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Kids games, kids stories, school , distance learning, online learning, free kids games, primary kids games, elementary school, teacher, teachers, preschool games, play games, math worksheets, spelling and fun singing activities for kids

The Partnership for 21st Century Skills - ICT Literacy Maps In collaboration with several content area organizations, the Partnership for 21st Century Skills developed a series of ICT Literacy Maps illustrating the intersection between Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Literacy and core academic subjects including English, mathematics, science and social studies (civics/government, geography, economics, history). The maps enable educators to gain concrete examples of how ICT Literacy can be integrated into core subjects, while making the teaching and learning of core subjects more relevant to the demands of the 21st century. Download the English ICT Literacy Map: Download the Geography ICT Literacy Map: Download the Math ICT Literacy Map: Download the Science ICT Literacy Map: Download the Social Science ICT Literacy Map: ICT Literacy Map - Social Studies - Map (2.8 MB PDF)

e-learning for kids The Guided Inquiry Model In 2014, students from year 3 upwards may apply for weekly lessons in the following - flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, folk/rock guitar (plus electric and bass guitar), piano, keyboard, violin, cello, drums. Instrumental/vocal lessons will be in groups of 2-4 or individually, dependent on student level and/or demand and at the discretion of Mrs Grant. Vocal lessons are fortnightly and in some cases weekly. Most lessons will take place during school hours on both campuses with group piano/keyboard after school at the Senior Campus. A bus is available to take Junior Campus students to the Senior Campus after school. Enquire at the Junior Office. In most cases lessons at the Senior Campus will be on a rotating timetable to avoid missing the same classes. Successful applicants will be notified by Mrs Grant and timetables emailed. Rental Options: Click here to Download Music Instrument Tuition 2014 Form Click here to Download our Direct Debit Form

Reading, Math, Coloring and Fun at Free Tutorials, Training and Courses in Software, Computers, Finance, Business, Certifications Wikiversity OER Commons Free Online Classes and Online Courses - A Comprehensive List You don't need to pay a lot of money to receive a high-quality education. There are lots of online resources that allow students to gain new knowledge and skills, for both personal fulfillment and career advancement, at little or no cost. Many top-ranked universities and colleges provide free online courses, or MOOCs, with the belief that making knowledge and education accessible to as many people as possible provides big benefits to us all. What Are MOOCs? "MOOC," or Massive Open Online Course, is the general term given to any free courses offered on the Internet. These things may change as MOOCs become more prevalent, but for now, MOOCs can't be considered as a substitute for traditional or online degree programs. Here are some of the most popular MOOC providers: What Is OpenCourseWare? Many universities and colleges share courses through a program called OpenCourseWare (OCW). These are a few examples of some of the higher education institutions offering free online courses through OCW:

Online Registration — University of Illinois Extension Schools Online CD-ROMS: Twice the learning - twice the fun! University of Illinois Extension's award-winning Schools Online curricula are now available in two easy-to-use CD-ROMs. The CDs are packed full of imaginative curricula and teaching ideas for K-8 classrooms. And because they were developed by experienced U of I Extension educators, you know you can count on the quality of the content. Schools Online 2 and the original Schools Online CDs cost $16.99 each, including postage and handling. Your order will be mailed within 7 days of receipt of your order and payment. Schools Online Volume 1 Out on a Limb available in Spanish.) University of Illinois College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences * United States Department of Agriculture * Local Extension Councils Cooperating.

FREE -- Teaching Resources and Lesson Plans from the Federal Government FREE Features These features originally appeared on the features blog. The features highlight resources and ideas related to holidays, awareness months, anniversaries and seasonal topics. January February March April May June July August Back to School: 7 Ways to Help Kids Transition Back to the Classroom September October November December About FREE Federal Resources for Educational Excellence (FREE) offered a way to find digital teaching and learning resources created and maintained by the federal government and public and private organizations. FREE was conceived in 1997 by a federal working group in response to a memo from the President. Technology has made it increasingly easier to find information from government agencies or with custom search tools, like FREE Disclaimer The U.S.

Welcome To YMI Teacher Welcome to 100 Free Online Ivy League Courses You Should Take Just for Fun | AdvantageEDU By Alisa Miller Even those without top notch grades can now go to Ivy League schools. With the the availability of open courseware classes coming out of some of the finest schools in America, the range of subjects is astounding. If you have ever wondered about the beginnings of Hip Hop, wanted to learn a new language, would like to create a film for social change, or are interested in learning about robotics while playing with Legos, then these courses are right up your alley. Health and Nutrition From an aging population to autism to creating chemistry in the kitchen, these < ahref=" courses provide interesting perspectives on health and nutrition issues. Health Across the Lifespan: Frameworks, Contexts, and Measurements. Fine Arts From the art of color to theater to music, these courses will expand your knowledge while learning something fun. Composing Your Life: Exploration of Self Through Visual Arts and Writing. Child Development and Psychology

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