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Free Photoshop Tutorials - A Comprehensive Resource of Tutorials, Tips and Help - Photoshop 101

Free Photoshop Tutorials - A Comprehensive Resource of Tutorials, Tips and Help - Photoshop 101
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50+ Excellent Body Enhancement Photoshop Tutorials Making a photograph of a person look amazing adds an extra dimension of professionalism to your design. These photoshop body enhancement tutorials will help you transform your people pictures to stunning models in next to no time. Most techniques involve similar use of the photoshop tools. Inspiration and Full Makeover Tutorials Digital Cosmetic Surgery This complete transformation is explained in simple steps. Enhacement Examples Video showing virtual make overs on lots of different subjects. Eyes Changing Eye Color Change the color of a the eye something more appealling. Making Seductive Eyes This finishing effect can be used around the eyes once other eye touch ups are complete to make the person look sultry using shadows. Red Eye Removal Shows how to move from normal red eye removal to non distructive red eye removal. Apply Eye Makeup Apply eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara. Non Destructive Eye Color Changing This technique is flexible using a mask and a hue and saturation adjustment layer. Nose Teeth

Getting to Grips with the Vanishing Point Filter - Psdtuts+ These two tutorials are simple guides about using Photoshop's Vanishing Point filter in photo editing. We'll learn some of the basics about making selections, cloning areas, and pasting images into the vanishing point filter window. This is a beginner level tutorial that will help you master the basics on this topic. Before we get started, let's take a look at the image we'll be creating. You can view the full-size image here. As always, the layered Photoshop file is available via our Psdtuts+ Plus membership. The Vanishing Point filter is all about perspective, when you're editing photography, perspective is one of the most important issues to consider, the Vanishing Point filter helps us to make it easy. The first one it's about adding realistic floors to a building. Add a layer mask to the picture layer and paint with a huge brush on it. Select the Edit Plane tool (V) and resize your plane, make it wider and taller as you'll need. Now the fun! Let's add some floors next.

Photoshop techniques explained: Exposure | Photography Modern camera exposure and dynamic range optimisation systems are extremely sophisticated, but the majority of images still benefit from a tweak to the exposure or contrast. Even when a camera does manage to produce an image that's near perfect, you may decide to reduce the exposure to ensure that there's detail in the brightest highlights, or to increase it to bring out shadow detail. Many landscape photographers, for example, routinely underexpose the foreground of their images to make sure that the white clouds have some tonal detail. All that's required to get the image looking absolutely spot-on is a little exposure adjustment to brighten the shadows and mid-tones while retaining that elusive highlight detail. Exposure control Given that exposure control is such a fundamental part of photography, it's no surprise that Photoshop offers an extensive array of ways to adjust it. Brightness/Contrast Levels Curves Exposure Shadows/Highlights HDR Toning So, what's a Histogram? That's it.

20 PSD Tutorials Many people can use Photoshop, but only a select few can call themselves gurus. Learn all the methods in the 20 tutorials below and you’ll be well on your way to joining this elite. Rather than focus on tuts for beginners, intermediates or advanced users, we’ve simply chosen ones which produce jaw-dropping effects. All of them are easy to follow, although most do require at least some prior knowledge and experience. 1. Follow this tutorial to create dazzling, multi-layered, semi-transparent lettering, with a Perspex-like quality. 2. 3D Pixel Stretch Effect File this tutorial under “simple but effective”. 3. Turn a simple cityscape into a torrentially flooded wasteland. 4. Become the master of light and glow on Photoshop with this brief, easy-to-follow guide. 5. Use masking tools, layers, gradients and lines to turn your favorite piece of 3D text into something more colorful and commercial. 6. Mental waves do not exist, but if they did they’d look rather like this. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. - main page Complete Reference Guides and Online Manuals for All Adobe Tools Even years after it went up, a lot of people still don’t know about it. We’re talking about the free online documentation for all Adobe software – a set of user manuals that can answer quite a few customer questions, and also be a great resource if you don’t use a product yet but want to find out more about it… This exists in searchable and downloadable form for all major Adobe applications, including the Creative Cloud, Creative Suite, Lightroom, Acrobat, Photoshop Elements, etc. – for all recent releases on both Windows and Mac OS. For example, every so often we receive a question on how to save back to earlier versions from InDesign CC or CS6… Fortunately, this is answered in the “Saving Documents” section in InDesign’s online manual. Related: Do you believe any of these? Each Adobe reference below can be downloaded as a complete offline ebook if you want (more about this below)… These books are substantial – the latest “Photoshop Help & Tutorials” hand­book is over 800 pages alone!

25 Tutoriales impresionantes y Profesionales para Photoshop Suscribirse para ver tutoriales 25 Tutoriales impresionantes y Profesionales para Photoshop Increíble que te puede servir suscribirte a Learn Photo Editing, Photoshop + Photography Tutorials, este producto contiene una inscripción a los 25 Tutoriales impresionantes y profesionales para Photoshop. A continuación les compartiré los ejemplos de cada uno de los tutoriales, quedaran impactados con lo que pueden llegar a aprender, verán unas imágenes con efectos impresionantes para las fotografías y sus aplicaciones distintas. Con estos tutoriales impresionantes, realmente no necesitas unas cámara de treinta mil pesos o un lente de quince mil pesos para que tus fotos salgan increíbles para usarla en los medios publicitarios de una manera creativa, estos 25 tutoriales te harán subir a un nivel profesional muy alto, grandes trucos aprenderás. A continuación el listado de los tutoriales que contiene suscribirte a un costo muy considerable y justo. Suscribirse para ver tutoriales Me gusta:

Compositing Visual Effects in After Effects: Essential Techniques - Lee Lanier - Google Books Tutorials Welcome to the second tutorial about creating custom brushes in Photoshop! Rickard (who did the awesome first tutorial) and I decided to create a little tutorial series about brushes in PSP 7 and CS. This tutorial will take you through the creation of natural brushes in Photoshop 7, such as watercolor, pastels or japanese tusche brushes. Those are easy to create but make work a lot more simple. In this second tutorial we will create a japanese tusche brush and a basic brush. "The Jpanese Ink Brush" For this brush I used a pretty small, round, basic shape and I adjusted the "Shape Dynamics", added some texture and tweaked some values in the "Other Dynamics" window. "The Basic Brush" This brush can be used for simulating acrylics or any other painting method that uses a brush. I hope this tutorial helped you, to create your own natural brushes in Photoshop - thanks for viewing. /Johan (

Cool Photoshop Actions La mayoría de los que disponemos de Photoshop en nuestro ordenador no lo estamos utilizándolo en todo su potencial. Photoshop es una herramienta con la que puedes conseguir unos resultados creativos impresionantes, tanto en el campo del procesado y edición de la fotografía como en trabajos de carácter más creativo, publicitario o industrial. En Photoshop hay una cosa que llaman “Acciones”. ¿Qué es una acción de Photoshop? Las acciones son una funcionalidad de Photoshop que nos permite, mediante un solo clic, recrear una serie de pasos. Ejemplo práctico de una acción de Photoshop Si quieres experimentar con un ejemplo, en el artículo de cómo añadir una marca de agua a tus fotos Caro mostraba un práctico ejemplo de cómo añadir una marca de agua o una firma a una foto. Como este ejemplo, en Photoshop puedes crear una acción con cualquier tipo de ajuste o pasos de edición que se te ocurra. Un mundo de posibilidades creativas 20 increíbles acciones de Photoshop que suscitarán tu vena artística

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