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In this article, We are providing the best tutorials of jquery players and HTML5′s <audio> and <video> new features. In which the collection of both jquery audio and jquery video tutorials and plugins have been given. Due to increasing popularity of video sites like youtube and vimeo, the people uploads their vidoes on these sites and then they show that videos on their personal webites and blogs.On earlier days the people show the videos on their sites with the help of flash , As during that days it was the one of the best way to view the videos but now eveyone wants extra good features like faster access to the videos, supporting multiple audio and video formats , player list, adjustable video player width etc. All these features can be accessed by making the use of jquery plugins and HTML5 by which you can provide the audios and videos to the visitors in the better way. 40+ Best jQuery Player & HTML5 Player tutorials and jQuery Examples 40+ Best jQuery Player & HTML5 Player tutorials and jQuery Examples

5 Top jQuery Chart Libraries for Interactive Charts

Nowadays the need for an easy way to add interactive charts becomes essential because we are shifting from PC to web application. jQuery and other libraries allow to make accessible data visualization in (x)HTML, giving us this needed functionality. In this article we are going to present 5 chart libraries that suit different needs from simple charts to high complex charts. Most of them are free for personal and commercial use. 5 Top jQuery Chart Libraries for Interactive Charts
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Explore our sites Stack Exchange sign up log in tour help careers 2.0 Stack Overflow Ask Question jQuery UI Accordion - How to remove style completly jQuery UI Accordion - How to remove style completly
I'm attempting to create an accordion where I can expand/collapse all sections with a single click. I also need the ability for the user to open and close the sections having 0-n sections open at a time. Using several of the discussions here on stackoverflow and on jquery forums, here's the solution i've come up with: I've implemented each section as it's own accordion, where each is set to collapsible = true. The problem I'm running into, is when I click the header of an open section, the section is collapsed as expected, but the header still have the "ui-state-focus" class, until I click elsewhere on the page. jquery ui accordion - multiple accordions expand/collapse all - style issues jquery ui accordion - multiple accordions expand/collapse all - style issues
Easy Responsive Tabs to Accordion Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Vestibulum nibh urna, euismod ut ornare non, volutpat vel tortor. Integer laoreet placerat suscipit. Sed sodales scelerisque commodo. Nam porta cursus lectus. Easy Responsive Tabs to Accordion
500+ Best jQuery : Website Design Awards Gallery 2013 - 2012
The jQuery developer community has to be one of the most generous and hardworking group of people on the web. They’re constantly churning out amazingly useful and completely free tools that they share with anyone and everyone who wants to use them. The quantity and quality of free jQuery plugins simply never ceases to amaze me. I’ve been keeping a list of some great ones that I’ve found lately and I thought I’d share it with you. Here are 40 awesome and free jQuery plugins that just about every web developer should check out. Scrolling 40 Awesome jQuery Plugins You Need to Check Out

40 Awesome jQuery Plugins You Need to Check Out

I found myself wanting to do this and I reviewed the above answers and did a hybrid approach of them. It got a little tricky, but here is what I did: My button already worked with a server side post. I wanted to let that to continue to work so I left the "OnClick" the same, but added a OnClientClick: Jquery asp.net Button Click Event via ajax Jquery asp.net Button Click Event via ajax
30 Awesome JQuery Contact Form Make your contact form more advance than default one. I like the JQuery effects not only because it is easy to use also it is not contain any Flash code. If you don’t have a flash player you can’t access the website but in JQuery this problem never comes. This is different than Flash. Here is my collection of JQuery contact form, you can use this on your blog, website or forums too. 30 Awesome JQuery Contact Form
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A friend was looking at doing a simple slideshow. The requirements were very straightforward: No animation controls. eg: play, stop. Images should cross-fade. Simplest jQuery Slideshow Simplest jQuery Slideshow
As our President and founder, Richard Reising’s heart is to inspire churches, ministries and smart companies toward growth and organizational health—giving them fresh insight into their surrounding communities and challenging them to become more effective. Through consulting and speaking, Richard has helped thousands of organizations begin a transformation to the next level. Richard is married to Michele, and together they enjoy trotting the globe and serving churches. Artistry Labs: Church Branding and Strategic Transformations: Our Story Artistry Labs: Church Branding and Strategic Transformations: Our Story
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Overview The jQuery jNotify plug-in is an unobtrusive notification system for web-based applications. Use jNotify to inform users when specific actions have completed on your site–such as when an AJAX operation complete. Giva Labs - jNotify jQuery Plug-in | Giva
Aug15 If you are using the jQuery datatable with the editable extension, you probably know that you can only highlight one single row (tr). In my opinion, that’s really for the purpose of integrating the single row add/delete functions. If you need to implement multiple row operations, thus needing multiple row selection, here is how you can do it: Open up jquery.dataTables.editable.js Toward the end of the file, look for $(oTable.fnSettings().aoData).each(function () { $(this.nTr).removeClass(properties.sSelectedRowClass); });Comment that out. dataTables editable plugin multiple select
Posted by ActiveEngine Sensei in .Net, ActiveEngine, C#, DataTables.Net, Fluent, jQuery, New Techniques, Open Source, Problem Solving, Tutorial. Tags: Datatables pagination, DataTables.Net, DataTables.net pagination, Datatables.net paging, How To, paging, server-side paging, Tutorial trackback A central theme for 2010 has been fluency, or the continual practice of certain methods to such a degree that your performance improves and you produce increasingly polished, effective solutions. How to Create Server-Side Paging for DataTables.Net with ASP.Net « ActiveEngine
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