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The 100 Jazz Albums That Shook The World Top 100s, don’t you just love ’em. Barely a month goes by without magazines, newspapers or TV programmes pushing yet another poll of the 100 greatest whatever. Jazz, of course, rarely gets a look-in. So, we thought that to celebrate the hundredth issue of your favourite magazine we’d take that perilous step to announce what we think are the 100 Jazz Albums That Shook The World. Not just another “greatest jazz albums” list of favourite recordings and biggest sellers but a fully annotated look at the albums that actually changed jazz, changed lives and brought the music kicking and screaming into 2006. Just to give you some idea of how we drew up the criteria for this list: long-playing vinyl records began to appear in the US at the tail end of the 1940s, first in a 10” format, then by the mid-1950s in what became the standard 12” format that still persists today alongside CDs, which first appeared in the mid-1980s.

timeout ‘For Tomorrow’ – Blur (1993) Damon Albarn explains his chronicle of Britpop-era London: ‘It’s about being lost on the Westway… it’s a romantic thing, it’s hopeful. The nicest thing about that song, that I love, is the bit at the end where it goes on about someone going into a flat, and having a cup of tea in Emperor’s Gate. French Fashion and Clothing Vocabulary All the words you'll ever need when you go clothes shopping in store or online! C'est tout ce qu'il vous faut quand vous faites les courses dans les magasins ou sur l'internet ! Whilst doing some online shopping for clothes (more like window shopping as I spend hours browsing without actually buying anything!) I started to learn a whole heap of new words so I thought I'd compile some I found and share :) Fashion vocab/Vocabulaire de la mode Underwear/Lingerie/Swimwear/Vêtements de bain Shoes/Chaussures Accessories/Accessoires Parts/Pièces Fabrics/Tissu / Composition/ Composition

OpenCola (drink) OpenCola is a brand of open-source cola, where the instructions for making it are freely available and modifiable. Anybody can make the drink, and anyone can modify and improve on the recipe as long as they, too, license their recipe under the GNU General Public License. Since recipes are, by themselves, not copyrightable, the legal basis for this is untested.[1] The flavouring formula for OpenCola is:[2][3] Ingredients of OpenCola Sunflowers & Dragonflies Outside of the Box Hello. I hope you’re enjoying the long weekend. I love Easter. It’s probably one of my favourite holidays. Easter is like a new beginning.

Your literary playlist: A guide to the music of Haruki Murakami Sign Up for Our free email newsletters This story — originally published on August 26, 2014 — has been updated to include songs referenced in Murakami's first two novels, Hear the Wind Sing and Pinball, 1973, which were recently published in the United States for the first time in a dual volume titled Wind/Pinball. Both the excerpts and the playlist have been updated accordingly. Listening for key words in songs Submitted 16 years 7 months ago by admin. This is a fun activity which helps students listen out for key words. It's particularly useful for encouraging students to recognise familiar words even in difficult texts.

Rome Reborn Mission Rome Reborn is an international initiative whose goal is the creation of 3D digital models illustrating the urban development of ancient Rome from the first settlement in the late Bronze Age (ca. 1000 B.C.) to the depopulation of the city in the early Middle Ages (ca. A.D. 550). With the advice of an international Scientific Advisory Committee, the leaders of the project decided that A.D. 320 was the best moment in time to begin the work of modeling.

That's true, sometimes you have to sort through inaccurate information but on the whole I've been satisfied =). by melody.weaver Jan 17

I have never had a problem using grooveshark but alot of it is music that pther people put on there. Some of the songs may not be that real thing. by jason080587 Jan 17

This site plays white noise. I tried it for a little bit but I'm not sure how long it works for or anything like that. by melody.weaver Jan 17

I have AD/HD and need some kind of "noise" to screen out conversations/traffic in the hallway. At first (guided by my son) I used Pandora. A while ago I stopped being able to get into that program at work - who knows why - my neighbor still can. That's when I found Grooveshark and some of these other resources.. Each one seems to have it's own benefits and weird quirks. I like the way gS let's you create your own playlist but frankly, at work, I just can't spend a whole lot of time with it. What I really need is something that just plays "white noise" like the sound of water or ouside somewhere (even a hairdryer I suppose), etc. without a whole lot of the other stuff that usually comes into play on "nature" stations and is thought to be calming but isn't to me, for instance sad piano music or the sounds of aliens. by isntshelovely Jan 16

Ok now I'm intreagued. I'll try Grooveshark. I've been using live365 which I like better than pandora. Going to give the Groove a try now Happy Pearling l8trs by timepeaces Jan 16

haha Glad i could help anyone that liked this. (: I just had it out cause i was writing a 10,000 word essay. I was using the peal thing for notes (: Didn't know that may people cared haha. by shaniah Jan 16

Wow, I thought I was the last to know about Grooveshark. I'm glad I could share it :) by aelric23 Jan 15

Pandora does not work here in Brazil, there are restrictions. Well, this is not a problem at the moment. by wodeck Jan 10

I use Grooveshark on my mobile. It's sucha bliz. Tons of music and no more downloading or buying stuff. If I hear some one about an artist I just look for it and boom music. My only complain is with the Radio function. If you've used Pandora and think it's like that WRONG. It's really bad at choosing music within the same elements, not even close to pandora in that sense. But then again Pandora is blocked almost every where in the world. Stupid thing since I started buying more music in the Pandora times, so many artists I discovered. by alphinux Jan 9

bahahahahaha, don't worry I don't think that grooveshark is a sign of our technological culture moving forward... by davinahearty Sep 3

Is it a new and innovative concept for distributing media? Is it faster, easier to use, how does it make money? Is it covered with ads? If there was a website called that let you upload and stream music the same way. It would be ripped off and not a very originial or innovative design. I care because it's important to me that we're developing, growing, and moving forward as a culture of technology. by teleiosde Sep 3

The 'originality' would refer to the concept and design of the website. It only relates to the music in that music is the media it presents. by teleiosde Sep 3

I agree, it's the originality of any given music list that counts. Grooveshark platform itself cannot be called unoriginal. by bizarre Sep 3

What do you mean it's not original? That makes no sense at all to's a music...where does originality fit into the equation? by davinahearty Sep 3

GrooveShark is perfect for parties and having friends over if you dont want them fucking with your iTunes or going through other libraries. This way, they stay on the internet and if the song that they're absolutely DIEING to hear isn't on there, then that old standby YouTube is always a click away. Nothing kills a good buzz better than hearing a comercial from your speakers on full blast at 2a.m. though haha by tomasfeesher Jul 27

Totally agree. I still use my pandora every now and then to discover new media as well. And then Grooveshark is my tool to get more songs from those artists I like which in turn might intice me to purchase the cd's :) by zoru Jul 18

the app its intuitive but if you bump into trouble handling it let me know, maybe I can help. by sapiringo18 Jul 15

here it is Ben you just have to unrar it to the place you want to store it, its like a portable app, doesnt need installation. If an error comes up asking you to install some .Net platform you must need to download and install this its easy. Enjoy :P by sapiringo18 Jul 15

there is a software that lets you u download your complete grooveshark playlists with its original quality. Check up my blog its in spanish but there are just two links, one for the mentioned software and the other is if the software asks you to install microsoft .net platorm. It is easy to install. For windows users only, let me know if you find the way to do it on Mac. Kudos. by sapiringo18 Jul 15

It's ridiculous, since pandora restriced the use to USA only and i'm unable to use it's service .. even as an old-time user. by pearhu Jul 14

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