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A Sensible Social Media Checklist for Businesses. Overwhelmed by all you have to do on different social media platforms?

A Sensible Social Media Checklist for Businesses

Check out the Whole Brain Group's handy-dandy checklist, packed with planning and content tips. Before posting on social media platforms, though, make sure you define your audience. "Identify the challenges they're struggling with," suggests the infographic. Sniply: Social Media Conversion. The 5 core pillars of social marketing success (page 2 of 3)

Social content creation As social platforms continue to evolve, drawing consumers by the millions, developing engaging social content has become critical.

The 5 core pillars of social marketing success (page 2 of 3)

Posts with videos attract three times as many inbound links as plain text, and having "interesting content" is one of the top three reasons that people follow brands on social media. After years of prioritizing photos within the feed, Facebook recently changed its algorithm to elevate video content in importance. This creates a challenge: Most social marketers, regardless of their core competency, are not equipped to create content that's as high-quality or compelling as their brand's TV spots and print ads. They're certainly not able to do it at a frequency of 10 to 15 times a month in order to keep consumers engaged and coming back for more. 3 Simple Ways to Attract More Social Traffic. :: By Travis Bliffen, Stellar SEO :: A study conducted by Shareaholic indicated that approximately 24 percent of the visitors received by a group of 300,000 websites was social traffic.

3 Simple Ways to Attract More Social Traffic

This means that if social traffic is not part of your mix, you are missing out on a lot of potential leads. Digital Internet Marketing. What Is SEO?

Digital Internet Marketing

SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, is the managing of a web presence to ensure it performs favourably on search engines like Google and Yahoo. This performance is achieved through a series of methods that I’ll go through in this blog. After reading this you should be able to go away and optimise your blog or website for search. So, lets get started! How Does SEO Work? How to use for Marketing. In a world in which content curation is more and more important to help achieve your goals, it’s imperative to explore new ways of presenting this content uniquely.

How to use for Marketing

Using for marketing can have all sorts of benefits, if done properly. It allows you to create an online newspaper on the subject or subjects of your choice by importing content from up to ten streams, including Facebook and Twitter feeds, keywords and hashtags, which you can then share among your followers – or tweet out automatically if you’re on Twitter – and link to from your website. This includes articles, photos and videos. And it can all be automated so that, after initial set-up, you don’t have to do a thing. Just to give you an idea of what’s all about, here’s what it can do – here’s a paper for fans of Game of Thrones, while here’s one for kitesurfers; different markets, yes, but rammed with relevant, accessible content. for marketing Considerations: Influencing others. Top 10 Things to Measure in Google Analytics. What are the most important things to track in Google Analytics? WebLink International, which provides membership management technology to business associations and other member based organizations, just issued a new, free e-book that might help you answer that question.

The e-book, "Top 10 Things Your Association Should Measure in Google Analytics," recommends these top metrics for Google Analytics: 1 - Audience Location DJ Muller, president and founder of WebLink, told CMSWire that "a lot of people don't look at audience location, but, if you're a small business," this data could help you target your marketing. The e-book notes, however, that "web traffic from outside the target audience location does not necessarily mean the association should expand its marketing area," as the audience could be commuters or the traffic could result from social sharing.

Audience location screen in Google Analytics 2 - Audience Engagement 3 - Mobile Traffic Behavior. Social Media InfoGraphic. Using Social Media as a Share of Your Online Marketing Strategy The marketing benefits of social media make it compelling to institute into an online marketing strategy. Social media has evolved into active engagement with the consumer and has shown to increase a business’s exposure, improve search rankings, generate leads and grow business partnerships. As stated below, 40% of businesses who engage in social media have seen an increase in sales. Search Engine Marketing - Five SEO Steps to Take Before Redesigning Your Site. Why do people redesign their websites?

Search Engine Marketing - Five SEO Steps to Take Before Redesigning Your Site

Reasons are abundant, and here is a list of the most common ones. Modern look: You don't want you site to look outdated, so from time to time you brush it up in line with the latest trends. More trust in the brand: If site owners continuously invest into making their sites better, users tend to associate trust their brands more. Growing needs: Your business evolves. 10 free ways to keep track of changes to any website, without an RSS reader. Do you need to know about a new product release the minute it happens?

10 free ways to keep track of changes to any website, without an RSS reader

Are you watching Amazon price changes like a hawk? Is your F5 key worn out from overuse? You might want to look into some automatic ways to monitor website changes. I know RSS is the trendy way to keep up with new posts on websites -- I use it all the time -- but some sites don't offer RSS feeds, and some people either don't know how to use RSS or don't like it. That's where site monitoring services come in. Check4Change If you're running Firefox, you can install this add-on to periodically check a website for changes. Update Scanner Update Scanner is a competing Firefox option that places an icon in the status bar. is a web-based service that monitors any URL you give it, and sends updates to an email address you specify. WatchThatPage Watch that page is another web-based product, similar to Google Reader (now with custom feeds!) WebMon. Twitter Marketing Software – Twitter Adder – Professional Twitter Marketing Tools – Automatic Twitter Software – Automate Twitter Posts, Auto Twitter Followback, Unfollow, Mass Tweets, Twitter Search, more ..

Automatic Summarization in Medium — Medium Ideas. ✔ Best Social Media Management Tool - BuzzBundle. BuzzBundle social media tracking and management tool: online help. Welcome to BuzzBundle online help!

BuzzBundle social media tracking and management tool: online help

Check our new BuzzBundle user manual. The tutorial provides a walkthrough of all BuzzBundle features and explains how to use the tool in various social media marketing activities. Each section is supplied with a detailed screen-shot tour. The video shows how BuzzBundle is organized to manage different types of social media activities.