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Global Impact Investing Network

Global Impact Investing Network
Measuring Impact Measuring Impact and the Guidelines for Good Impact Practice were developed by the Impact Measurement Working Group of the Social Impact Investment Taskforce established by the UK’S presidency of the G8. It was co-chaired by the GIIN and New Philanthropy Capital (NPC). GIIN Webinar Series on the Social Impact Investment Taskforce and Working Groups Introducing the Impact Investing Benchmark The GIIN and Cambridge Associates launch the Impact Investing Benchmark, the first comprehensive analysis of the financial performance of market rate private equity and venture capital impact investing funds. New J.P. The GIIN Publishes The Landscape for Impact Investing in East Africa The GIIN, in partnership with Open Capital Advisors, published the full release of The Landscape for Impact Investing in East Africa, a “state of the market” analysis of the impact investing industry in the region.

The New ABCs of Selling and Persuading The nature of sales and persuasion is changing, according to author Daniel H. Pink, and extroversion and aggressiveness aren’t the answers anymore. Pink, whose new book is To Sell is Human: The Surprising Truth about Moving Others, spoke at the closing session of the recent annual conference of the American Society of Association Executives. While his presentation was directed at association professionals in particular, he included a number of insightful ideas and examples of use to fundraisers. Pink began by recalling a scene from the movie Glengarry Glen Ross, where actor Alec Baldwin reminds a group of real estate salesmen that they should follow the ABCs of selling: Always Be Closing. While “caveat emptor” (buyer beware) used to be a common phrase when referring to selling and negotiations, the most accurate term is now “caveat venditor”—seller beware. The New ABCs Clarity is especially important because of the increasing amount of information that may overwhelm people. Three Rules

Global Partnerships Named To List Of Top 50 Impact Investment Fund Managers | Global Washington Global Partnerships Named To List Of Top 50 Impact Investment Fund Managers Online press release Seattle, Wash., – Global Partnerships (GP), a Seattle-based nonprofit that invests in microfinance and other sustainable poverty solutions, was selected in the inaugural ImpactAssets 50, a list of leading private debt and equity fund managers that deliver social and environmental value in addition to financial returns. The list was announced today. “We are honored to be recognized as a leader among impact investors,” said Mark Coffey, chief investment officer for GP. Since 2005, Global Partnerships has created four debt funds—ranging from $2 million to its most recent fund of $25 million—that provide affordable loans to a select portfolio of microfinance organizations and cooperatives, its partners. “Impact investing” refers to investment vehicles built to solve the world’s most pressing social challenges, while offering investors social and financial returns.

Acumen is a Bold New Way of Tackling Poverty What Would a Down-to-Earth Economy Look Like? How did we end up with Wall Street when models for a healthy economy are all around us? posted Jan 17, 2013 With proper care and respect, Earth can provide a high quality of life for all people in perpetuity. Yet we devastate productive lands and waters for a quick profit, a few temporary jobs, or a one-time resource fix. Our current expansion of tar sands oil extraction, deep-sea oil drilling, hydraulic fracturing natural gas extraction, and mountaintop-removal coal mining are but examples of this insanity. A global economy dependent on this nonsense is already failing and its ultimate collapse is only a matter of time. To secure the health and happiness of future generations, we must embrace life as our defining value, recognize that competition is but a subtext of life’s deeper narrative of cooperation, and restructure our institutions to conform to life’s favored organizing principle of radically decentralized, localized decision making and self-organization. Our Original Instructions

One Earth Ventures | Our Approach - One Earth Ventures Our Approach One Earth Ventures spends much of its time researching technology and executive teams that can make a difference in the world on a very large scale. We work with companies from early stage through all stages of growth and reinvention. We seek established companies seeking to improve their business processes, to grow and expand through channel partnerships and other forms of marketing, and want further business development, innovation, strategy and funding. When evaluating potential companies we look at three main areas: Technology – best in class, transformational, patents awarded and pending, big market potential, net impact to environment, good economics, market readiness, competitive advantage, scaleableTeam – vision, experienced, confident, driven to make a difference, know what they don’t knowTraction – business model, purchase orders, sales, existing funding, momentum, great potential for high growth Renewable Energy: Solar, Wind, Hydro, Battery Storage

