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Download XMind for Windows

Download XMind for Windows
It's an all-in-one package with all features of XMind, XMind Pro, and Plus. You can use paid features after purchasing XMind Pro and entering your license key. The latest release is XMind 7 (v3.6.0). Language Upgrade from Previous Version Only for XMind Pro/Plus 2013 or 2013 SE users. If you had chosen "Buy 2-Year Version Upgrade" from your order of XMind pervious versions, you don't need to click the buttons above. XMind Pro Subscription users don't need to buy this upgrade. More question? All Changes of XMind 7 (v3.6.0) New Features A Brand New UI A New Home Panel Huge Improvements on Gantt Chart Information Card Comments Callout Export/Print Outline Multi-page Print Timeline New Themes with 10 New Fonts Major Improvements Share to Inspector View Add another Matrix (structure) which uses topics as columns. Fixed Bugs Fix a bug that causes task info to export unsuccessfully while exporting to Excel. Need Professional Features? Most of the executives choose XMind Pro at work.


A Comparison between Concept Maps, Mind Maps, Conceptual Diagrams, and Visual Metaphors as Complementary Tools for Knowledge Construction and Sharing Martin J Eppler1 ↵Faculty of Communication Sciences, University of Lugano (USI), Lugano, Switzerland. Tel.: 058 666 45 12 Fax: 058 666 46 47. E-mail: Natural Next Step: Podcasting for Relationship Building They know and trust your voice. They feel like they already know you. Your podcast is just the natural next step in your ongoing relationship. API Documentation Welcome to the Pixabay API documentation. Our API is a RESTful interface for searching and retrieving free images and videos released on Pixabay under Creative Commons CC0. Free Images If you make use of the API, show your users where the images and videos are from, whenever search results are displayed. A link to Pixabay is required and you may use our logo for this purpose. That's the one thing we kindly request in return for free API usage.

MindMup 2 Capture ideas at the speed of thought – using a mind map maker designed to help you focus on your ideas and remove all the distractions while mindmapping. Create unlimited mind maps for free, and store them in the cloud. Your mind maps are available everywhere, instantly, from any device. Brainstorm, create presentations and document outlines with mind maps, and publish your ideas online and to social networks. Get Started How People Learn How People Learn Joseph D. Novak & Alberto J. Cañas Institute for Human and Machine This document is part of the Cmappers.Learn section of Exes Explain Ghosting, the Ultimate Silent Treatment “It happens to me so often that I’ve come to expect it,” Ms. Bylo said. “People don’t hold themselves accountable anymore because they can hide behind their phones.” Elena Scotti, 27, a senior photo editor and illustrator at Fusion, the media company, has also been a victim of ghosting.

18 Free Mind Mapping Tools for Teachers and Students 1- SpiderScribe This is a great mind mapping tool that allows users to easily visualize their ideas by connecting various pieces of information together and create free style maps. It also combines elements like text, images, files, calendar events and geographic locations. 2- EdistormEdistorm is a great web2.0 tool for educators. Hit On Head By Falling Baby - Twice! Hit On Head By Falling Baby - Twice! There once was a man hit on the head by a fallingbaby, twice! According to Time Magazine, the first event occurred in 1937.