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jQuery Ajax tutorials, jQuery UI examples and more! - The Ultimate jQuery List

jQuery Ajax tutorials, jQuery UI examples and more! - The Ultimate jQuery List

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A jQuery Plugin For Face Detection On Images As images are clearly a part of almost any web application (user photos, avatars, etc.), analyzing them better will always be functional for users. Face Detection is a jQuery plugin that returns the coordinates of faces in any given image. It uses an algorithm named CCV (a JS file that needs to be included in to the documents as well) and has callbacks on every level. jquery.balloon.js Demo page contents: null,url: null,ajaxComplete: null,classname: null,position: "top",offsetX: 0,offsetY: 0,tipSize: 12,delay: 0,minLifetime: 200,showDuration: 100,showAnimation: null,hideDuration: 80,hideAnimation: function (d) { this.fadeOut(d); } To bind another event, use $().showBalloon() and $().hideBalloon(). This sample (an image element of knight of chess) binds these methods to click event. It is not necessary to specify options for each calling. The opsions for the jQuery object is chached by calling these methods. All methods of this plugin return jQuery object to chain methods.

Adipoli jQuery Image Hover Effects How To Use Enabling image hover effect is very simple. Place the below references inside your head tag. List of Really Useful Plugins For jQuery Developers jQuery – The “write less, do more” JavaScript library is great for rapid web development. New components, tools and applications are literally popping up on daily basis. Numerous plugins are also available to help jQuery developers. W3Avenue has compiled a list of jQuery plugins that you (jQuery Developer) may find really useful. Following list of jQuery plugins is different from other lists which usually features UI components . This is a list of extensions & utility plugins that we feel jQuery developers can utilize in development of their own jQuery components, tools and applications.

Video+html5+Popcorn.js=hyper-video You may have seen that Brett Gaylor is joining Mozilla (see also Mark Surman's post). For those who don't know Brett, he's particularly famous for his "Open Source documentary" Rip! A remix Manifesto[1]. One may ask why Mozilla has hired a film director[2], but it actually makes a lot of sense thanks to Mozilla Drumbeat, as Brett is working on a Drumbeat project called Web made movies. 50 jQuery Image Gallery Tutorials and Plugins Image galleries and sliders are very popular in modern web designing from past 2 or 3 years. Not only image galleries, but jQuery is also very popular nowadays because it is very fast and accurate JS library, which helps to simplify different difficult event handling and smooth animation. Developers are making extensive use of jQuery in every field of web design to make it versatile and sleek. Many jQuery plugins are developed for creating powerful and attractive image galleries, sliders and slideshows. Fortunately, adding a jQuery gallery does not have to be difficult, even if you don’t have much experience with JavaScript and jQuery. jQuery has overpowered the use of Flash in modern web design because of its lesser size, faster load time and isn’t very hard to understand. Lately, a lot of websites are making use of jQuery powered image slide shows/sliders as it is an excellent way to promote their featured posts or images to the readers.

jQuery Sticky Alerts: A tiny sticky alert bar plugin Sticky Alerts is a tiny jQuery plugin (only 36 lines of JavaScript!) for adding sticky alert bar to your website. It's easy to set up and has a ... Touchy: A highly-configurable jQuery touch library Webshims lib - The capability-based polyfill-loading JS library Important note: Webshim is not compatible with upcoming jQuery 3.x and I do not plan to work on a new major version. I will still fix critical bugs in the future though. Webshim is a polyfill library that enables you to reliably use HTML5 features across browsers, even if native support is lacking. Publish/Subscribe with jQuery Custom Events – Publish/Subscribe with jQuery Custom Events – Bocoup Web Log The Publish Subscribe or pub/sub pattern is used to logically decouple object(s) that generate an event, and object(s) that act on it. It is a useful pattern for object oriented development in general and especially useful when developing asynchronous Javascript applications. This post explores its implementation in jQuery. The Dojo javascript framework provides an explicit topic-based mechanism for “publishing” and “subscribing” to events.

JQuery Plugins Here we developed several frequently-used jquery ui plugins. They are all free (open source LGPL license), easy to use, and with great functionalities. Hope you can enjoy them. 36 Useful jQuery Image And Content Slider Plugins jQuery is a rapid JavaScript library that is CSS3 compliant and supports many cross-browsers features. The jQuery framework is extensible and very nicely handles DOM manipulations, CSS, animations, communications to server requests, document transverse and event handling. Using Sliders are the common ways to display your content attractively and uniquely and in a small pieces of popular content. Its the most effective way you can display what you can do to your readers. Here’s a collection of 36 useful jQuery image and content slider plugins and scripts for web designers and web developers. This set contains jQuery sliders, image galleries, slideshow plugins and many other fresh jQuery solutions collected in one place.

20 jQuery Calendar and Date Picker Plugins It is always a good habit to keep a calendar lying around the house or keep one with you when you on the go. Not only does the calendar help you keep track of your date but also serve as a reminder to some of the events. With the technology improving, many of us are turning to mobile technology more and more and one might just prefer to have a similar version of an online calendar to keep track of things on the web.

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