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Phono - jQuery Phone Plugin

Phono - jQuery Phone Plugin
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tropo/tropo-redis - GitHub Tropo, node.js Have you been itching to try out Node.JS for a real-time communication app? Perhaps a voice application? Or a SMS or IM agent? Or a Twitter-bot? Did you read about our Node.js library for the Tropo Web API released back in October and think “That would be a cool way to learn Node.js!” You don’t have to wait any longer… our own Chris Matthieu of Voxeo Labs today launched a project he’s been working on in his spare time called “NodeFu that offers free hosting of Node.JS applications at: The beautiful thing is that NodeFu is an excellent platform to build Tropo apps that interact with users via voice, SMS, IM or Twitter. How to Get Started with NodeFu First, take a look at the NodeFu home page where the process is documented. curl -X POST -d "" You will get an invite with a link to register a new NodeFu account. You start out by registering a new NodeFu application using another command-line curl command: That’s it! P.S.

mheadd/remoteagent - GitHub Peers | Java SIP softphone tropo/tropo-webapi-node - GitHub substack/node-hat - GitHub RGraph: Javascript charts library