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Kids Learning Games,Educational Games for Kids, Kindergarten Games, Educational Games for Kids

Kids Learning Games,Educational Games for Kids, Kindergarten Games, Educational Games for Kids

3D Dice Simulator - Components for Silverlight and XNA NEW! Download the complete source code for the Silverlight, XNA and Windows Phone 7 3D dice app! Silverlight 3D Dice User Control The dice (shown above) are implemented as a Silverlight user control. Then when you add the control in the body of the XAML, select the number of dice and dice colours, the container material, the width and height of the control, and other settings: (It is now also possible to specify any RGB colour for the dice, as well as different colours for different dice. Then in the code for the page, call the dice control's Roll() method to roll the dice: and also handle the DiceRollComplete event: The user control works in Silverlight 4 and above. Downloads This example project is a basic skeleton project that includes the dice: Silverlight 3D Dice Game Template Project This example project shows the use of mouse events, e.g. clicking on dice: Silverlight 3D Dice Click Events Demo Project This project shows the dice control being used in a complete game:

Flashcards: The world's largest library of printable flash cards Speed Conversations – Really Learn English Here is a great idea to have a good time in class with a quick, active game that is wonderful for practicing speaking. This activity, called Speed Dating, is very flexible and can be adapted to different topics and goals. You can also include some writing for the students and let them be really creativewith the activity. The first thing to do here is decide what your focus is with the activity. If you are working on jobs, for example, you can have the students focus on that as they prepare their characters and speak. This is also a wonderful activity for practicingquestions in English. This is a fun activity to get your students moving and interacting with each other. Your students will like this one.

SparkleBox - Printable resources for Early Years and KS1 - phonics, posters, labels, signs, activities and more! Switch Zoo Animal Games :: e-Learning for Kids :: – Making learning sweeter! Cupcake ipsum dolor sit. Amet croissant marzipan danish bear claw halvah sugar plum cheesecake. Croissant donut dessert. Sesame snaps sweet oat cake. I love danish donut sweet cupcake gingerbread jelly-o. Fruitcake ice cream cookie gummi bears. Cake cotton candy apple pie biscuit jelly beans. Cotton candy jelly beans donut candy canes jelly bonbon wafer oat cake halvah. Gummi bears dragée dragée. - Magazines - FREE teaching resources CLEO - Cumbria and Lancashire Education Online AIM (Animation, Interaction, Multimedia) Your Projects with Flash: Flash Projects Award Winners Explore the following award winning projects to see the wide variety of Flash applications. Museums and the Web (Mixture of web and Flash-based) at Archives & Museum Informatics FITC Awards (Flash in the Can) - The Flash awards Muse Awards (Mixture of web and Flash-based) from The American Association of Museums, Media and Technology Committee Return to the Top Flash Websites The following websites contain a wide variety of Flash games, animations, music, and more. Adobe Flash Player Adobe Design Center - Galleries, articles and tips on motion and interactive design. Flash Help and Support at Adobe Flash Blogs If you'd like to keep up on the latest Flash activities, check out some of the following blogs: Mike Chambers - Blogsite of principal Product Manager for developer relations for the Flash platform at Adobe. My Adobe Flash Tech Blog by Team Flashactions theFlashBlog by Lee Brimelow Personal and Professional Flash Portfolios Free Range Studios Flash Tutorials Flash Developer Websites

abcteach -- 5000+ free printable pages and worksheets Welcome to PrimaryAccess Discovery Educator Network Tools for Educators - free worksheet makers, game creators, 100% customizable worksheet generators with images!