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jQuery est une bibliothèque JavaScript libre et multi-plateforme créée pour faciliter l'écriture de scripts côté client dans le code HTML des pages web3.

La première version est lancée en janvier 2006 par John Resig. (Source : Wikipédia) Annyang! Easily add speech recognition to your site. Go ahead, try it… Say "Hello!

annyang! Easily add speech recognition to your site

" Annyang! Let's try something more interesting… Say "Show me cute kittens! " Say "Show me Arches National Park! " Now go wild. That's cool, but in the real world it's not all kittens and hello world. No problem, say "Show TPS report" How did you do that? Simple. What about more complicated commands? Annyang understands commands with named variables, splats, and optional words. Use named variables for one word arguments in your command. Use splats to capture multi-word text at the end of your command (greedy). Use optional words or phrases to define a part of the command as optional. What about browser support? Annyang plays nicely with all browsers, progressively enhancing browsers that support SpeechRecognition, while leaving users with older browsers unaffected.

It looks like your browser doesn't support speech recognition. Please visit in a desktop browser like Chrome. Tips, techniques, and tutorials for the jQuery JavaScript library. GojQuery - jQuery Plugins, Tutorials, jQuery Articles, & Resources. Cours/TP jQuery - HETIC - JG 2015. jQuery Plugin – Increment ← jQuery Increment Plugin Inspired by this article on, I decided to release a plugin dedicated solely to quick keyboard-based manipulation of numeric values in HTML input fields.

jQuery Plugin – Increment ←

It’s called Increment. Simply assign the set of inputs you wish to attach this behavior to:$('input.hours').increment(); And let your fingers do the walking: use the up arrow to increment values, down arrow to decrement. Hold down shift for greater increments (maxIncrement), Ctrl/Cmd for smaller ones (minIncrement). Use Cases: Time sheet applications (how I came to develop this), Order / Requisition forms, anywhere multiple numeric form inputs are needed. v0.6 — Added support for mousewheel plugin, small Closure Compiler bugfix v0.5 — Initial release Increment has been tested on: Firefox 3.6 / WinChrome 4.0 / WinIE 8 / WinSafari 4 / MacFirefox 3.6 / MacChrome 5 Beta / Mac Download Increment Now New v0.6 with mousewheel plugin support Your feedback is appreciated.

jQuery documentation, manuel en français. Apprendre et comprendre jQuery – 1/3. Tutoriels jQuery Introduction rapide et en douceur à l’utilisation d’une des bibliothèques JS à la mode.

Apprendre et comprendre jQuery – 1/3

Ou comment ajouter une couche d’interactions simplement et proprement à vos pages. NB : ce billet sera divisé en trois parties. ContentBox.js – Réaliser des modèles de pages attractifs mais difficiles à coder – Magazine du Webdesign. jQuery Tutorial - Try jQuery. jQuery.

Top 20 Best jQuery Carousel Plugins. Carousel elements will give your website’s visitors the ability to easily access multiple content items.

Top 20 Best jQuery Carousel Plugins

Carousels are scrolling lists of items, displayed horizontally and they have dynamic effects. You are able to scroll back and forth and see the list of items. Carousel elements or effects are also used in creating sliders. These are great for portfolios, where you need to showcase lots of images, but they can be used for other types of websites too.

10 Awesome jQuery and HTML5 Audio Players. Want to play audio on your website?

10 Awesome jQuery and HTML5 Audio Players

These jQuery and HTML5 Audio Players plugins will be very useful to you. They’re great for fullscreen websites which use audio to create a certain mood or feel or for band and DJ’s websites. 20 New Free Javascript and jQuery Plugins. John Resig developed the jQuery library in 2006, and since then this become the most popularJavaScript libraries on the web.

20 New Free Javascript and jQuery Plugins

40 Best jQuery Plugins for Web Developers. jQuery plugins are being used by many web developers and designers, because they’re a great way of adding smart functionality to a website, without too much work.

40 Best jQuery Plugins for Web Developers

Their increase in popularity is also due to the fact that they enhance user experience and add value and new features to a website, without any hassle and too much time investment. 20 Useful Free jQuery Plugins for Web Developers. jQuery helps you provide dynamic and attractive web elements for your website’s visitors.

20 Useful Free jQuery Plugins for Web Developers

If you want to add something extra to your website, then these 20 free jQuery plugins will help you do just that. In this post, you’ll find some great free jQuery plugins which will help you a lot in creating better websites. These free jQuery plugins will help you visually enhance your site! Here you’ll find 20 free jQuery plugins for various purposes, such as tables, galleries, timepickers, maps, menus, zoom, forms and more!

Also check out these jQuery Plugins for Better HTML forms, jQuery Plugins for Responsive Web Design and jQuery Carousel Plugins. 10 Great jQuery Pagination Plugins and Tutorials. jQuery Pagination plugins are used to split pages and posts into several pages on your website.

