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How To Take Photos Of Mist On A Lake After Sunrise The sunrise and the fog. They are two of the most dramatic elements you can add to any photograph. When you combine them, they can create the feelings of mystery and foreboding. 13 Great Tools For Organizing The Web The web is a big and wonderful place, full of exciting pages and information that we all would like to go back to from time to time. Then comes the problem when you open your bookmarks and... you can't remember the name of the site, or what folder you put it in, or you find a bookmark and you can't remember why you saved it! Well, you're not the only one - that's why over the years people have been coming up with new and intuitive ways to bookmark and save content.

Best Free Bookmark Syncronizer Most browsers have a built-in bookmark manager allowing users to bookmark a webpage location and organize bookmarks into folders so that they are easier to find. Usually they also allow users to export bookmarks to a html file so that it can be imported into another browser. These are the basic bookmark functions provided by the browsers, lacking the useful features of a bookmark synchronizer. A good and reliable bookmark synchronizer allows users to keep bookmarks identical across the browsers and computers for ease of surfing the Internet from everywhere. Moreover, it helps organise bookmarks by identifying or removing the duplicates and merging two different lists of bookmarks easily into one complete and well-organized list.

The Top 27 Free Tools to collaborate, hold discussions, and Backchannel with Students 1- ChannelME ChannelME is a great web tool. It allows its users to browse a particular website simultaneously. They are able to look at the same content of a web page with friends in real time and even chat with each other . 9 Free Tools For Link Discovery & Content Creation Every day it seems that there’s a new tool out there to monitor, measure, track, and suggest what we should be doing. Many of these are free or offer free trials, which I love, but finding the time to test out a new tool in order to see if it suits you isn’t always easy. My objective in using these tools is, of course, building links, so I’ll go over the tools that I use and show you how I’d use them. And hey, they’re all free!! For the record, I’m not interested in competitive analysis, analyzing sites, using social media (with one notable exception, and my exclusion here is only because that topic has been well covered both on this site and elsewhere) or examining existing backlinks. I’m interested in using these tools to help with finding new link sources and creating new content.

The 5 Best Organizing Websites To Help The Perpetually Messy Some of us were born with the "organized" gene. These lucky souls swan through life with perfect closets, pristine desks and spotless cars with nary a wad of Starbucks napkins tucked in an unexpected pocket. They might be robots. The rest of us stumble around in a disorganized haze, thinking of the pile of books on the desk as an irrelevant task that will be tackled "someday." 4+ Free XMarks Alternatives To Sync Your Bookmarks There are a few XMarks alternatives out there, that you can use as a replacement to XMarks. None of them are identical to XMarks but rather, have similar options or achieve the same end result. The first step when making the move from XMarks to another service is to export your bookmarks. Log into your account, go to tools, and select “˜export bookmarks to HTML,’ and make a note of where your bookmarks file is saved.

18 Free Ways How To Download Videos off the Internet It seems like everyone these days wants to download videos to watch and share from sites like YouTube, Google Video, MetaCafe, DailyMotion, Veoh, Break, and a ton of other similar sites. Whether you want to download video on your iPod while working out, insert it into a PowerPoint presentation to add some spice, or simply download a video before it’s removed, it’s quite essential to know how to download, convert, and play these videos. There are basically two ways how to download videos off the Internet and that’s how I’ll split up this post: either via a web app or via a desktop application. Personally, I like the web applications better simply because you don’t have to clutter up and slow down your computer with all kinds of software! Video downloaders for your desktop If you prefer to have a desktop application that can download videos for you, check out the following list:

Winslew You might know this – you just found a nice webpage you want to read but have no time right at this moment? Maybe you create a bookmark for it – then you forget about it and remember it while on a long flight or being not connected to the internet. Wouldn’t it be cool to have such webpages marked for reading it later and having cached version of all this webpages on your notebook?

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