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Minerva Capital Group. The Halo Fund - List of Different Funds. About Us - One Earth Ventures. Who We Are Climate change has arrived with a force and speed even more threatening than the worst-case scenarios predicted.

About Us - One Earth Ventures

Without intelligent solutions deployed aggressively, our planetary future looks grim. Green technology solutions that improve our biosphere are needed and must be supported as quickly as possible. The constant pressure to expand, consume and pollute in our limited, globally strained world, is killing us all. Our Approach - One Earth Ventures. Our Approach One Earth Ventures spends much of its time researching technology and executive teams that can make a difference in the world on a very large scale.

Our Approach - One Earth Ventures

We work with companies from early stage through all stages of growth and reinvention. We seek established companies seeking to improve their business processes, to grow and expand through channel partnerships and other forms of marketing, and want further business development, innovation, strategy and funding. When evaluating potential companies we look at three main areas: Technology – best in class, transformational, patents awarded and pending, big market potential, net impact to environment, good economics, market readiness, competitive advantage, scaleableTeam – vision, experienced, confident, driven to make a difference, know what they don’t knowTraction – business model, purchase orders, sales, existing funding, momentum, great potential for high growth Renewable Energy: Solar, Wind, Hydro, Battery Storage.

Global Partnerships Named To List Of Top 50 Impact Investment Fund Managers. Global Partnerships Named To List Of Top 50 Impact Investment Fund Managers Online press release.

Global Partnerships Named To List Of Top 50 Impact Investment Fund Managers

Global Impact Investing Network. Measuring Impact Measuring Impact and the Guidelines for Good Impact Practice were developed by the Impact Measurement Working Group of the Social Impact Investment Taskforce established by the UK’S presidency of the G8.

Global Impact Investing Network

It was co-chaired by the GIIN and New Philanthropy Capital (NPC). GIIN Webinar Series on the Social Impact Investment Taskforce and Working Groups. 50. ImpactAssets 50 Terms and Conditions ImpactAssets 50 does not recommend or offer specific funds or investment products for sale, but instead should be used by interested investors as a starting place for their own due diligence.


Please contact firms directly for further information. The IA 50 landscape builds on work first published in an excellent resource in the field, Solutions for Impact Investors: From Strategy to Implementation, a monograph written by Steven Godeke and Raul Pomares and published by Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, 2009. Neither ImpactAssets, Inc. [nor the Calvert Foundation] nor any person affiliated with ImpactAssets, Inc. 99,450 organizations worldwide. Consultant/vendor to nonprofits joined about 15 hours ago Velvet Frame's mission is to align human aspirations with the evolution of natural systems by helping individuals and organizations to conceptualize and develop an ecological identity.

99,450 organizations worldwide

New York, NY, US Last updated about 15 hours ago Social enterprise joined about 15 hours ago Tours for Humanity provides walking tours of Washington, DC and uses history to help by donating a portion of profits to charities fighting ignorance, poverty, & disease. Homelessness Resource Center - National Partners. Disclaimer Homelessness Resource Center encourages discussion about the future of homelessness services in America.

Homelessness Resource Center - National Partners

We invite your participation to ensure that a broad range of providers serving those experiencing homelessness are represented. You will encounter opinions and perspectives from varied sources. Organizations Funded by George Soros and His Open Society Institute. The upper portion of this page is devoted to organizations that are funded directly by George Soros and his Open Society Institute (OSI).

Organizations Funded by George Soros and His Open Society Institute

The lower portion of the page focuses on organizations which do not receive direct funding from Soros and OSI, but which receive money from one or more groups that do get direct OSI funding. -------------------------------------- Organizations Funded Directly by George Soros and his Open Society Institute By Discover The Networks. Apply for Texas Grants - Communities Foundation of Texas. What We Fund There are three areas in which you can apply for a grant: Community Impact Grants Issue-specific grants focused on: Increasing the economic securityof low-income familiesAt-risk middle school youth LOI/Giving Guide.

Apply for Texas Grants - Communities Foundation of Texas

SUMe Sustentabilidad para México A.C. Charity - Official Julian Lennon Website. The White Feather Foundation - For the Conservation of Life. Humanus Corporation. "All for One" © Metro Finance is a specialty boutique lending arm of Metroplexx and Humanus Trust and Foundation designed to provide low cost financing for small to large businesses.

Humanus Corporation

Based on a friendly and uncomplicated approach to business needs, Metro Finance structures loans at simple interest, and entertains capital infusion on an equity basis. Loans may be amortized over a one year to a 99 year model depending on the requirements and repayment ability of the business petitioning for a loan. High risk loans are considered, and may require an equity position for safety considerations. Each application is considered on its merits, beginning with management. Strong management in a high risk application carries more weight than the business itself, as Metro Finance recognizes that any business with strong leadership stands a higher chance of success than "garage band" applications.

Seeds of Transformation. JUNE 18-19 2015. AFC - Fundraise. Sculpt the Future Foundation. David Drake. Funding Partners. Investors' Circle - Our Funding Process. Read the process and criteria below, then click here to apply through our online system. Once you successfully submit your entrepreneur application, your enterprise will be: Posted on IC's secure online deal database for our member investors to search and review Included in the next monthly e-newsletter sent to IC's entire member network Considered to present at an upcoming IC Local meeting if there is a local network in your region Considered to present at the next quarterly Beyond the Pitch event and join our IC Entrepreneur Community (see below) If you are invited to present at a Beyond the Pitch event, you will automatcally become a member of the IC Entrepreneur Community.

Benefits include: The application fee is $50.The application fee is non-refundable, so we encourage you to carefully consider our criteria before applying. Innovation Fund North Carolina. Innovation Fund North Carolina is a statewide initiative led by Catawba Valley Community College as a Kauffman Foundation and Innovation Fund America pilot project in order to provide technology start-ups in North Carolina with the resources necessary to become thriving businesses. Innovation Fund North Carolina seeks to improve the odds of promising technologies turning into great companies that are led by extraordinary entrepreneurs.

North Carolina startups in Agricultural Technology, Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Healthcare Technology or IT/Communications can apply for either a $25,000 Proof-of-Concept grant or an Early Launch Loan (non-collateral) up to $100,000. There will be three application cycles per year. Information sessions will be held at various locations throughout North Carolina during the beginning of each application cycle. It is highly recommended that interested entrepreneurs attend one of the scheduled information sessions prior to applying. About Planetwork. Proposal Selection Process. Projects for Peace. Barium Springs Home for Children. Kadence is old enough to feel the pain of not knowing her real mom but knows she is blessed with a loving foster family who takes excellent care of her. Read More... Download a brochure. About the ProgramAt Barium Springs, we have eight group homes. Five homes are located in Barium Springs, NC.

Acumen is a Bold New Way of Tackling Poverty. Investment Opportunities. Tartups Start Here. Ware Foundation. The Club of Budapest -