10 Great jQuery Pagination Plugins and Tutorials

Pagination can be done in two ways: by using a server-side pagination where the needed amount of data is extracted from the database and afterwards is loaded on the pages, or using a plugin that divides the data into several pages after it is loaded into the page . jQuery pagination plugins are very useful so we listed here 10 of the best jQuery pagination plugins you can use. If you need more jQuery plugins check out these jQuery Countdown Scripts, jQuery Plugins for Responsive Web Design and jQuery Image Galleries and Sliders. Beautiful Data Beautiful Data is a great way to turn a HTML table into something that supports paging and sorting. Smart Pagination Smart Pagination plugin has 11 different pagination models you can use on your website, you can label next/previous text in your own language and set a custom font. jPaginate.

10+ Awesome jQuery Lightbox Plugins. jQuery lightbox plugins are very popular for showcasing your photos in an elegant and appealing way.

10+ Awesome jQuery Lightbox Plugins

This technique is also used for pop-up email signup forms or login forms. There are many advantages of using jQuery lightboxes, the most important is that users are not required to leave the page to view the content presented by the lightbox and also the image is emphasized by the fade out effect in the back. 10 Awesome jQuery Typography Plugins. Typography has a very important role in design. It helps you deliver the message in an attractive way for your readers. This also applies to webdesign, as typography can help you attract more visitors to your website.. Of course, you can add add great looking typography to headlines, buttons etc. by using images but as you probably know, text on images isn’t visible to search engines and this is a major problem when it comes to SEO. There are many ways to add typography in CSS3, but it may be a lot easier to create awesome effects with jQuery plugins. Here are 10 jQuery typography plugins to help you create beautiful and attractive websites.

SlabText SlabText is a jquery plugin for creating big, bold and responsive headings and headlines. Lettering. 10 Easy to Use jQuery Google Maps Plugins and Tutorials. Google Maps is a very helpful tool and it’s used by lots of people. It may be a bit difficult to integrate on your website but nowadays using jQuery plugins this has become a lot easier.

Do you want to let your visitors know where they can find you? Choose one of these 10 jQuery Google Maps plugins and add it to your website and if you need more jQuery plugins to make your website even better you should check out these Free jQuery Plugins for Responsive Web Design and jQuery Typography Plugins. 10 Awesome jQuery Tutorials. jQuery is a very popular framework among web designers and web developers because it allows them to create many things without too much coding. jQuery sliders are very popular now so having skills in jQuery programming is a must for every web developer. These 10 awesome jQuery tutorials will help you learn the basics of working with jQuery. For more inspiration and useful tools check out 10 Free jQuery Plugins for Responsive Web Design and 10 Awesome jQuery Image Galleries and Sliders.

Hover Slide Effect With the help of this tutorial, you will learn to create a neat effect with some images using jQuery. The idea behind this effect is to have an image area with several images that slide out when we hover over them, revealing other images. 10 Outstanding jQuery Zoom Plugins. jQuery Zoom plugins can be really useful for showing image details.

There are lots of jQuery plugins and tutorials on the web which will help you create great websites. We’ve looked around the web and fount the 10 best jQuery zoom plugins, both free and premium, for you to use and save precious coding time. Here are 10 of the best jQuery zoom plugins. Which one do you think is no. 1? 10 Awesome jQuery Tutorials. 10 Awesome jQuery Image Galleries and Sliders. One of the most common requests I get from clients is to have some sort of image gallery on their site. Whether it’s a sliding image gallery on a homepage displaying promotions or a robust gallery full of portfolio images showing off the quality of work, jQuery image galleries area a great way for displaying multiple images on a website. They are search engine friendly, iPad and iPhone friendly, and lighter weight than a lot of the Flash slideshow galleries on the market.

TN3 Gallery TN3 Galleryis an elegant option for anyone looking to display a large series of photos on their site. It supports galleries, has thumbnail navigation, and a fullscreen mode. Supersized Supersizedis a fullscreen background slideshow, with play, pause, next, previous, and thumbnail navigation options. 10 jQuery Horizontal Scroll Demos & Plugins. In today’s post we bring to you 10 jQuery Horizontal Scroll Demos & Plugins useful for those who see things horizontally. I guess we have to accept some people scroll both ways! :) Updated: March 2016 Updated all plugins and demos with the latest versions and added some new ones. Also removed plugins which aren’t in development anymore.

Zepto.js: the aerogel-weight jQuery-compatible JavaScript library. JQuery. jQuery est une bibliothèque Javascript dont le but est de simplifier plusieurs opérations fastidieuses en Javascript "pur". En particulier, elle rend la manipulation du DOM et l'ajout de transitions en HTML beaucoup plus simple. jQuery documentation, manuel en français. OS Library - Open Source Library. Advanced Search Form - Coding, Tutorials. A guide to the basics of jQuery. 10 JQuery Parallax and Web Scroll Plugins for Amazing Web Experience. With a constant evolution in web technology, web developers and designers are utilizing innovative methods and techniques to deliver an unforgettable web experience to the user.

Many new techniques have emerged over the years and one of the most popular techniques is “Parallax”. With the parallax technique, the text on a website moves slower than the background, giving it a slick illusionary effect. There are a number of parallax techniques with many more being invented over the course of time.

jQAPI - Alternative jQuery Documentation Browser.


jQuery API Documentation. jQuery Learning Center. JS ANIMATIONS (toutes bibliothèques confondues)