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Art, design, and visual culture. What is 21st Century Photography? In this newly commissioned essay, Daniel Rubinstein answers one of photography’s most complicated questions.

What is 21st Century Photography?

In our contemporary image-world of computers and algorithms, what are the key philosophical questions proposed by the medium of photography today? Image: Lena Heubusch Fifty years before photography was officially unleashed unto the world, in answering the question ‘What is Enlightenment?’ (1784), Immanuel Kant wrote: ‘Enlightenment is man’s emergence from his self-incurred immaturity’.

Kant was writing this at a time when a thousand years of Feudalism were ending, and he strived to define the emerging world order based on scientific method rather than religion, representational democracy rather than autocracy and market economy rather than bartering. Enlightenment meant a clean break from the dark ages and a resounding turn towards reason, logic, and rationality.

Image: Zhanna Bobrakova Image: Hengxi Li Sadly, the answer has to be ‘not much has changed’. Image: Hana Vojackova. Lens Bubbles. 2013 Year in Review. PhotoExtract Photography Magazine. Hin's Photo Corner. Photographer. The Nocturnes Night Photography Blog. John Paul Caponigro. John Paul Caponigro – Digital Photography Workshops, DVDs, eBooks. March 31, 2013 | Leave a Comment | “Composer and conductor Eric Whitacre has inspired millions by bringing together “virtual choirs,” singers from many countries spliced together on video. Now, for the first time ever, he creates the experience in real time, as 32 singers from around the world Skype in to join an onstage choir (assembled from three local colleges) for an epic performance of Whitacre’s “Cloudburst,” based on a poem by Octavio Paz.” View more Eric Whitacre videos here. March 29, 2013 | Leave a Comment | There are several ways to get more resolution out of your photographs. Upsample If you have only one exposure, your options are limited to upsampling or using software to create more pixels.

How far can you go? Stack You can increase the resolution of a file and improve the detail an image renders by making multiple exposures of the same composition and combining them into a single file. How far can you go? Stitch How far can you go? Read more on Digital Photo Pro. UK Commercial photography - Northlight Images. Image Conscious. The Online Photographer: Welcome!

The Online Photographer:

You've reached the "About Us" page of The Online Photographer (a.k.a. TOP). TOP is a daily news website for photo enthusiasts, in blog format. Our past contributors number more than 50 writers, including professional photographers, several photography magazine veterans, and writers from other fields who have a special interest in photography. Our mission: to help connect today's photo enthusiasts to photography's culture: its tradition, history, industries, best practices, accomplishments, literature, theory, legal issues, and current events. Our main feature is the daily Weblog. And ...lead directly to the weblog page. Any time the top post on the weblog doesn't interest you, don't worry. History and business planSince its founding in November 2005, TOP has become one of the most popular "small" photography sites on the Web.

Want to advertise? We cover anything and everything of interest to practicing photographers. What can you find on TOP? "...And a lot more," as they say. The end of your ill-advised Google search. Let me put it this way, Mr.

The end of your ill-advised Google search

Amor. The 9000 series is the most reliable computer ever made. No 9000 computer has ever made a mistake or distorted information. We are all, by any practical definition of the words, foolproof and incapable of error. Newest Items are on wordpress for now twitter for our infrequent site updates: @dantestellacom Twelve filters for digital Tenba P415 Archive / Index By Subject Digitalia 35mm Rangefinder Cameras 35mm SLR Cameras Medium Format Cameras Lenses and Other Optics. The Mansurovs. The Top 100 Photography Blogs - Photography Colleges. Learning the art of photography is exciting, especially because so many resources are available to beginner photographers online and off.

The Top 100 Photography Blogs - Photography Colleges

Some of the best of these resources are blogs, and they highlight gear, techniques, inspiration, and more that can help you learn to be a better photographer. Read on to discover 100 of the best photography blogs out there. General For general interest photography, be sure to check out these blogs. Resources Get the help you need through these blogs that highlight useful resources for photographers. News Stay up to date on the latest in photography with the help of these blogs. Photoblogs If you’re in search of pure eye candy, these blogs will get you your fix. Photo Genres These blogs cater to a specific genre of photography. Tips & Learning Improve your photography with the tips and learning resources found on these blogs. Photographer Profiles Get a look into the lives and work of active photographers through these blogs. Gear Business Photoshop.