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Presenter Tutorials. Adobe Presenter Overview. Adobe Captivate or Adobe Presenter: Which One Is Right For You? Adobe Presenter and Adobe Captivate have some overlapping functions.

Adobe Captivate or Adobe Presenter: Which One Is Right For You?

Both can create eLearning lessons that can be uploaded to and report results to a learning management system (LMS). Both can work with PowerPoint. Both can create interactive quizzes. And the list goes on. But what are the key differences that tell me which of these programs to buy? Adobe Presenter is a PowerPoint add-in, and is marketed by Adobe specifically to educators. Presenter is designed so that eLearning features are easy to add.

For example, if you want to create a scenario, where the learner chooses options and receives feedback by traveling down various "branches" after decision points, you can click a few buttons, choose between pre-designed options, type your content on designated slides, and let Presenter take care of which button takes the learner to which slide. Adobe Captivate is powerful, stand-alone eLearning development software. Want a branching scenario? So which should you use for what? Adobe Presenter Captivate Difference eLearning Online. When should I use Presenter and when should I use Captivate?

Adobe Presenter Captivate Difference eLearning Online

That is a great question. But, the answer isn’t very clear. However there are some clear differences between the tools that we can use to isolate the best use case, and hopefully get building projects, instead of scratching your head. Let’s start with Presenter, it is a simpler tool. It is a plug-in to PowerPoint (2003-2010) that allows you to and add audio, video, flash and quiz functionality to a Power Point presentation. OK, great Captivate can do that too right? Elaborez des vidéos e-learning haute définition avec Adobe® Presenter 10.

Découvrez Adobe® Presenter 9 pour créer du Contenu Interactif. Presenter 10. The Differences between Adobe Presenter and Adobe Captivate - Adobe Connect User Community. I read many discussions on Adobe Captivate vs.

The Differences between Adobe Presenter and Adobe Captivate - Adobe Connect User Community

Adobe Presenter, or Captivate vs. a similar Presenter tool and I'm always puzzled by this question because frankly it's like comparing apples and oranges. Admittedly, there are some overlaps between the two applications, like the fact that both applications leverage PowerPoint slides for generating Flash-based eLearning, and both include a similar Quizzing module, but other than that, they were developed to serve two different purposes and each has its own strenghts. Perhaps a better question is how do I effectively use both products together? Adobe Presenter was designed to enable PowerPoint users to easily generate Flash-based eLearning courses, by adding voice-over to slides, and syncing the audio to the slide animations. It also has features for importing or capturing video using a webcam, as well as using the built-in Quizzes to include graded quizzes or surveys in your final project. Toolkit: Adobe Presenter 10 by Joe Ganci.

“If you liked the Analytics Engine in the prior version of Presenter, you’ll like the current one even more.

Toolkit: Adobe Presenter 10 by Joe Ganci

The analytics are now more complete, so you can check the Analytics Dashboard to see metrics that will tell you how engaging your videos and presentations are.” It seems only yesterday that Adobe released Presenter 9, though it was actually last autumn. While some may find these releases too frequent, I love the fact that I don’t have to wait that long to see a release that takes advantage of the latest platforms and technology.

In this review, I’ll let you know what I like about the new version and what I think Adobe should consider in the next version. So what’s new? I can see 10 main new features in Adobe Presenter 10. 1. It’s about time that Presenter is able to publish to HTML5, as many other PowerPoint-based tools have already been able to do so for some time now. Figure 1: Presenter gives you publishing format choices Why have both rather than just HTML5? 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.