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Buried by Netflix: 5 excellent movies you barely knew existed. 35 Good Morning Wishes on Wednesday. Good Morning Widnesday Blessing Hope Courage And Strength.

35 Good Morning Wishes on Wednesday

Mass extinction 550m years ago caused by Earth's magnetic field FLIPPING. Roughly 550 million years ago, Earth’s magnetic fields rapidly flipped their orientations, swapping north and south to trigger the massive extinction that ended the Ediacaran Period, researchers have found.

Mass extinction 550m years ago caused by Earth's magnetic field FLIPPING

They claim the 'hyperactivity' of Earth’s magnetic fields may have led to the destruction of the ozone layer, and an influx of UV radiation. These rapid changes are thought to have led to the ‘Cambrian explosion,’ when soft-bodied creatures were replaced by hordes of new, complex animal species that could escape the light. Roughly 550 million years ago, Earth’s magnetic fields rapidly flipped their orientations, swapping north and south to trigger the massive extinction that ended the Ediacaran Period, a new study hypothesizes.

Organisms of the Ediacaran Period were large, with soft-bodies, pictured above The 'Cambrian explosion' began roughly 542 million years ago, after the end of the Ediacaran Period. Illustration in advertising. 1923 American Type Founders Specimen Book & Catalogue. Yorkshire tea: get to grips with a fat rascal. Somerset cider and apple cake fit for Botham and co. Not that he is the only great Somerset amateur.

Somerset cider and apple cake fit for Botham and co

Farmer White played 14 of his 15 Tests for England after the age of 37, taking 25 wickets in the 1928-29 series in Australia. He also scored six centuries in first-class cricket, and two double centuries – all this achieved as an amateur; his day job was running his farm in Combe Florey, just north of Taunton. He is so revered by Somerset that the gates to Taunton’s cricket ground are named after him. So, having established our amateur heroes, what to eat for the Somerset tea? Worcestershire tea: plum and pear crumble cake recipe.

Tip Foster was one of those superb British all-rounders, the only man to have captained England at both football and cricket.

Worcestershire tea: plum and pear crumble cake recipe

And in that spirit, this week’s cricket tea cake is a partnership between two splendid Worcestershire fruits, pears and plums. The Vale of Evesham, and in particular the small town of Pershore, has been famous for its fruit growing for centuries. Every August, Pershore hosts a plum festival, culminating in a Plum Fair on the August bank holiday, with a Plum Princess and steam train rides through the orchards. You don’t have to use Pershore plums, though it will be all the better if you do. The Contents of a Knightsbridge Mansion - The entire contents of this lavishly decorated 40 bedroom London residence. 13 Jul 2015 11:00 BST - 14:00 BST Pro Auction are delighted to announce the sale of the Contents of a Knightsbridge Mansion located at Rutland Gate SW7: The entire contents of this lavishly decorated 40 bedroom London residence offers an unprecedented opportunity to acquire the fixtures, fitting s and furniture from this unique property.

The Contents of a Knightsbridge Mansion - The entire contents of this lavishly decorated 40 bedroom London residence

The sale comprises approximately 800 lots of important European and English furniture, objects d’art, silver, carpets, glass, ceramics and paintings, This private residence decorated in arabesque style by Alberto Pinto’s interior design and decoration agency, features reproductions of the 18th and 19th century room settings replete with overscale patterns, bold colour schemes, and sumptuous finishes. This is a live and online auction over the 14/15th July 2015 to be sold from The Millennium Hotel Knightsbrdge Sloane Street, London SW1X 9NU over two days commencing at 10am each day.

Curation Tools. WhoCalledMe UK - Identify a Telephone Number. Odd Fox News Interview Lifts Reza Aslan’s Biography on Jesus. Watch London Evolve From The Roman Era To Today: Like life itself, the evolution of a town or city is greatly influenced by certain key moments—small changes that seem unassuming at first, but which completely revolutionize the course of the future.

Watch London Evolve From The Roman Era To Today:

For example, something as small as a reliable road system makes it possible for people travel from one place to another. This makes it easier to establish a reliable trade system, which spurs the economy. The advances in the economy, in turn, allow the region to stabilize, which can ultimately alter political power structures. Roads also allow everyday citizens to travel easier, which increases marriages between individuals from other locals and, in so doing, increases the meeting and mingling of various cultures. This may result it a shift in the culture’s social, religious, or political beliefs.

Ultimately, this is why the below video is so amazing. Mel Brooks Blasts Political Correctness: 'Blazing Saddles' Couldn't Be Made Today. In an interview with Yahoo News surrounding the 40th anniversary of his comedic masterpiece "Blazing Saddles," co-writer/director Mel Brooks blasted present-day political correctness and says he was "lucky" to have made the film in the days when he still could: "They can't make that movie today because everybody's so politically correct.

Mel Brooks Blasts Political Correctness: 'Blazing Saddles' Couldn't Be Made Today

You know, the NAACP would stop a great movie that would do such a great service to black people because of the N-word," says Brooks. The Evolution of Medicine: A History of Life and Death. Box Office. Back to Top Button Tumblr. The Photo-Play Journal. American Antiquarian Society. Cockroach farms multiplying in China. Column One Dried cockroaches are ready to be sold to pharmaceutical companies from a farm in Jinan, China.

