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Welcome to Gendou's Anime Music! Subscribe to the RSS feed for news, new songs, and more! Gendou Now Has A SubReddit!April 6th, 2014That's right, folks! We created a subreddit for this site! Check it out!

Nipponsei - Music Fresh From Japan Shinnoden! AnimeNexus - Radio Anime No.1 en América Latina con Podcast, Revista y mas free music: mp3 downloads For a limited time you can download tracks that you've heard on triple j. Keep checking back as we update this page with more musical goodness. To save the MP3s to your computer right click and choose "save as". - 'Do It With A Rockstar' 'Do it With a Rockstar' is the first single from Amanda Palmer and The Grand Theft Orchestra, lifted from the forthcoming record . + Website Search Guide using Google The goal of this thread is to provide a way/sources for anyone to find music~ I need to revise soon this when I remember and have time :o *new way to get 115 links that are orange~ (if/when I remember, I will cover that here with pics) * a new quick note~ sometimes searching google with the album image will help you find your album really fast. You click "image" at the top. click the camera in the search bar, and either paste a image url or upload the image~ (might give pics later~) sorry about not updating~ I've not forgotten about this thread Helloo any people~ it'll take me a while before I update this, but your feedback/sources will help! I plan to remake the basics part and give better examples.

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