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Un e-mail en HTML responsive multi-clients

Un e-mail en HTML responsive multi-clients

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Guide to CSS support in email 2 May 2014 Removed support for various selector options (E) in Gmail and added support for direction, vertical-align and list-style-type in Outlook '07/'10/'13. 19 September 2013 10 Useful jQuery Lightbox Plug-ins We are certain that you are already familiar with the concept of jQuery LightBox plugins. These plugins are basically used to focus the images, video or html content in a unique way on the webpage that you are currently viewing. There are many plugins available online for you to choose from and the best part is that they are pretty snappy because not a lot of coding is involved when these plugins are designed. Some of these plugins differ in features though as you will learn here. Some of these plugins resize themselves automatically and some don’t. On the other hand some plugins would zoom in while others will not.

HTML5 Showcase for Web Developers: The Wow and the How Webkit If using Google Chrome, you will likely need the Dev channel to see all of the functionality in this presentation. If you are using Safari, you will likely need a nightly build of WebKit in order to see all of the functionality in this presentation. Mozilla You are running a Mozilla browser. While such browsers generally have excellent support for HTML5 features, this presentation has only been tested using WebKit browsers such as Google Chrome or Safari. Responsive Email Templates Basic This template is perfect for sending a basic but nice looking email to your readers. View Tests Hero Want to include a snazzy hero image in your email? This template is for you!

HTML4 - Character entity 24.1 Introduction to character entity references A character entity reference is an SGML construct that references a character of the document character set. This version of HTML supports several sets of character entity references: ISO 8859-1 (Latin-1) characters In accordance with section 14 of [RFC1866], the set of Latin-1 entities has been extended by this specification to cover the whole right part of ISO-8859-1 (all code positions with the high-order bit set), including the already commonly used  , © and ®. The names of the entities are taken from the appendices of SGML (defined in [ISO8879]). symbols, mathematical symbols, and Greek letters. 32 Responsive Email Templates for Your Small Business Mobile and tablet email opens hit 50% this year, illustrating the need for businesses to design email campaigns for the growing mobile market. Designing for mobile is as important for your emails as it is for your website. Campaign Monitor notes, "Providing a less-than-optimal reading experience on the small screen may not only inconvenience a few recipients, but eventually the majority," leading to severely diminished response rates. We've collected 32 of the best free and premium responsive email templates to help you improve the mobile email experience for your customers. This set of five responsive email templates from the team at ZURB uses the viewport tag and a fluid layout, with media queries ready for the more limited email clients. Each template is packaged with a separate CSS stylesheet and HTML file.

How To Display Your Last Tweet Using Javascript And The Twitter API The other day I was working on a small project of mine, and it doesn’t use a content management system such as WordPress or Joomla. It’s just all html and css to style the pages. So I wanted to display my last tweet from twitter, and jazz it up using css. 6 Useful HTML5 Tools Below you will find a list of six online tools that are great at helping people to understand HTML5 and at helping people learn how to create HTML5 websites. The tools mentioned in this article can all be accessed via a desktop browser, and may be used on a desktop browser. Any specific browser version requirments are mentioned within each tool’s description. The list goes in no particular order. There are some tools that you may never need to use, but if you were to use all of these tools then you would probably be a happy developer.

Modular CSS: Best practices to improve your coding workflow Home » CSS » Modular CSS: Best practices to improve your coding workflow If you have been coding the web for a while (like myself) you’ve probably come across the “lovely task” of how to maintain CSS without losing your sanity. Let’s be honest, even with the release of CSS3, the language evolved a lot and now we are capable of doing things that were only possible with javascript. CSS, at its core, still is a cascade stylesheet and this makes things a bit complicated when your project scales up and is maintained by a team of developers. A meme is worth a thousand words I am all about performance.

WHOIS - IP, DNS, & domain info, & screenshot history NAMEBAY, achat de href=' SSL, ...Domain Name : TECHNO-SCIENCE.NETCreated On : 2004-07-19Expiration Date : 2015-07-19Status : ACTIVERegistrant Name : Adrien BernardRegistrant Street1 : 51 Bd Blaise PascalRegistrant City : Bretigny-OrgeRegistrant State/Province : Registrant Postal Code : 91220Registrant Country : FRRegistrant Phone : +33.671966004Registrant Email : Admin Name : SARL CLEVACTIAdmin Street1 : 51 Bd Blaise PascalAdmin City : Br?tigny sur OrgeAdmin State/Province : FRAdmin Postal Code : 91220Admin Country : FRAdmin Phone : +33.169880384Admin Fax : Admin Email : Tech Name : Adrien BernardTech Street1 : 51 Bd Blaise PascalTech City : Bretigny-OrgeTech State/Province : FRTech Postal Code : 91220Tech Country : FRTech Phone : +33.671966004Tech Fax : Tech Email :

Circle Hover Effects with CSS Transitions A tutorial about how to create different interesting hover effects on circles with CSS transitions and 3D rotations. View demo Download source In today’s tutorial we’ll experiment with hover effects on circles. Since we have the border radius property, we can create circular shapes and they have been appearing more often as design elements in websites. One use that I especially enjoy seeing is the circular thumbnail which just looks so much more interesting than the usual rectangular. And because the circle is such a special shape, we are going to create some special hover effects for it!

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