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Phono - jQuery Phone Plugin

Phono - jQuery Phone Plugin
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tropo/tropo-redis - GitHub Announcing Phono Mobile If you haven’t yet played with Phono, our in-browser softphone and messaging API, now you have a new excuse to try it. Phono is a jQuery plugin that adds voice over IP and real-time messaging to any browser with only a few lines of JavaScript. Now it’s available for mobile devices, too. We’ve built native iOS and Android media plugins and teamed with PhoneGap so that any developer can easily add crystal clear HD voice and two way chat to their iPhone, iPod, and Android applications. Phono’s wideband audio makes Phono-to-Phono callers sound like they’re in the same room and it works both on the desktop and on mobile devices. Oh, did we mention it’s all open source? Over on the Phono blog, we’ve got some ideas on what you can build. PhoneGap also provides tools for packaging HTML5 code as a native mobile app for inclusion in the Apple App Store or Android Marketplace.

mheadd/remoteagent - GitHub Real-Time Communications with Tropo and Node.js The other day, Jason Goecke wrote an awesome post about using Tropo with WebSockets. I was inspired by Jason’s work to try and replicate it with a slightly different kind of technology. I also wanted to use Node.js. I had come across the very cool faye Node.js library a while ago and wanted to try it out on a small project. Having now used faye for this project, I can tell you that I am amazed at how easy it is to use, and how powerful it is. Examine the code for the Bayeux server used in this example above – in less than 15 lines of code I was able to create a server that can act as a real-time DTMF relay between a phone application running in the Tropo cloud, and multiple clients who can consume that input. (Note – all of the code used in this example is available on GitHub.) To provide a bit more clarity and some contrast to the approach Jason used in his post, let’s talk about the Bayeux protocol and Comet servers.

tropo/tropo-webapi-node - GitHub Telephony Black Magic with Tropo, Node.js and Redis In a previous post and screencast on this blog, I demonstrated an example application that highlights some of the more unique features of Tropo to support realtime applications. Tropo’s unique ability to write to, and read from persistent socket connections during the execution of a call sets it apart from other platforms, and creates opportunities to do things that other platforms can only dream of. In this screencast, I build upon and extend my earlier example using Redis, Node.js and jQuery to allow a user to inject text into a running Tropo session and have it read out over the phone using Text-to-Speech. Here is an overview of the technical components of this example application (opens in new window). What I get really excited about in this demo application – the code for which can be found on GitHub – is the ability to send TTS output to multiple subscribers. How cool is that?!? With Tropo and powerful tools like Redis and Node.js, you can make telephony black magic. Have fun!