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37 Phenomenal jQuery Plugins and Demos for Developers : Speckybo

37 Phenomenal jQuery Plugins and Demos for Developers : Speckybo
In this post we have collected 37 jQuery plugins for use in your next web project. Slide-In Contact Form Description : When the user clicks on the Contact link at the top of the page, the contact form will slide down. When the user submits the form they will get a message that their message has been sent successfully and within two seconds, the entire form will slide up to its original position. Virtual jQuery Keyboard Description : This tutorial will explain how to implement a simple virtual keyboard with some with jQuery. Digg style sign up form Description : Simulate a Digg style signup form, with its unique features such as their dynamic tooltips that give you a hint on each field that is to be filled. Load Content While Scrolling With jQuery Description : If you have lots of content to present but can not load all of it at once as it may take too long, this plugin is the answer. Pirobox jQuery Lightbox FancyBox Facebox 1.2 JQuery Cycle Plugin InnerFade Tablesorter 2.0 jGoogle jTruncate idTabs

jQuery Grid Plugin Experiences deploying a large-scale infrastructure in Amazon EC2 At OpenX we recently completed a large-scale deployment of one of our server farms to Amazon EC2. Here are some lessons learned from that experience. Expect failures; what's more, embrace them Things are bound to fail when you're dealing with large-scale deployments in any infrastructure setup, but especially when you're deploying virtual servers 'in the cloud', outside of your sphere of influence. You must then be prepared for things to fail. As an aside, I've been very impressed with the reliability of EC2. Expecting things to fail at any time leads to and relies heavily on the next lesson learned, which is... Fully automate your infrastructure deployments There's simply no way around this. The way we achieved this at OpenX was to write our own custom code on top of the EC2 API in order to launch and destroy AMIs and EBS volumes. I will blog separately about how exactly slack works for us, but let me just say that it is an extremely simple tool. 2) Deploy multiple load balancers.

Setting Equal Heights with jQuery | Filament Group, Inc. Posted by Maggie and Scott on 07/25/2008 Topics: jQuery visual design We wrote a script to "equalize" the heights of boxes within the same container and create a tidy grid — with little overhead. Creating the visual effect of equal-height columns or content boxes has been a challenge ever since we abandoned table-based layouts. Why not just use CSS? We advocate using CSS whenever possible, and we often can because there are many clever ways to create the illusion of equal-height boxes without resorting to setting a fixed height, like Dan Cederholm's faux columns. JavaScript to the rescue Calling equalHeights() on DOM ready let's us keep all of the important factors in play, without adding extra markup or complex CSS workarounds: usability. How it works equalHeights() loops through the top-level child nodes of a specified element and sets their min-height values to that of the tallest. $('.container').equalHeights(); Demo page Download (and help us improve) the code

JQuery Cycle Plugin Check out Cycle2, the latest in the Cycle line of slideshows. The jQuery Cycle Plugin is a slideshow plugin that supports many different types of transition effects. It supports pause-on-hover, auto-stop, auto-fit, before/after callbacks, click triggers and much more. It also supports, but does not require, the Easing Plugin. The plugin provides a method called cycle which is invoked on a container element. Each child element of the container becomes a "slide". Images are used in these demos because they look cool, but slideshows are not limited to images. Use the Effects Browser page to preview the available effects. For more about options, see the Options Reference page. Frequently Asked Questions Special thanks to Torsten Baldes, Matt Oakes, and Ben Sterling for the many ideas that got me started on writing Cycle in 2007.

14 jQuery Modal Dialog Boxes A great way to show quick information to your user is to use jQuery modal dialog boxes or windows. Dialog boxes can also use to alert them to warnings, errors and more. What if jQuery gets into the action? Well, expect coolness and boldness that can spice up your website! Here are some jQuery Modal Dialog Boxes for you, enjoy! Related posts: Update 12 Dec 2013: Updated all plugins in this post and added new images of demos. 1. bPopup.js It is a lightweight jQuery modal popup plugin (only 1.49KB gzipped). Source + Demo 2. It is a jQuery plugin to show clean, elegant messages in a simple way. Source + Demo 3. A web-based media viewer application that supports all of the web’s most popular media publishing formats. Source + Demo 4. jQuery Impromptu An extension to help provide a more pleasant way to spontaneously prompt a user for input. SourceDemo 5. jqModal A plugin for jQuery to help you display notices, dialogs, and modal windows in a web browser. SourceDemo 6. SourceDemo 7. SourceDemo SourceDemo

Jquery Constant Footer - Steve Fenton : The Internet. Designing It. Developing It. Improving It. My jQuery plugins were created either as experiments or to fulfil some need that I had on a project. I made the plugins available for free on this website - and you can still get them all here now. I no longer actively support the jQuery plugins for the following reasons... Many of the features can now be achieved without JavaScript using new features of HTML and CSSSome of the features probably shouldn't even have been used, they were just experiments!Not everyone wants to use jQuery - I will create stand alone plugins for the popular stuff that don't enforce any particular framework Quick Links Want a constant footer without having to include a framework or library - I have a stand alone Constant Footer plugin listed on my JavaScript page! You can view a demo and grab the code (view source) at... Constant Footer Demonstration. Description The jQuery Constant Footer project is a plugin for the jQuery JavaScript Framework, which glues a footer to the bottom of the browser window.

