pages you'll find here on EFL Classroom 2.0. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 100 games for children 10. Views: 2032 Tags: efl20, games, gaming, list, resources Like 0 members like this Share Twitter Facebook Add a Remark Welcome! Join EFL CLASSROOM 2.0 Welcome toEFL CLASSROOM 2.0 JOIN NOWor Sign In Or sign in with: Study Music 35,000+ Happy Members Supporter View All Get In Touch Music Photos ELT Interviews Jeremy Harmer in Turkey: ELT changes Ken Wilson: 10 quotes that will make you think Stephen Krashen Saima Ali – Teacher of ESOL More… Mr Gary's EFL Classroom

ESL Games for the Classroom Alphabet Shout Out Randomly choose an alphabet flashcard and award a point to the first student who shouts out a word beginning with that letter. Alphabet Writing Relay Divide and line up the students into two teams. Divide the board into two halves and have one student from each team run to the board, write 'A', then run to the back of the line. The next student writes 'B', etc. Alphabet Erase relay As 'Alphabet Writing Relay', but this time, write the alphabet on each half of the board and have each team race to erase the letters in order. Alphabet Sculptures Divide the students into teams and call out a letter of the alphabet. Alphabet Soup Give each student an alphabet flashcard and have them skip around the room to the 'ABC Song'. Alphabet Touch Call out letters and have the students find and touch them in the classroom, on posters, etc. Alphabet Wave Give each student a few ordered alphabet flashcards and play the 'ABC Song'. Balloon Toss Have the students stand in a circle.

Thanksgiving Activities, Crafts, Quizzes, Worksheets & History for Kids highlights Top 10 Wintertime Neighborhood Games Is cabin fever setting in? Round up the neighborhood kids for some cold and snowy fun! Find Today's Newest & Best Children's Books! 5 Tips to Help Make Your Child Self-Sufficient Follow these tips to help your child become self-sufficient, and help him learn the skills he'll need to take care of himself. Ready for Kindergarten?

Running Dictation I’m sure you all have at least some kind of experience with dictations in the classroom. Most of the time, dictations are considered boring and can get really frustrating for students, especially if they are still learning how to write in their L1. Here is an idea for practicing dictations and making them less painful. Running dictation is a type of dictation in which your students are responsible for it from the start. They should work in pairs and it goes like this: You should come up with a story that you will write on a piece of paper and hang it onto the wall in your classroom. You can use multiple sheets of paper so that your students don’t collide during the activity. It’s best to give them a story in form of a riddle or something similar because then if someone is done before the others, you can tell them to try and solve it (matter of discipline in the classroom). Here are some links with stories that can be used for a running dictation. How do you get along with dictations?

ESL Kids Classroom Games & Activities Action Race: This is a fun game using actions. Use actions like jump, hop, clap, run etc. Have the Ss split into two teams and sit in lines with a chair by each team and one chair at the other end of the room. One S from each team stands next to their chair and T calls an action, e.g. Adverb Action: T writes on the board an activity like "brush your teeth." Airplane competition: First, have your Ss make some paper airplanes. Apple Pass: Have all Ss sit in a circle. Art Gallery: This is a great activity for reviewing vocab. Attention: Call out commands such as: Attention, salute, march in place...stop, sit down, stand up, walk in a circle, clap your hands...stop, run in place...stop, jumping jacks...stop, swim in place....stop, etc. Backs to the Board Game: This one is good for higher level kids. Badminton: Good for reviewing target vocabulary (words or communicative expressions). Banana Race: Children just love this! Bang! Basketball: Ss take a shot at the trash can/box/etc. 1.

Educational App, Learning Tools, Kids Activities - iGameMom Build a Medieval Castle No download, no installation, PC or Mac; print from your web browser. Build a Medieval Castle Online Go to Putting Your Castle Together (Print these instructions out) Castles were an important part of cultural, military, and political history in Europe for many centuries. Castles in Medieval Times Blogging for ELT It gives an overview of blogging websites, suggests why you might want to use them, and gives some practical advice on setting up blogs for use with your own classes. What is a blog? Types of blogs used in language teaching Why blog? What is a blog? Nowadays, blogs can also display photos and some people are using them with audio and even video, but this article will concentrate on the basics, showing how a simple text-based blog can be used to great effect with your English language learners. Types of blogs used in language teachingAaron Campbell (2003) has outlined three types of blogs for use with language classes: The Tutor Blog is run by the teacher of a class. Of course, teachers who decide to use blogs often use a combination of Tutor or Class blog and Learner blogs, with hyperlinks connecting them. Why blog? Here are some other reasons for using blogs: To provide extra reading practice for students. The teacher sets up the tutor blog or a class blog. Some ideas for activities

The Language Menu - A webportal for teachers The town - The city - Vocabulary - Activities "The 2057 documentary is a 3 part series by the Discovery Channel. It's a an entertaining documentary about life in 50 years. The city episode shows us how much city life will be incredibly interconnected. The extreme interconnection has risks however which we must avoid before problems occur."

Reading house This lesson focuses on describing houses, and what our houses can say about us. Students will review vocabulary to describe different types of houses and their features, read about unusual housing types, speak about housing in their own country and take part in a discussion about young people leaving home. Aims: • To learn and practise vocabulary for describing houses. • To develop reading skills • To practise speaking and discussion skills. Age group: 12- adult Level: B1 / B2 Time: 60 –90 minutes Materials: Reading house student worksheet Copyright – Please read All the materials on these pages are free and available for you to download and copy for educational use only. Lights Camera Action | Teaching Ideas Search for Ideas and Resources Filter Results Menu Lights Camera Action Take part in a wide range of film, movie and animation making activities with our free 'Lights, Camera, Action!' Filter by age Filter by subject (Select all / Select none) Filter by type Filter by theme Movie Plans A set of planning templates to help your children create movies from many different genres. View Hollywood Banner A free display banner to use as part of your 'Hollywood' topic. View Stunt Man Display Picture A printable poster showing a stunt man. View Who's Who on a Movie Set? A sheet which shows some of the different roles on a movie set. View Cameraman Display Picture A printable poster showing a cameraman. View Cinema Tickets Role Play Resource A set of printable cinema tickets that can be used in a role play area. View TV Studio Display Sign A set of large display letters that spell out the phrase 'TV STUDIO'. View Award Display Picture A printable poster showing a movie award. View Storyboard Number Line View Film Border View View

The town - The city - Vocabulary - Activities "The 2057 documentary is a 3 part series by the Discovery Channel. It's a an entertaining documentary about life in 50 years. The city episode shows us how much city life will be incredibly interconnected. The extreme interconnection has risks however which we must avoid before problems occur." (YouTube) British Council | Homes of the Future Good morning. Today I'll be experiencing a taste of the future. From the latest in home design to incredible gadgets, I’ll be looking at how we could be living in the future. A hot shower is a great start to the day, but this is no ordinary shower. I’m surrounded by some of the most modern houses in the world. Some of these houses can evolve as people’s lives change. Peter White is the Marketing Manager of the Innovation Park, where the houses are built. Amandeep: Peter, are these houses really a glimpse of the future? Peter White: They are. Amandeep: Just how much do they vary from ordinary houses? Peter White: In some ways they’re very similar. You may have seen the next invention in the movies, and it could mean no more lost keys in the future. Now this control panel is the brain of the house. Now, can you guess what this is? I asked some people who are interested in house design what they would like to see in the house of the future. Woman 1: I would love a self-cleaning house.