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Very Demotivational

Very Demotivational
Can't Believe This is Making the Front Page Favorite Tags practical Via: PostNoBliss Share: 1 Share on twitter Share on google_plusone_share Share on pinterest_share Share on stumbleupon Share on reddit Share on email You tried and succeeded. Comments See more at null Now That's a Toy Favorite Via: unknown Share: 13 3 Comments Sliding With the Penguins Seems Just as Fun Favorite Via: Pimping NZ Share: 8 1 Comments She's Really Good With Kites Favorite By beernbiccies Share: 3 Didn't Everyone Know This? Favorite Via: Unknown Share: 7 8 Comments How Does Her Pant Leg Stay Up? Favorite 2 Comments The Coolest Hairdryer Ever Favorite Share: 2 Loading more posts... Make a Meme Use one of our LOLBuilders. Make a Site Cheezburger Sites, the fastest site you'll ever make. Pick Your Site Name Tell me more Your friends would love to see this too! You can now let your Facebook friends see when you add new favorites to your Cheezburger page. Add to Timeline No Thanks! Everything is better with friends! Connect Now Keyboard Navigation

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Murphy's Law Calculator Murphy's Law Calculator From a formula for * Sod's Law provided by British Gas: ((U+C+I) x (10-S))/20 x A x 1/(1-sin(F/10)) "anything that can go wrong, will go wrong!" Find out in advance whether you will be able to successfully repair your VCR, get to a meeting on time, impress your date, or be a success at any activity whatsoever ! Score: 21.794 Risk Factor: 64967.6 Rage Comics Most Upvoted 243 votes This 78-Year-Old Granny Has the Reaction to Roller Coasters We Can All Relate to 188 votes What on Earth is Tomodachi Life? 173 votes Still life: Bent objects » Article », Digital Journalism UPDATE: The Return of Bent Objects Wires transform these objects from inanimate to hilarious works of art. Little polish girl McDonalds as Sculpture Materials Yeah, this is where those come from Dancing Queens

Comixed - 4 panel comic strip (yonkoma or 4koma) Most Upvoted 985 votes Your Sweet Sweet Tears Will Give Me Strength in Battle 732 votes The loneliest ponies 679 votes memes 1148 featured, 129572 upcoming 580 featured, 257549 upcoming 548 featured, 277752 upcoming

Things Ruined By Kids If you have kids, chances are they probably ruined some of your stuff by now. If you don’t have kids, this collection of pictures and stories from around the net will help you remember to wear a rubber. Permanent marker, Clearasil zit cream, and nail polish. We’re so proud. Dickonomics: How 5 Everyday Businesses Trick You Ah the mall, the Mecca of North American culture. What makes it, and its shops, so enticing that people will refuse to stop shopping for anything, even at the risk of being consumed by flames? "We just got a shipment of half-a-dozen Wiis in, now if you could all line up in an orderly fashion..."

17 Web Toys for Your Procrastination Pleasure Sometimes you need to take a break from work and just veg out by doing something mindless and pleasant. TV or a game of solitaire is good for that, but both require a set time commitment. There are hundreds of alternatives on the internet in the form of web toys. These are sites that offer strange visuals, often interactive visuals, that require no real mental effort but might bring a smile to your face for a while. 1. Spider 5 Superpowers You Didn't Know Your Body Was Hiding From You Those motivational speakers are right: You are capable of amazing things. You wouldn't know it, because 99 percent of the time your body or brain hides these superpowers from you. Sure, they say there's a good reason, but we're not sure we're buying it. Dammit, we want our...

Everything Ages Fast (Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and Skype) These posters are part of an ad campaign entitled “Everything Ages Fast,” designed by Moma Propaganda and created for client Maximidia Seminars Link via Laughing Squid

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