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Drag-and-Drop with jQuery: Your Essential Guide. Home : Articles : Drag-and-Drop with jQuery: Your Essential Guide Tutorial by Matt Doyle | Level: Intermediate | Published on 17 February 2011 Categories: Learn how to use jQuery, and the jQuery UI Draggable and Droppable plugins, to create drag-and-drop interfaces in your web pages.

Drag-and-Drop with jQuery: Your Essential Guide

Includes a full drag-and-drop card game example. Dragging and dropping can be a very intuitive way for users to interact with your site or web app. Moving email messages into folders Reordering lists of items Moving objects in games around, such as cards and puzzle pieces Drag-and-drop with JavaScript used to be very hard to do — in fact, getting a decent cross-browser version working was next to impossible. 7 Best jQuery & JavaScript PDF Viewer plugin with examples. In this Post we are providing best jQuery PDF viewer plugin & tutorial with examples.Due to popularity of online document viewer like Google Docs some javascript developers develop a good and useful plugins to view pdf file on online pdf viewer.Here is some good list of online pdf viewers. pdf.js is an HTML5 experiment that explores building a faithful and efficient PDF renderer without native code assistance.

7 Best jQuery & JavaScript PDF Viewer plugin with examples

The jQuery Media Plugin supports unobtrusive conversion of standard markup into rich media content. It can be used to embed virtually any media type, including Flash, Quicktime, Windows Media Player, Real Player, MP3, Silverlight, PDF and more, into a web page and is compatible with all web hosting services The plugin converts an element (usually an ) into a which holds the object, embed iframe tags neccessary to render the media content. Read More Demo 3. A JavaScript library for dynamically embedding PDFs in HTML documents. Read More Demo. Draggable. jQuery Cheatsheet. Three jQuery-based frameworks for a rich UI. After spending several months refactoring a large ASP.Net MVC application for performance, I became intimately aware of certain fundamental limitations of the server-side UI approach and began looking into pure client-side UI frameworks as an alternative.

Three jQuery-based frameworks for a rich UI

Having decided on jQuery as the foundation, I’ve narrowed down the possibilities to three candidates: jQuery UI, Kendo UI and Wijmo. Here are some of my conclusions: Why choose pure-client side? Presenteer. Introduction Presenteer.js a very flexible HTML5 presentation tool that works in one line of code, but is configurable with constructor options and many callbacks.


In its simplest form, it works like And then navigate through the presentation with presentation.start();,;, presentation.prev(); and; Installation Include jQuery and Presenteer.js (and possibly Sylvester.js, see below) in your page. Create the HTML and style it with CSS Then, on page load, create a Presenteer instances for every presentation on the page. I set followElementTransforms to false to make Presenteer not follow element transforms. And set followElementTransforms: true. Constructor options Apart from the followElementTransforms constructor argument, there's many more options and callbacks.

Where canvas is a selector or jQuery element of the canvas on which the presentation is placed. The list of elements on the canvas is specified in the elements argument. 50 Fundamental jQuery Controls, Components and Plugins. Every seasoned developer has one and every young and upcoming developer should be thinking of building one – a good and concise collection of UI controls, components and plugins that you can always rely on in times of need.

50 Fundamental jQuery Controls, Components and Plugins

Of course, there are plenty of great UI frameworks, kits and libraries that you could use, but none will offer you every component and none of them will be tailored to your own personal preferences and needs. Up until a few months ago my controls had been collected and sourced from various frameworks (Prototype, MooTools, jQuery…), upon review it seemed a little out-dated, some components unnecessary and some controls desperately needed updated.

It seemed logical to give the collection a fresh outlook and a uniformity under one framework – I chose jQuery. (I have held on to a few controls that have not been built with jQuery, but for the sake of this post I have omitted them).

jQuery Core

Helpers. AmplifyJS - A Component Library for jQuery. 85+ Cool jQuery Effects Roundup. jQuery effects are used more or less all over the Internet today.

85+ Cool jQuery Effects Roundup

Just a few years ago Flash was dominating the scene for interactive and dynamic websites. The arrival of JavaScript libraries like jQuery have made it a lot easier to do advanced stuff with JavaScript, but of course the fact that Apple didn’t let Flash into their iPhones and iPads may also have pushed the development in this direction. Further the mobile movement have also helped speed up the adoption of HTML5 and as an example Canvas Animation is opening up for a lot of possibilities when it comes to developing dynamic effects in a standard way.

There are even countless examples of HTML5 games available online showing us the capabilities of these rather new technologies. Enough about HTML5 here. Advertisement.


Layouts. jQuery TOOLS - UI library. 30 jQuery UI Framework Plugins. jQuery, is it a popular buzzword or an effective JavaScript, what to say and how to define it?

30 jQuery UI Framework Plugins

Yes, they both add values to the word jQuery. It is a popular JavaScript and a rocking word in the web industry nowadays. jQuery is being used by 40% of the websites nowadays. And, its demand is getting more and more because of its updated and feature content plugins. The functional boundaries are constantly getting pushed forward by the jQuery plugins because of the actual release of new plugins every now and then. The web designer face the biggest challenge in their life about how to satisfy the customers with their websites and do you say it is not that much tough to make it possible?