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Content Marketing World 2012

Content Marketing World 2012

Confab 2011: eBay use case - Implementing a Content Strategy within... SEO 101 New Episodes Air monday 5 pm Eastern Time SEO 101 is Search Engine Optimization from the very beginning. SEO 101 will teach you SEO from Square one. Hosts Ross Dunn and John Carcutt give out helpful information for the beginners without overwhelming you with technical details. Latest Show Episodes & Updates Bing Webmaster Guidelines and Keyword Stuffing; Google Places Quality GuidelinesAir Date: April 4, 2014 0 Bing updates their Webmaster Guidelines, adding that if you use keyword stuffing, it can lead to demotion or even the delisting of your website. Podcast: Play in new window | Download MyBlogGuest Penalized; How Google Looks Without Backlinks as a Ranking FactorAir Date: March 24, 2014 0 Matt Cutts goes after guest blogging:, discusses how Google looks without backlinks as a ranking factor and asks What should sites do with pages for products that are no longer available? Podcast: Play in new window | Download Podcast: Play in new window | Download

Content Strategy: Content is King! Website Revenue Calculator - Estimate Website Revenue, Gives Ideas to Make More Money Have you ever asked "How Much Should My Website Make?" We built this website revenue calculator to give you an easy way to understand how much your traffic is worth. Enter some information about your site: what you offer, who your audience is, how you monetize, and what your traffic looks like. The model will generate a revenue target based on similar websites; statistics are based on the data we gathered in our website revenue study. This model also generates recommendations on you should focus your efforts to increase your profits. This will suggest ideas on everything from traffic generation to alternative monetization strategies. For those of you who like to build new websites, this calculator can be used to estimate the potential profit from your ideas.

Stratégie de contenu web: dernier né du marketing digital? Ce billet a été lu 3197 fois. À votre tour? La stratégie de contenu reste un phénomène à la mode. La presse spécialisée se met, elle aussi, à en parler. Un vieux métier du Web La stratégie de contenu, que certains d’entre nous pratiquent depuis les débuts du Web sans faire de barouf, n’est pas une nouvelle mode. Résoudre un problème de communication En réalité, la stratégie de contenu est moins une nouvelle discipline du marketing digital qu’une transposition aux médias digitaux des « traditionnelles » approches stratégiques de la communication. En fait, concevoir de telles interfaces revient donc à combler un manque ou à résoudre un problème de communication.Ce n’est donc pas du marketing, mais bien, encore et toujours, de la communication. État des lieux… C’est à cette faveur que l’auteur de l’article, Olivier De Keyser, m’a invitée à évoquer cette discipline à travers ces quelques questions. Quand considères-tu que tu as commencé à faire réellement de la stratégie de contenu?

Do short films spell big money? Short films do not get picked up by satellite channels or television. It does not get shown in theatres. There is hardly any revenue stream – Onir, film-maker When people go to a theatre, they want the full two-and-a-half-hour experience. – Ashi Dua, producer The genesis of Indian cinema can be traced to a short film, Raja Harishchandra of 40 minutes duration. Film-maker Onir points out that although short films are being made in the country, monetisation remains elusive. One major factor that doesn’t work with the audience as far as short stories go is its time limit, which makes them non-profitable for exhibitors. How to make money with your Short Films & Documentaries Thats the no I saw when I saw the Aajtak banner running on its new channel where they will feature the person who have liked their page, great simple gratification, but then see how many fans they have got it!! 155551 on 5th August with 372827 Talking about this But I am not writing the review of this campaign because I don't have any data regarding how may fans they would have got it through this campaign. I will discuss content strategy for Aajtak on Facebook which is most important social media channel for a news channel in India depending on the number of Indians on Facebook. There are following types of content on Facebook for aajtak 1. They use Hindi language as they are a Hindi News Channel which sounds logical. 2. 3. This is probably the worst example of social media in terms of unclear objectives. Lets first see the kind of audience or fans on Aajtak Facebook page 1. Three types of audience on a News Channel 1. Be happy if they are there. 2. Try to increase this audience share more 3.

What Page of Google Am I On? - A Free SEO Tool and Rank Tracker Official Google Webmaster Central Blog What Should You Pay For Branding? - Distility® What does branding cost? This is an important questions for organizations who need branding. Before delving into the question, let’s pause to recall the distinction between price and cost. Price is what branding consultants and agencies will charge you to do the branding work. Cost is the price plus all the time you spend internally on the project plus all the cost of change when you replace all your existing branded material. The focus of this post is on price. There are of course different budget levels to branding, and they give rise to different approaches. Branding Project Deliverables The key activities and deliverables on a quality branding project can be broken into three main categories, which are: brand analysis, brand strategy, and brand systems. Budget Branding: $1,000 – $20,000 This is the lowest price you can pay to get what many people confuse for a brand – a logo, stationary, website and the like.

15 of India's oldest restaurants that will never fade away - MangoJoos Among many other things, India indeed has always enjoyed a rich history in commercial establishments that serve heartfelt yumminess in every plate. Some have been around since the Mughal Era, some during the British Raj, and some post the dawn of Independence. And every one of them continued to flourish until the 90s. The final decade of the 20th century saw commercialization sweep a nation away, luring it with a single word: imported. That single decade brought about an onslaught of international establishments, and ended the fate of many old-world food haunts. But some of them, a handful of them stood the test of time, without succumbing to the pressure of being called ‘outdated’. Today, MangoJoos presents you 15 of India’s oldest restaurants that are still going strong, and probably always will. Leopolds Café Source: Wikipedia If you take a walk down Colaba Causeway in Bombay, you just cannot miss Leopold’s. Source: The Guardian Source: Paranthe Wali Gali

Best Places to Work 2014 TALENT. It's the single most important asset in any company. The ability to recruit, develop and retain talent can be the difference between success and failure, winning business and falling behind the competition. We looked at compensation, benefits packages and hiring practices, as well as work-life balance. The 40 companies on our list stood out—read on to find out why they're the best places to work in the industry. By Ad Age Staff New York-based Buck Consultants, which has nearly a century of experience in human-resource consulting, crafted two surveys. Photo by John Boehm for Ad Age #1. Headquarters: Chicago Employees: 480 Not long after Shawn Riegsecker received an interview request for this story, the Centro CEO sent over a memo written by former Bear Stearns CEO Alan "Ace" Greenberg with this highlighted sentence: "If somebody with an MBA degree applies for a job, we will certainly not hold it against them." Mr. Just what does Centro do? It's working. #3. Ms. #4. #5. #6. #7. #8.