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These 3 consumer stocks belong in your shopping bag. U.S. consumers continue to show signs of strength — and that has provided a strong tailwind for consumer-related stocks.

These 3 consumer stocks belong in your shopping bag

Household spending increased 0.3% in the latest report a few weeks back, and consumer confidence in August rose to the highest level since January. America's richest (and poorest) states With income inequality a hot topic on the presidential campaign trail, here are America's richest and poorest states in terms of median household income according to analysis by 24/7 Wall Street. Photo: Getty Images / The Wall Street Journal. But some of these stocks are running out of headroom — particularly the “risk-off” plays at new highs such as Campbell Soup Co. Still, a handful of consumer stocks are worth considering even as they run up against new highs. Under Armour Under Armour has a consistent track record of strong growth, and this reliable expansion in both the top- and bottom lines should guarantee a good run for the stock no matter what happens elsewhere on Wall Street.

These 10 apps can help you invest. Photo Credit: Ian Lamont 10 Best Apps for Timid First-Time Investors Investing in the stock market for the first time is intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be.

These 10 apps can help you invest

Twenty years ago, if you wanted to start investing, you might have called a full-service broker on the phone who charged outrageous fees just to make a trade. Now, discount brokerages and do-it-yourself models allow regular people to make their own trades for a fraction of that cost -- and user-friendly investing apps allow anyone with wifi and a bank account to start playing the stock market from the comfort of their phone. As a first-time investor, even if you understand how the stock market works, you might not know how to play the market wisely. If you want to start investing in the stock market, fire up your smartphone and download these 10 apps. Related: Investing for Beginners: The First Investment Every Beginner Should Make Photo Credit: Randi Hausken 1. The Acorns app is a great choice for first-time investors. 2. 25 Financial Terms Every Functioning Adult Should Know. Do you know your AGI from your ARM from your PMI?

25 Financial Terms Every Functioning Adult Should Know

Or does the mere mention of those acronyms make you go, “Huh?” If you don’t speak personal finance, don’t worry—we’re here to help. We know that managing your money can sometimes make you feel like you’re learning a foreign language. So we compiled a handy glossary of must-know money terms that affect all aspects of your financial life. Whether you’re confused about amortization or not sure what escrow, exactly, is good for, this primer will help you get up to financial speed. Handy Banking and Credit Terms. Save with every purchase - 15 best financial sites and apps. Company: SavedPlus Cost: Free Platform: Online, iOS, Android Feel better about spending money by saving a little every time you swipe your card.

Save with every purchase - 15 best financial sites and apps

With SavedPlus, you can automatically siphon a percentage of every purchase you make into your savings account, IRA, investment account or a prepaid card. Say you set your savings at 10% and buy $100 of groceries -- another $10 from your checking account will go toward your savings or retirement account. Saving happens automatically and in such small increments, that it's barely noticeable. Related: Bluetooth may make digital wallets mainstream You can set a limit on the transactions that transfers apply to. The app has been saving the average user about $350 per month since launching in May, according to the company. Financial Calculators Every Millennial Should Bookmark. "What's most important is for a savvy consumer to say, 'Hey, if I jump onboard and I go to Insurance Company X and I do a life insurance needs calculation there, I'm going to probably get a higher estimated need for life insurance than if I hop onboard, let's say,,'" Fox says, referring to a financial literacy site maintained by the federal government.

Financial Calculators Every Millennial Should Bookmark

Here are Bankrate's top financial calculator picks for young adults. Budgeting and saving Bankrate's compound interest calculator Instead of blowing through the small financial windfall from your graduation money, use it as a foundation for savings. Bankrate's compound interest calculator allows you to see how that money can grow.

Your starting amount.The number of years you expect to save money.The rate of return -- or interest rate -- associated with your savings account.Any additional contributions you will make and the frequency of those contributions.Whether the interest is compounded yearly, daily, monthly or quarterly. This Brilliant Pyramid Outlines The 6 Steps To Financial Success.