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How to mix traditional and digital media. People say that I have a painterly style.

How to mix traditional and digital media

Shade, Light and Form Modeling. KIWI JUICE. . PACT - Professional Artist Client Toolkit. You grew up reading comics, playing video games, crawling through dungeons with your friends, and wanting to draw and paint all of the cool stuff that made up those fantastic worlds.

. PACT - Professional Artist Client Toolkit

You went to college and got an art degree, and now you’re out in the world trying to make a living as a freelancer artist. But, wait a minute, they didn’t tell you anything about the business aspects of being a freelancer in art school! 10 things you probably didn't know you could do with ZBrush. As the industry standard in digital sculpting, ZBrush's toolset is flexible enough to allow it's users to choose a workflow that suits them best.

10 things you probably didn't know you could do with ZBrush

With so many options available it can be easy to miss less used or older features that might be perfect for a particular situation. What follows are 10 things that you may or may not have known about ZBrush, mostly aimed at beginner and intermediate users - but there might be the odd one that is useful to seasoned users depending on your workflow of choice. 01. Sketching ideas in PaintStop While Quicksketch mode may be more popular for roughing out ideas, ZBrush also has its own built in painting and drawing plug-in called 'PaintStop'. When launched you will be taken to a minimalist UI with Brush and Canvas settings along the top and the Brush types down the left hand side. Artist's toolbox! sur Pinterest.

Art Fundamentals - Chapter 1 by Ioan Dumitrescu. Photoshop CS5 Mixer Brush Tips and Tricks. (This is the first of two articles on the Mixer Brush that I've written.

Photoshop CS5 Mixer Brush Tips and Tricks

The second can be found here.) Introduction to Zbrush. ZBrush is THE digital sculpting application that first revolutionized the concept of ‘sculpting’ in the computer.

Introduction to Zbrush

With the unorthodox “2.5D” technology at its core, intuitive sculpting “brushes”, and record-breaking poly counts, the application quickly became the industry-standard sculpting application. And while several competing apps have garneredd respect in the industry, ZBrush arguably maintains its lead as new ground-breaking features are consistently added. Since ZBrush pioneered such a radical new approach to manipulating 3D geometry, Pixologic had the difficult task of establishing efficient user-interaction with its technology. Thus a unique and polarizing interface was born. // - 2d artists homepage with fresh 2d industry news // ZClassroom. Épinglé par Évan Paquette sur 3D Character Inspiration. Pixelart_method_photoshop_Dan Fessler. Composition. I arrived at the end of my search for the truth about the golden mean.


But I had one last question. Is the "golden rectangle" really more attractive than other rectangles? The answer was not what I expected, and not what I wanted to hear. Phil Straub Composition Tutorial. Sun 4th Dec 2005, by Phil Straub | Tutorial This article was written by Phil Straub back in 2005, and it is as fresh and vital today as it was then.

Phil Straub Composition Tutorial

Phil’s tips and trick are timeless, and can help you make your images pop! Eye Tracking and Composition, Part 3. (Note: This is the third and final part of a series of posts adapted from Imaginative Realism, Andrews McMeel, October, 2009).

Eye Tracking and Composition, Part 3

Please follow these links to the earlier posts, Part 1 and Part 2.) By adding together the eye movement data from a group of test subjects, we can learn where most people look in a given picture. To create the image below, the eye-tracking technology recorded the scanpath data of sixteen different subjects and compiled the information into composite images, called heatmaps. The red and orange colors show where 80-100% of the subjects halted their gaze. The bluer or darker areas show where hardly anyone looked. Here’s the heatmap for the painting Marketplace of Ideas, which we discussed in the last two posts. It turns out that there was very little interest in either of the main vertical columns. The interest in people, especially faces, appears to reflect a hardwired instinct to understand our fellow humans. 1. Character Design Zbrush to Photoshop - Part 1.

Fibermesh Hair For Rendering. 1 – Here is the basemesh – the head we will be creating hair for. 2 – This tutorial is not about how to use Fibermesh, but for the uninitiated, simply mask out any areas which you would like to create hairs from.

Fibermesh Hair For Rendering

My personal strategy for creating hairs in large systems is to do them one small portion at a time. Here I mask off a very small area at the roots. 3 – Now use Zbrush Fibermesh to generate the fibers. Speedpainting. This is a painting I did a while ago.


I recorded the screen while painting. I couldn't make it to add an audio track, sorry for that... ^^This tutorial video is also available on my website, some of you might now it already. /ic/ List of helpful Art links. PSG Art tutorial. Foreword I believe there is logic behind why a picture works or not. Sam Carr: Learning Resources. Ranger tutorial. Leslie van den broeck_z brush artist_Pinterest. Classes. Digital: Wield + Weld. Hello, everyone! Firstly, as a self-plug, I'd like to thank Anjin Anhut for mentioning me in this article about concept art. Though most of my activity is on tumblr now, I'm taking my blog out of retirement to post what, for many of you, will be a remedial tutorial about form. While it might not be overly academic, it is an honest account of my structural thought process. Using photo reference correctly. Artist Selfies: Everybody's Doing It. I review a lot of portfolios. I tried to guesstimate and I probably reviewed about 750 portfolios in person alone last year, and that's leaving out all the samples I get mailed or websites I review.

A lot of those reviews are from very green artists and students. When I'm reviewing a portfolio of someone who isn't ready to work for me yet, I still like to give them some feedback, some things to work on in the future. And one of the most frequent things I recommend is to start using better photo reference. The internet is a great resource, but often I can tell when someone used separate images for say, a figure's face, then a different one for hands, and another one for clothing. Starting to shoot reference very often brings a huge leap forward in the work of young artists, yet it's also the piece of advice I hear the most excuses about.

TUTORIEL. Ambient Occlusion Painting Tutorial, sorta. Newest Update: I made a new video tutorial about How to Paint Ambient Occlusion for Digital Painting. You can download it here: Ambient Occlusion Tutorial. Some more thoughts about thinking...about things. 20 Questions-réponses fréquentes sur le Digital Painting. Le digital painting ou « peinture numérique » continue son essor. De plus en plus de monde est attiré par cette discipline et aimerait devenir un adepte du stylet ou un pro du digital painting.

90 minutes portrait demo by Zimou Tan. Learn To Draw The Human Figure From Your Mind - 1. FZDSCHOOL. Feng Zhu Design. Ctrl+Paint - Digital Painting Simplified. Proko. Full Access to Figure Drawing Videos - miss new tutorials, signup for my mailing list - Wrapping up 2012. Paint Bucket Resources.