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The Ultimate Getaway: Sir Richard Branson's Necker Island. If the Sifter ever wins the lottery (or the World Series of Poker), Necker Island is where I’d take my 28 closest friends.

The Ultimate Getaway: Sir Richard Branson's Necker Island

Created by Sir Richard Branson, Necker Island is one of the jewels of the British Virgin Islands. For a modest sum of $53,000 USD a night, this private oasis can be yours for you and your guests (and a staff of 60 of course). Check out the pictures and information below on this little piece of Heaven, sigh… Necker Island is located in the British Virgin Islands to the north of Virgin Gorda, one of the country’s larger islands. Its Caribbean location means that Necker’s 74 acres are surrounded by beautiful turquoise waters, coral reefs and gorgeous sandy beaches.

By plane, the closest international airport is on Virgin Tortola (Beef Island) which is a 35-minute flight from San Juan and up to a 1 hour 20 minute flight from Antigua. By boat, Necker is approximately 30 minutes from Tortola and 10 minutes from Virgin Gorda where there is another smaller airport. Top 15 Exotic Retreats For Design Lovers.

Most Beautiful Forests in The World. Bluebells in Halle`s forest, Belgium.

Most Beautiful Forests in The World

From late April to early May a few acres of woodlands are covered by a splendid carpet of wild bluebell hyacinths. Photo by: Raimund Linke Thick grove of poplar trees, Oregon. Photo by: David Thompson Arashiyama, a bamboo forest in Kyoto, Japan. Magical winter in Quebec forest, Canada. The Black Forest during night in Baden-Württemberg region, southwestern Germany. Deep in the green forest, France. Natural the tunnel near Halnaker, England. Mysterious glowing light in a Finland forest. Beautiful forest from a fairy tale, Belgium. White carpathians forest in autumn. Splendid yellow forest. 37 Photographic Proofs That Iceland Is A Miracle Of Nature. Iceland might be a small and remote nation, but it also happens to be one of the most picturesque as well.

37 Photographic Proofs That Iceland Is A Miracle Of Nature

Iceland attracts millions of photographers and travellers, all eager to embrace the breathtaking Nordic landscapes with their bodies, souls, and, of course, cameras. The geologically young island is situated at the junction of the North Atlantic and Arctic oceans and the North American and Eurasian continental plates. Its complex geographical history and position has created a unique and contrast-filled Icelandic landscape full of volcanoes, geysers, glaciers and fjords. If you’re not yet convinced that Iceland must be your next destination, here are 37 photographs with astonishing Icelandic scenes to prove that it should be! (via: Bored Panda) Read more Image credits: Max Rive Image credits: Menno Schaefer Image credits: Milko Marchetti Image credits: Antony Spencer Image credits: Image credits: Gunnar Gestur Image credits: Yves Schüpbach. 20 Incredible Secret Places That You Don't Know About, Yet. #20...

Let me check on this for real quick, before we get down to business. You’ve been to France and you visited the Eiffel Tower or that beautiful museum in Louvre. That’s great. You’ve been to Italy and you’ve visited the Colosseum in Rome or the Cathedrals in Vatican. 10 Luxury Islands That Are Surprisingly Affordable. We've never had such a good excuse to ditch the real world.

10 Luxury Islands That Are Surprisingly Affordable

We always thought our living-on-an-island dreams would stay forever plunked on a Pinterest board, but now, there's reason to believe that actually living on a luxury island is totally possible. The folks at Samujana Retreats and Residences recently named the world's top 10 luxury islands, and the prices of average day-to-day activities -- from meals to beers to adventure excursions -- are, shockingly, lower than we ever dreamed. Pack up your yachts, people. We're moving (or at least taking a super long vacation) to the tropics. Vanua Levu, Fiji Average price of a beer: $1 Coron, Philippines Starting price for an island-hopping tour: $15 Langkawi, Malaysia Average price of a hotel room: $27/night Roatán, Honduras Starting price for a shipwreck dive tour: $50 Koh Samui, Thailand Average price of hotel room: $20/night.

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Like this Post? Millions flock to Thailand each year and with its reputation for having such idyllic beauty who can blame them? A downside is that the steady flow of tourists over the last decade has ensured it’s become increasingly harder to find an unspoilt Thai island. Higherperspectives. 1.


Alicante, Spain Alicante is a city that has mastered the art of frugal living. They’ve done it without sacrificing any beauty or quality of living. It’s a beach city on Spain’s Costa Blanca and is famous for its wonderful climate, great food, stellar entertainment, relaxing lifestyle and lack of significant tourism. Www.roughguides. Www.theplaidzebra. For some, adventure is all about the distance; the farther the destination the larger the experience.


Adventure doesn’t necessarily need to be defined by the miles travelled. An expedition an hour away from home can be just as exceptional as a trip across the world. So for all you wanderlusters with empty wallets and open minds, these nine destinations will allow you to experience adventure in your own backyard. Acadia National Park in Maine isn’t just one of the state’s most popular national parks, it’s also home to America’s first sunrise from early October until March.

The park usually has an entrance fee, but you can get around that if you go on the right days. If you’re looking to stay over night, camping does have a fee of $30, which split between a car full of people could be as cheap as $6 a night, so not completely free for a weekend trip but pretty damn close. Www.buzzfeed.