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MPC. Hot Tea / Coffee with Animated Smoke Effect – jQuery & CSS | HTML, HTML5, CSS, CSS3, JQuery, Flash, Photoshop, mobile, iphone & ipad web application. Posted: July 31, 2012 in CSS - Cascading Style Sheets, HTML, JAVASCRIPT, jQuery, Mobile Web Technology, Photoshop Tags: advance web technology, angle brackets, animate coffee, animated smoke, animation delay, animation direction, animation effect, coffee, configurable settings, core code, CSS, CSS 3, CSS 4, CSS framework, css namespaces, css opacity, css3, css3 box shadow, demo code, doctype html, elements, enterprise-it, free open source, gaming, graphical user interface, grid, grid system, hot, hot coffee, hot coffee with smoke, hot smoke, html and xhtml, html basics, interactive web applications, javascript, javascript functions, javascript programmers, jquery, jQuery animation, line tag, mobile, open source javascript, page elements, paragraph text, plugin, png transparency, programming, project workflow, random positions, settimeout function, smoke, software, software-development, style, tea, technology, transparent background image, visual transition The CSS The jQuery Update:

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