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Lineup for witnesses Oswald taken to second lineup Deputy sheriff identifies Oswald Bullet 399 handed to SS Chief Rowley Air Force One arrives at Washington DC Oswald interrogated 2nd time Oswald at lineup Oswald named prime suspect on NBC White House claims no conspiracy Police arrives at Paines residence Air Force One airborne Johnson sworn in aboard Air Force One Casket aboard Air Force One Oswald interrogation Oswald taken into police dept. Kennedy's body arrives at airport Kennedy's body leaves hospital Bullet 399 handed to SS Agent Johnson Oswald arrested at Texas theatre Police radio of suspect entering Texas theatre Police radio from Tippit's murder scene TSBD declared secure Jack Ruby at Parkland hospital Police find white jacket Rifle found on 6th floor of TSBD Police radio describing Tippit's killer TV reports shots heard from Knoll Police says Tippit shot Oswald inside Texas theatre Hulls found on 6th floor of TSBD Tippit's body discovered Officer Tippit calls HQ twice Oswald seen at bus stop Kennedy shot

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Timeline for d3 - proof-of-concept Timeline for d3 - proof-of-concept This chart shows events, that have a defined start and/or end in the time continuum in form of a timeline or timechart. Events can be instants (one date only) or intervals (start date and end date). The timeline consists of two bands. The upper band shows the timeline items with data within the selected timeline interval.

List of timelines From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia This is a list of timelines currently on Wikipedia. §Types[edit] §General timelines[edit] §History[edit] §Arts[edit] Can anyone provide me a serial number for Adobe Acrobat XI pro? - Blurtit Acrobat XI is a powerful and well written piece of software used to read, view, and edit PDF files. I know you are looking for a serial number for Adobe Acrobat, but firstly, let's be honest: Adobe is not going to throw out free serial numbers, that would kill their business. If you run a Google search for "Acrobat XI Serial Numbers" you will get a bunch of spammy sites plastered in ads, often with fake downloads, sometimes infecting computers with spyware or malicious software.

Village Health Jobs Specializing in Total Care Management Our Mission is to improve our patient’s quality of life and benefit society through integrated care. Our VillageHealth Care Management Nurses are specially trained to care for people with kidney disease, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and other related health conditions.

Data visualization tools for Linux A short list of visualization tools In this article, I provide a survey of a number of popular Linux data visualization tools and include some insight into their other capabilities. For example, does the tool provide a language for numerical computation? Is the tool interactive or does it operate solely in batch mode? Can you use the tool for image or digital signal processing? Does the tool provide language bindings to support integration into user applications (such as Python, Tcl, Java programming languages, and so on)?

Paper.js - Paper.js Standing on the shoulders of Scriptographer and making use of HTML5 standards, Paper.js is a comprehensive open source vector graphics scripting framework. Document Object Model Paper.js provides a Document Object Model (also called a Scene Graph) that is very easy to work with. Create a project and populate it with layers, groups, paths, rasters etc. Groups and layers can contain other items and even other groups. If you've never heard of a Document Object Model before, you can think of it as the layers palette of applications such as Adobe Illustrator & Adobe Photoshop. Civil Rights Movement Timeline (14th Amendment, 1964 Act, Human Rights Law) Jan. 23 The 24th Amendment abolishes the poll tax, which originally had been instituted in 11 southern states after Reconstruction to make it difficult for poor blacks to vote. Summer The Council of Federated Organizations (COFO), a network of civil rights groups that includes CORE and SNCC, launches a massive effort to register black voters during what becomes known as the Freedom Summer. The Scribus Team is pleased to announce the release of Scribus 1.4.6. Scribus 1.4.6 is almost exclusively a bugfixing and update release, including many corrections backported from the development candidate 1.5.x, whose next iteration 1.5.1 is supposed to be released soon after 1.4.6 with some exciting new features. Scribus 1.4.6 finally supports SVG blend modes.Improvements to Scribus’s PDF export.Improvements to hyphenation.Translation and documentation updates.As of version 1.4.6, Scribus includes four new color palettes, namely CIE LAB and CIE HLC, both of which are available in a CMYK and an sRGB version. They refer to affordable color fans that use an open and non-proprietary color model. The complete changelog is available on Trillenium Turn into A Retail Experience, Online Trillenium is a real retail experience, online. Trillenium is the next-generation 3D retail tool. Trillenium takes conventional web shopping and brings it back to the future by allowing shoppers to browse your full product inventory at their leisure, in real time and with real products at their fingertips.

The Work of Edward Tufte and Graphics Press Graphics Press LLC P.O. Box 430 Cheshire, CT 06410 800 822-2454 Edward Tufte is a statistician and artist, and Professor Emeritus of Political Science, Statistics, and Computer Science at Yale University. EDC: Set Visualiser Set Visualiser is a tool developed to visualise the way that a number of items is classified into one or more categories or sets using Euler diagrams. This approach has the advantage that the visualisation can represent non-hierarchical classifications, in which an item may belong to more than one category. An example visualisation is shown on the right, and a more complex visualisation (based on data extracted from our publications database) is shown at the bottom of the page. Set Visualiser is freely available - click here to download a .zip file containing the program, an example file, and the manual in PDF form. (Alternatively, you can download the manual separately.) Details of the algorithm are given in an academic paper, currently in preparation.

Geologic time scale Online exhibits Geologic time scale Take a journey back through the history of the Earth — jump to a specific time period using the time scale below and examine ancient life, climates, and geography. Shorthand "Stenography" redirects here. It is not to be confused with Steganography. Dutch stenography using the "System Groote" Shorthand is an abbreviated symbolic writing method that increases speed and brevity of writing as compared to a normal method of writing a language.

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