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25 Places That Look Not Normal, But Are Actually Real

25 Places That Look Not Normal, But Are Actually Real
The absurdity that stop us.A million great ideas every day, several hundred thousand hours spent in analyzing, a bunch of business plans that get to be written, how many of these ideas finally come true? Only a handful, and of course only a few actually become successful and that is precisely the excuse behind those hours of analysis and business plans: failure is something that needs to be avoided.

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45 Perfectly Timed Photographs That Will Leave You Stunned Chance, position, timing, angles, lighting, and being in the right place at exactly the right moment make these photographs some of the most intriguing and mind-bending pictures of all-time. Explore the perfect timing of capturing lightning strikes on skyscrapers. The perfect timing of snapping a friend’s picture just as a bicycle crashes into a pole. Top Design Magazine – Web Design and Digital Content 10+ Fascinating Places That You Must See In This Life » Top Design Magazine - Web Design and Digital Content We have only one life that is very short and every time we must choose what we will do, see or learn. It’s damn hard to make everything we want because most of time we must work and rest. I’m sure that you will tell me that to visit places from all over the world, some good money will be spent. But it is worth it.

Calke Abbey in Aspic Gardenista Older Calke Abbey in Aspic by Kendra Wilson Issue 104 · Best of 2013 · December 27, 2013 The Beauty Of Cinemagraph GIFs Developed in 2011 by Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg, cinemagraphs are GIF images that combine still photography and video to produce a stunning effect. Typically, the entire GIF is motionless except for one or two elements, providing a brilliant juxtaposition between the motion and the motionless. For your viewing pleasure, we’ve collected 43 beautiful cinemagraph GIFs: Ethereal Macro Photos of Snowflakes in the Moments Before They Disappear Russian photographer Andrew Osokin is a master of winter macro photography. His photo collection is chock full of gorgeous super-close-up photographs of insects, flowers, snow, and frost. Among his most impressive shots are photographs of individual snowflakes that have fallen upon the ground and are in the process of melting away. The shots are so detailed and so perfectly framed that you might suspect them of being computer-generated fabrications. They’re not though. The images were all captured using a Nikon D80 or Nikon D90 DSLR and a 60mm or 90mm macro lens.

20 of The World's Most Powerful Photographs Viewing 1 of 20 Starving boy and missionary Viewing 2 of 20 Inside an Auschwitz gas chamber Viewing 3 of 20 Top 25 Most Amazing Abandoned Corners of Earth It doesn’t matter how beautiful are the new tourist destinations, those that are curious will always go to visit some historical places, and when those are abandoned and not touched by the human hand for a long time, they become a mysterious riddles. Abandoned Isle, Netherlands Abandoned City Near Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, Ukraine Jeff Jones and Gay Haubner: Are You Ever Too Old To Learn A New Language? Ex-Pats in Costa Rica Discuss "Espeaking The Espanish" One appealing aspect of moving to a place where you don't speak the language is you no longer have to hear anything stupid. Living in New York City, where strangers rub elbows and ears together, means that you are constantly overhearing cell phone conversations, 90 percent of which constitute of "I dunno, where do you feel like eating?" and what passes for bon mots on the subway ("No azzhole, you step back"). There was also the ongoing dread of flipping TV channels, with a thumb never quite quick enough to avoid all mentions of "that hilarious photo of Katy Perry," how Vinny made Snookie cry, Beyonce's buckwild moves, or how an 11 year old girl in need of heart and liver transplants killed a 335 pound bear. (No, really! It's true!

Stumblers Who Like 50 of the World's Best Breakfasts – Written by Victoria Philpott Not quite had your fill of breakfasts just yet? Check out our beautifully visual list of the 30 best breakfasts from around the world. Plan your next culinary adventure or just get a little adventurous with breakfast at the weekend. Salivating.

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