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Whether it’s providing educators with funding, best-practice ideas, support, or accolades, everything we do is designed to help students achieve more. After all, students who are better engaged are more likely to succeed, and students who succeed are more likely to go on to do great things. The way we see it, together with our partners, our funders, the educators, and the communities and students we serve, we’re investing in a brighter future.

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Grants for Teachers Great teachers are always looking for new ways to expand their instruction and engage their students. Innovative teaching is important--but it can be expensive. Luckily, there are a wide variety of sources available for funding educational initiatives. Grants, fellowships and scholarships are available for teachers who want to help their students. Fund For Teachers® Fund for Teachers provides educators, possessing a broad vision of what it means to teach and learn, the resources needed to pursue self-designed professional learning experiences. FFT grants are used for an unlimited variety of projects; all designed to create enhanced learning environments for teachers, their students and their school communities. We believe that supporting teachers' active participation in their own professional growth, positively impacts student learning and achievement.

Grant Writing - sources and tips for writing grants part 1 One of the greatest challenges for educators is finding sources of money to allow for innovation and technology in the classroom. Funding is barely available to pay salaries and buy basic supplies. Therefore, teachers and administrators who truly wish to try new ideas that require additional funds have to personally find sources for this money. Grants can be a godsend to solve financial shortcomings. However, two major stumbling blocks are associated with attaining grants: locating them and writing them. Locating Grants School Playground Grants Peaceful Playground has numerous resources to assist you in writing your school playground grants. The Peaceful Playgrounds Program Kit includes several activity guides, rule books, program overview video, problem-solving strategies, and permanent game and activity designs painted on blacktop. An ideal program to assure funding of your school playground grants and a (PEP) physical education grant. Add the Equipment Package to fully implement the Peaceful Playgrounds Program. Curriculum

Grants — TeachersCount General Grants Save on Energy Teacher Grant Interested in winning $500 for your classroom?® is looking for the best lesson plans for teaching students about energy or sustainability. They teach consumers of all ages about the many aspects of energy in our Learning Center through blog posts, videos and infographics. STEM Classroom Grant - Welcome to STEM The STEM PreK-12 Classroom Grant is available for educators and administrators to apply for funding towards a classroom project or activity (in-school or afterschool) focused on improving student understanding and experience in the subjects of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Awards will be granted to projects or activities that offer innovative and creative activities for STEM subjects. This grant cycle has closed, and will reopen on July 1, 2015.

Art in Action Funding and Grants for Arts Education Programs - Art in Action Schools receive funding for arts education programs from school districts, PTA/PTOs, grants, foundations, and/or parent donations. Speak with your principal to identify how your school’s art program will be supported. If your school requires additional resources due to lack of school funding for the arts or state/district budget cuts for arts education, here are some ways via grants for arts education programs to secure the necessary funds: Many major department stores, supermarkets, national banks, and business chains strongly support arts and education. Apply for grants at local businesses and online: Lowe’s Toolbox for Education (February deadline) Teacher Tap; Grants and Grant Writing - No Child Left Behind Where can I find funding for grant projects? How do I write a grant that will get funded? What are the best sources of funding? Most schools have limited funding for technology. Hardware, software, networking, and staff development all cost money. The solution for many schools is grant writing.

The Big List of Educational Grants and Resources Grants NEW! Academic Enrichment Grants from the McCarthey Dressman Foundation Deadline: April 15, 2016 GetEdFunding - Free grant finding resources for educators and educational institutions - GetEdFunding Log In Free access to grants. Search Specify your search criteria.

Getting Grants: Grant Writing, Finding Funding, Government Grants, Education Grants - LibrarySpot Feature Have a great idea and no money to drive it? The funding is out there, and with a little effort, it can be yours. Do Your Homework Before you go after the money, outline the mission of your project. Most funding sources will require a detailed outline of the problem your project addresses, how you plan to address it and what resources will be needed. Responsibility at IBM IBM believes that a company culture based on core values not only helps our business, but also defines the role that we can and should play in society. We identify and act upon new opportunities to apply our technology and expertise to societal problems.We scale our existing programs and initiatives to achieve maximum benefit.We empower our employees and others to serve their communities.We integrate corporate citizenship and social responsibility into every aspect of our company. Corporate citizenship IBM has developed a thoughtful, comprehensive approach to corporate citizenship that we believe aligns with IBM’s values and maximizes the impact we can make as a global enterprise. We focus on specific societal issues, including the environment, community economic development, education, health, literacy, language and culture. Environment

GetEdFunding - Free grant finding resources for educators and educational institutions - GetEdFunding Log In Free access to grants. Search Specify your search criteria. View School Funding and Education Grants News Summer of Creativity $500 grants available for young changemakers As school lets out for the summer, Youth Service America (YSA) is calling on kids to make this a Summer of Creativity.