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Work Harder, Not Smarter. - demotivational posters

Work Harder, Not Smarter. - demotivational posters
Can't Believe This is Making the Front Page Favorite Tags practical Via: PostNoBliss Share: 1 Share on twitter Share on google_plusone_share Share on pinterest_share Share on stumbleupon Share on reddit Share on email You tried and succeeded. Comments See more at null Now That's a Toy Favorite Via: unknown Share: 13 3 Comments Sliding With the Penguins Seems Just as Fun Favorite Via: Pimping NZ Share: 8 1 Comments She's Really Good With Kites Favorite By beernbiccies Share: 3 Didn't Everyone Know This? Favorite Via: Unknown Share: 7 8 Comments How Does Her Pant Leg Stay Up? Favorite 2 Comments The Coolest Hairdryer Ever Favorite Share: 2 Loading more posts... Make a Meme Use one of our LOLBuilders. Make a Site Cheezburger Sites, the fastest site you'll ever make. Pick Your Site Name Tell me more Your friends would love to see this too! You can now let your Facebook friends see when you add new favorites to your Cheezburger page. Add to Timeline No Thanks! Everything is better with friends! Connect Now Keyboard Navigation

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The Top 25 Most Entertaining Sites On The Net Banged Up:: This page is full of hilarious and raunchy pictures. While this isn’t a porn site, it’s not safe for work. BBspot:: This is one of the net’s better humor sites. They’re best known for their top 11 lists.

the founding story — 100CAMERAS. 100cameras was co-founded by four women in 2008 on the premise that a child sees the world differently than adults.They believed a child could take a camera into their own community and capture stories of the world around them in ways an older or outside photographer could not. And they were confident these stories could change lives, both within the community and around the world. In late 2008, the concept was first tested when one of the friends went to South Sudan and gave cameras to kids at an orphanage. The photos that returned were remarkable. In a hard place that most would call hopeless, these images told a different story: one full of life, hope, and joy. Our four friends wanted to share the stories of these kids with their friends.

Murphy's Law Calculator Murphy's Law Calculator From a formula for * Sod's Law provided by British Gas: ((U+C+I) x (10-S))/20 x A x 1/(1-sin(F/10)) "anything that can go wrong, will go wrong!" Find out in advance whether you will be able to successfully repair your VCR, get to a meeting on time, impress your date, or be a success at any activity whatsoever ! Score: 21.794 Risk Factor: 64967.6 Comixed - 4 panel comic strip (yonkoma or 4koma) Most Upvoted 985 votes Your Sweet Sweet Tears Will Give Me Strength in Battle 732 votes The loneliest ponies 679 votes Fingertips Damaged Claim: Photograph shows fingers damaged from too much mouse and keyboard use. Examples: [Collected via e-mail, January 2007] Origins: According to numerous inquiries we've received from readers, the above-displayed photograph has generated queasy feelings in quite a few viewers. They can take comfort in knowing that this image not only doesn't depict a finger condition resulting from too much mouse and keyboard use, it isn't even real. Like the infamous "breast rash" image, this picture melds a human body part with something else found in nature (but not in humans), producing a bizarre and unsettling result. In this case the body parts involved are fingers, and the natural objects grafted onto them are pictures of the mouths of lampreys:

10 Great Time-Wasting Entertaining Websites The World Wide Web, Graf­fiti in Nantes, August 2012 As a free­lancer, I’m online a lot. Granted, I spent most of my on not-so-exacting web­sites like French-English dic­tio­nar­ies and language-related web­sites (and actu­ally work­ing!)

About ☛ About This website is a research blog about the loose ends of the ideals of community. It also acts as an archive of items related to communication, technology and art. It provides adequate source attribution for each and every one of its entries. “Ideals of community” refer to the various beliefs either that human beings once have live together harmoniously (nostalgia for a lost community) or that it is their upcoming destiny (hope in the coming community).

Cool and Interesting Websites to Visit When You're Bored 30 Jan 2014 Here are some cool and interesting websites that will make you smile and also help beat that afternoon energy slump. couch mode print story I have added these non-tech related websites in my “weekly” bookmarks folder. I don’t visit them every single day but on weekends or when I am feeling bored and they never disappoint. Divers can talk to dolphins, perhaps aliens, with new device An unlikely partnership between a dolphinologist and an artificial intelligence specialist has led to the development of a piece of hi-tech gadgetry that may allow humans and dolphins to talk to one another for the first time, according to the Independent. The iPhone-sized device uses a complex algorithm that is capable of making both dolphin-to-human and human-to-dolphin translations. It may soon allow divers to communicate with dolphins in real time, and is currently being tested aboard a boat in the Bahamas. The device's language-decoding capability has drawn interest from SETI (The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence), and may play a role in one day communicating with extraterrestrials, should they ever be contacted. Dr. Denise Herzing, dolphinologist and co-developer of the device, is already running workshops with SETI on how to identify non-human intelligence.

17 Web Toys for Your Procrastination Pleasure Sometimes you need to take a break from work and just veg out by doing something mindless and pleasant. TV or a game of solitaire is good for that, but both require a set time commitment. There are hundreds of alternatives on the internet in the form of web toys. These are sites that offer strange visuals, often interactive visuals, that require no real mental effort but might bring a smile to your face for a while. 1. Spider

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