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What is it? Lightweight but rich data grid with resizable columns and a scrolling data to match the headers, plus an ability to connect to an xml based data source using Ajax to load the content. Similar in concept with the Ext Grid only its pure jQuery love, which makes it light weight and follows the jQuery mantra of running with the least amount of configuration. Features Resizable columns Resizable height and width Sortable column headers Cool theme Can convert an ordinary table Ability to connect to an ajax data source (XML and JSON[new]) Paging Show/hide columns Toolbar (new) Search (new) Accessible API Many more Where can I get support?

Using jQuery To Manipulate and Filter Data When a webpage is designed to display large tables of data, a great amount of consideration should be dedicated to allowing the user to sort through the data in a structured manner. In this article, I will go over four techniques: hover effects, zebra rows, filtering, and sorting. There are some important notes we must address before looking at our Javascript code.

jQuery NailThumb experience how useful it is in dynamic web applications, where you can face any shape or size. What it's useful for? Basically any media gallery jQuery HTML Table Toolbox - Noupe Design Blog Apr 13 2010 By Paul Andrew In the 15 years since the HTML table element was first incorporated into HTML 2.0, it has been on a constant roller coaster ride. Upon its introduction it was a revelation, it was a new way for web designers to present detailed data in structured tabular format, it made our life easier and we loved it.

jQuery Gridly Gridly is a jQuery plugin to enable dragging and dropping as well as resizing on a grids. In the example below try tapping or dragging any of the bricks. Example Add Installation To install download one of these packages and include the jquery.gridly.js and jquery.gridly.css files in your head with the following: 32 Useful jQuery Filter and Sort Data Plugins For a greater control over the order, placement and organization of your web page or table elements, you option is jQuery Filter or jQuery Sort plugins. With their drag-able controls these plugins make it possible to give you opportunity to create a more dynamic and user friendly design. Every web developer is aware of the fact that sorting and data filtering are useful in case you have large datasets but you can also use these features for managing list views such as portfolio pages. In this post we are providing you with an overview of jQuery plugins which you will find useful for providing powerful functionality to re-order, filter and drag or drop facilities. 1- Using jQuery To Manipulate and Filter Data

jQuery Quicksand plugin Quicksand Reorder and filter items with a nice shuffling animation. Activity Monitor 348 KB Address Book1904 KB Finder 1337 KB Front Row 401 KB Google Pokémon 12875 KB iCal 5273 KB iChat 5437 KB Interface Builder 2764 KB iTuna 17612 KB Keychain Access 972 KB Network Utility 245 KB Sync 3788 KB TextEdit 1669 KB Demo seems sluggish? Disable CSS3 scaling and try again. Isn’t it cool? Grid-A-Licious Back in mid 2008, I created a jQuery plugin. I named it Grid-A-Licious and described it as, "Divs are placed in chronological order with a special grid" because I had no clue how to explain it better. I used this script a lot and designed many sites with it during 2008. At first, people were very skeptic and confused on how to read the grid, and thought this kind of layout belonged in real papers. This reaction slowly faded away once the layout became more and more popular when different developers and designers started to create their own script's interpretation of the floating grid layout effect. Not saying it was based on my work or script, because there were a few others that brought a similar layout effect to our attention, but not necessarily distributed as a plugin.

35+ Useful jQuery Menu Plugins With the right jQuery menu plugin your website visitors may get the best and most dynamic navigation available. jQuery is a lightweight, cross-browser compliant, incredibly awesome and extremely powerful JavaScript framework (library) that emphasizes and simplifies interaction between JavaScript, CSS and HTML. With jQuery, you can change the look and feel of your website into something extraordinary, and it is easier than you think. This way you are providing a different and very dynamic look and feel that users will typically love. Navigation is one of the most important elements in web design. It has to be neat, usable and creative at the same time in order not to drive your visitors away because they cannot find what they are looking for. jQuery is one of the most powerful tools to enhance your navigation and make it stand out and there are many cool scripts to help you do magic in minutes and not hours.

jQuery Circulate Prereqs Requires the jQuery Library as well as the Easing plugin. Usage / Options / Defaults Stopping a loop $("#anything").circulate("Stop"); Download 10 Ways to Build a Kick-Ass Resume Despite all the advancements in technology over the last decade or so, the traditional word-based resume is still as popular as ever. However, if you’d like to stand out from the crowd there are a number of new school options for you to consider. And we’re not talking about simply having a LinkedIn profile which could almost be considered ‘old hat’ now. Nope, we’re about to enter a new world of resume building and sharing. The only question is; Are prospective employers ready for what you can now dish up?

Overview Enterprise File Sync and Share ownCloud is an enterprise-class file sync and share solution that is as easy to use as consumer-grade alternatives, but is hosted in your data center, on your servers, using your storage. With ownCloud, all your data is supported by your enterprise security systems, management tools and governance policies. Selectors Original lab by Karl Swedberg Enhanced by Cody Lindley. FYI (ie6 != supported)