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Growth and Improvement Service

Growth and Improvement Service
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Enterprise Finance Guarantee, EFG, DTI Loan Key features Interest rate reduced by 1% as part of the Lloyds Bank Funding for Lending Scheme.Loans from £25,001 to £600,000 over one to 10 years or,Loans from £600,001 to £1,2 million over one to 5 years.Variable or fixed rates* of interest available.Capital repayment holidays may be available. Apply now By phone To discuss loan options for your business, call us on 0800 022 4378 (open 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 1pm Saturday) to speak to one of our relationship managers. Any property given as security which may include your home, may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage or other debts secured on it. All lending is subject to a satisfactory credit assessment and we will need your permission to carry out a credit check on you and your business. You should not apply for an amount that you cannot comfortably afford to repay now and in the future to avoid the possibility of legal action. Features and benefits Further information More information

Google Checkout - Braintree [1] We are unable to underwrite the following business models: Funding Programme Types - UK Government Grants & Loans Explore available funding schemes Expand your knowledge of the types of funding schemes available and make informed decisions to fund your UK business. Take a moment to read through the funding scheme types and discover the best route to take for financial support. View the types of funding schemes to determine which category addresses the needs of your UK small business. Each funding category below will provide a snap shot of the number of federal and regional schemes available, as well as the range of funding you can receive from the scheme. Require funding in the form of Business Advantages, Grants and Subsidies, Loans, or Tax Breaks? National Schemes: 2 Regional Schemes: 8 Amounts: £1,500 - £10 million National Schemes: 6 Amounts: £5,000 to £250,000 National Schemes: 39 Regional Schemes: 57 Amounts: £1,500 - £500,000 National Schemes: 8 Regional Schemes: 17 Amounts: £10,000 to £500,000 National Schemes: 4 Regional Schemes: 11 Amounts: £250,000 to £10 million National Schemes: 11 National Schemes: 7

INNO-Partnering Forum During 2006-2012, the PRO INNO Europe® initiative has been the focal point for innovation policy analysis and policy cooperation in Europe, aimed at learning from the best and contributing to the development of new and better innovation policies in Europe. The ultimate objective was to help European enterprises to innovate better and faster and to optimise and leverage complementarities between the various innovation support measures in Europe, be it at regional, national or European level. To achieve this, PRO INNO Europe® has given a prominent role to national and regional innovation policy and innovation support actors. The initiative comprises 5 building blocks that provide an integrated policy approach to develop new and better innovation policies. Together they provide analysis, benchmarking and development tools and activities to enhance the performance of innovation policy and support measures and to further cooperation between innovation policy makers across Europe. 1. 4.

Grant resources and databases | Business finance | Business management UK grant resources and databases Association of Charitable Foundations (ACF) 'The leading membership association for trusts and foundations in the UK'. The website provides information about the organisation and its membership, advice on applying for funding, and information on policy, legislation and regulation affecting charitable grant-makers. Also includes a list of ACF member trusts and foundations, with links to their websites and summary descriptions of their activities. Finance and support for your business ( Find UK government backed support and finance for business; you can customise your search by location, size and business sector. Fundraising UK The 'UK's leading internet fundraising consultancy helps charities in the UK and internationally to use the Internet as a fundraising tool to enhance and extend their existing fundraising activities'. European grant resources and information

Enterprise Finance Guarantee | Policies Issue Many people feel that starting a business is not for them. They are either worried about finding funding and making money, or because they don’t think they have the skills or experience needed. Also, research shows that existing small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can be put off growing their business because of: lack of access to finance not being able to recruit people and lacking the right skills in new and existing staff day-to-day cash flow Actions Making the UK an easier place to do business We’re providing funding and programmes to make loans available to more small businesses, including: a scheme with the Bank of England to enable banks and building societies to borrow from them at cheaper rates, so they can then lend to SMEs at lower interest rates setting up an independent British business bank to bring together public and private sector funds, creating more effective finance markets for smaller businesses in the UK We’re providing support and advice to SMEs. Background

Cardswitcher - Price comparison for merchant services, merchant accounts and card processing costs Sources of finance | Business finance | Business management Hiring or leasing equipment is one way of making your working capital go further. Instead of paying out up front, you can spread your payments over a set period, and benefit from the use of the equipment in the meantime. A solid financial base is essential when you are starting up a new business. Securing grant funding could really help your business develop and grow. Disclaimer: These publications from Atom Content Marketing are for general guidance only, for businesses in the United Kingdom governed by the laws of England. Premium Content: This is exclusive item - please log in or subscribe to view this item. If you are considering making your business more environmentally responsible, the good news is that there is a variety of grants, loans and government-sponsored initiatives to help you. Having the right finance in place is essential if your business is to develop. Establishing a solid financial base for your business should be one of the first tasks every start-up turns to. Surveys

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