Grassroots Business Fund Conscious Capitalism Prof. Raj Sisodia, Founder of the Conscious Capitalism Institute, with publisher Bettina Gordon on the principles of Conscious Capitalism With Passion and Purpose toward Profit Nobel Peace Prize recipient Muhammad Yunus introduced the term to society, now it is on business leaders’ lips around the country: Conscious Capitalism. Bettina Gordon met the founder of the Conscious Capitalism Institute, Prof. Rajendra S. By Bettina M. Prof. The job of the institute is to study the facts about Conscious Capitalism, to collect the thoughts and suggestions of the CEOs of the new capitalism and to forward the processed knowledge to an academic consortium which will teach Conscious Capitalism at the business schools around the world in the future. Sisodia already dealt with the parameters of the new capitalism intensively in his 2007 bestseller Firms of Endearment. Bettina Gordon: Prof. Raj Sisodia: It’s a capitalism that firmly says “no more” to the old paradigm. Absolutely. Absolutely.

One Earth Ventures | About Us - One Earth Ventures Who We Are Climate change has arrived with a force and speed even more threatening than the worst-case scenarios predicted. Without intelligent solutions deployed aggressively, our planetary future looks grim. Green technology solutions that improve our biosphere are needed and must be supported as quickly as possible. The constant pressure to expand, consume and pollute in our limited, globally strained world, is killing us all. Humanity needs a new story and One Earth Ventures intends to be a part of it. We believe in a vision where there is ample clean, renewable energy by 2030. Public-private partnerships offer a winning solution to remove barriers and expedite forward thinking solutions more quickly. The time is now and global participation is needed for effective solutions. About the Founder Gail Work, Founder & CEO

Bamboo Finance | Specializing in the investing and financing of social entrepreneurship Value Creation vs. Value Capture 50 ImpactAssets 50 Terms and Conditions ImpactAssets 50 does not recommend or offer specific funds or investment products for sale, but instead should be used by interested investors as a starting place for their own due diligence. Please contact firms directly for further information. The IA 50 landscape builds on work first published in an excellent resource in the field, Solutions for Impact Investors: From Strategy to Implementation, a monograph written by Steven Godeke and Raul Pomares and published by Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, 2009. Neither ImpactAssets, Inc. IA Parties invest funds with, engage the services of and/or maintain other business relationships with certain of the managers included in the ImpactAssets 50, with affiliates of such managers and with other similar organizations considered for but not included in the ImpactAssets 50.

Why developers should start choosing conscience over profit This is a guest post by Jason Cavnar, the co-founder and CEO of Singly. Over the holidays, I looked around the living room and saw eight adults over 55 sending text messages, having video conversations with loved ones in other cities, and showing each other the new apps they use. In our living rooms, at the office, in our classrooms, in our cars, and in our pockets, innovation in software has radically changed the world we know. With this has come a shift in what society celebrates and what we value in the technology world. Do you know what is cool? Consider that across the world, founders like Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey, and Kevin Systrom grace magazine covers and television programs as we celebrate their meteoric wealth creation and unique command of the PR machine. This trend has been evident during interactions I’ve had with many developers during the past year. Are you a maker or taker? Makers don’t need to be valued at the highest end of the market. Makers on the rise A Call to arms | 99,450 organizations worldwide Consultant/vendor to nonprofits joined about 15 hours ago Velvet Frame's mission is to align human aspirations with the evolution of natural systems by helping individuals and organizations to conceptualize and develop an ecological identity. New York, NY, US Last updated about 15 hours ago Social enterprise joined about 15 hours ago Tours for Humanity provides walking tours of Washington, DC and uses history to help by donating a portion of profits to charities fighting ignorance, poverty, & disease. Washington, DC, US Last updated about 15 hours ago Social enterprise joined about 16 hours ago Kotare Village is a self-reliant eco-village based on permaculture principles in rural New Zealand's Northern Hawke's Bay.It will be home for 30 families and the Koanga Institute's Centre for Regenerative Living. We are currently looking for like-minded people who want ...