15 Helpful In-Browser Web Development Tools | Developer's T Advertisement There are many useful Web development tools that integrate in your browser. These in-browser tools are commonly known as add-ons or extensions. Though add-ons and extensions aren’t just for Web development, many of them out there are designed specifically for Web developers. In this article, we explore some of the most popular and useful in-browser Web development tools. Firebug Firebug1 is an extension for the Mozilla Firefox browser that allows you to debug and inspect HTML, CSS, the Document Object Model (DOM) and JavaScript. For example, before Firebug, many developers would use the alert() function to see what a variable contains or to find what line the code breaks. Aside from its popular JavaScript and DOM functionalities, Firebug can also log network activity to allow you to see detailed results of HTTP connections, inspect and edit HTML on the fly and debug and visualize your CSS. Further Reading Web Developer YSlow YSlow8 is a Firefox extension created by Yahoo! Fangs

Web-kreation - Nice & Clean Sliding Login Panel built with jQuery Remember my Sliding Login Panel with Mootools 1.2? Well, I thought it could have been improved both for design and functionnalities and so I did! but with jQuery this time. Preview/Download This script is distributed under the GNU General Public License version 3. The sliding panel works like a charm in IE6, IE7, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Chrome. Please note the Login and Register forms in this demo will not work “out of the box” without a user login system pre-installed on your site (e.g. What’s new in this version? Panel has been redesigned to be “slicker”.Panel overlaps content instead of “pushing” it.Images are transparent… and work in IE6! Login button when panel in closed state: Close button when panel in opened state: Toggle effect (.toggle() in the javascript code below) behaves differently in jQuery than in Mootools and makes it dead simple to switch the login and close buttons on click. … and the javascript to expand/collapse panel and switch the buttons on click: Known Bugs

25 Free jQuery Photo Gallery / Albums with Tutorials 30 Free Photo Gallery / Albums with Tutorials Details Category: Webdev Hits: 20172 jQuery image galleries and albums are very common on portfolio sites and are also useful for any other type of site for displaying images and photos. Since they are already so popular I believe you don’t need me to tell you more about it. A Cool Instagram “Gravity” Gallery This will be a script that runs a search on Instagram, fetches and displays the photos in a grid, and then uses the Box2D library to simulate physical interactions between them. {ads1} Fresh Sliding Thumbnails Gallery with jQuery and PHP In this tutorial we are going to create another full page image gallery with a nice thumbnail area that scrolls automatically when moving the mouse. Thumbnail Grid With Expanding Preview The interesting part is to calculate the correct preview height and to scroll the page to the right position. Photo Booth Strips With Lightbox Free jQuery Photo Gallery ( Tutorial ) Polaroid Photobar Gallery with jQuery

Directed Edge News » Blog Archive » On Building a Stupidly Fast It’s pretty clear to computer science geeks that Directed Edge is supposed to be doing groovy things with graphs. In fact our recommendation engine, and some of the things that are unique about our approach to recommendations, are built on our super-fast graph database. When we went live yesterday with the latest version of our recommendations web services, another, much bigger thing happened behind the scenes for us: we cut over to the new version of our graph database. Every time that Directed Edge gets mentioned in nerdier circles we get a lot of questions about this fabled graph-engine, so we thought we’d indulge our techie friends with some background info. When we first decided to build the Directed Edge engine, we’d built some in-memory and RDF-store based prototypes to start hashing out the recommendations algorithms, but the RDF stores couldn’t keep up performance-wise and staying memory-based obviously wasn’t an option for persistent data. So, on to geekery. Column Locking

Katz Got Your Tongue? » Evented Programming With jQuery April 20th, 2009 Over the past several years, I’ve been actively using jQuery for a variety of things. Early on, I shared the frustration that people had around using jQuery for more substantial projects. Starting with version 1.2 and continuing with version 1.3, however, jQuery provides a powerful evented model that can be used to build up fairly complex applications using evented, as opposed to traditional objected oriented programming. The basic idea is that by leveraging asynchronous events, it is easier to model the fundamentally asynchronous nature of client-side web applications. To illustrate this point, I’m going to show how you can build a tab widget using evented techniques, and show how it can be extended in several useful ways. First, a few general principles We’re going to use basic jQuery plugins to write the widget, but instead of putting all of the startup code directly inside the plugin constructor, we’re going to pass in an Object containing functions to be executed.