Cockroach farms multiplying in China

One farmer says the insects are easy to raise and profitable. Farmers are pinning their future on the often-dreaded insect, which when dried goes for as much as $20 a pound — for use in Asian medicine and in cosmetics. EE launches 4G on pay-as-you-go for the first time - and a 4G contract for £19 a month. By Rachel Rickard Straus Published: 13:12 GMT, 16 October 2013 | Updated: 08:39 GMT, 17 October 2013 Without a contract: 4G is being offered on PAYG Until now the superfast 4G network has been the preserve of mobile phone users who pay a monthly contract.

EE launches 4G on pay-as-you-go for the first time - and a 4G contract for £19 a month

Hominid Skull Spurs Radical Rewrite of Human Evolution. Five skulls from the same time period, including the world’s first complete adult skull of the Early Pleistocene (far right), suggest early hominids may have been a single Homo species.

Hominid Skull Spurs Radical Rewrite of Human Evolution

Image courtesy of M. Ponce de Leon and Ch. Zollikofer, University of Zurich, Switzerland. The Mystery of Earth’s Oxygen. Artificial hands, space probes and figurines: The Science Museum reveals some of the 600 3D printed objects set to go on display. '3D: printing the future' exhibition will run for nine months from 9 OctoberIt will introduce the latest technologies and processes behind 3D printingThe free exhibition will explore how it is being used in industry, medicine and small-scale projects. The First Photo. Rediscovered in 1952 by photo historians Helmut and Alison Gernsheim, the “First Photograph” was first depicted in this well-known reproduction that was retouched by Helmut Gernsheim prior to its international release. Joseph Nicéphore Niépce’s “View from the Window at Le Gras.” 1826 or 1827. Gernsheim Collection, Harry Ransom Center / The University of Texas at Austin.

The Flying Crowbar: The Insane Doomsday Weapon America Almost Built. In WWII the Germans tested out a fuel/air bomb they wanted to use against low-level fighters and bombers that launched large amounts of coal dust into the air to be ignited. I'd think that might do bad things to a supersonic ramjet, too.... That would be one approach. You could also launch a cloud of BBs in the air and it would tear the core apart. At the speeds that would travel, kinetic weapons would be your best bang for the buck. Kloss exlibris.jpg. Paul Revere Collection at the American Antiquarian Society. The Photo-Play Journal. Reproductions of model gowns exhibited by Haas brothers, for the spring season of 1913 .. Supplementary catalogue : Fall and Winter, 1902-3. Coming styles designed by the great costumers of Europe. Fancy dresses described : or, What to wear at fancy balls. Why Did Almost All Societies Believe that Women Were Inferior to Men?

Wait, What's That? The Science Behind Why Your Mind Keeps Wandering. Try this: Count your exhalations--1, 2, 3--all the way to 10. The A B C of dress / by Harry Collins. Latest New York styles for women, misses, New York styles : fall and winter 1919-1920. Picturesque representations of the dress and manners of the Chinese. Illustrated in fifty coloured engravings, with descriptions. Poor pensioners forced to rent to pay off debts: Two-fifths of older people who now lease once owned their own home. Prudential study finds that around one quarter of retirees rent their home Nearly three quarters plan to continue to do so for the foreseeable future 1 in 11 former property owners sold their home to boost retirement income.

We bankroll EU to tune of £20bn: Amount Britain contributes up 13% in a year. The deep-sea creature that glows, grows up to 30 METRES long and is so rare it's known as the 'Unicorn of the Sea' Deep sea divers have captured images of the elusive Pyrostremma spinosum in open water off the coast of TasmaniaIts hollow, cylindrical body is made up of thousands of tiny creatures called zooids that feed on planktonAlso known as the sea squirt, they are incredibly rare and only rarely spotted by diving groups. Introverts on the Internet: A match made in heaven. Introverts, rejoice! The Internet thinks your glorious idiosyncrasies and private vexations are adorable and that you are worthy of complex care and feeding. 23 Signs You're Secretly An Introvert. Think you can spot an introvert in a crowd?

Never before seen photos of Marilyn Monroe wooing 100,000 troops in Korea. A rare collection of photographs of Marilyn on her only ever visit to U.S. troops will go under the hammer next monthPictures are believed to have been taken by an Army photographer as they show her relaxing behind the scenesMarilyn interrupted her honeymoon to Joe DiMaggio to visit Korea and performed 10 shows over four days. Slough spy plane detects 6,000 illegal 'beds in sheds' with thermal imaging. Inside the '$7million' doll house built by a silent era Hollywood film star that boasts diamonds chandeliers and tiny artwork painted by Walt Disney. One of the biggest stars of her day, Colleen Moore was obsessed with doll houses and had the means to commission the miniature castle of her dreamsThe 8-foot so-called Fairy Castle has some 2,000 miniatures throughout, including the smallest bible ever written.

Your chance to own lashings and lashings of literary history: Farmhouse made famous by TV adaptation of Enid Blyton's first Famous Five novel can be yours for £2.75 million. Widmouth Farm in north Devon has a main house, 11 holiday cottages, a sheep farm, 35 acres of cliff-top land and its very own private beachThe grounds were immortalised in the 1995 TV adaptation of Enid Blyton’s first Famous Five novel - Five On A Treasure IslandOwners Jeremy and Elizabeth Sanson have put it on the market for £2.75m. Mark 'Kuhn Rippy' Brown: Hillbilly's hilarious waltz with pet raccoon 'Gunshow' on porch. Muslim author Reza Aslan's book about Jesus goes top of Amazon's sales charts after TV interview challenging his credentials goes viral. Did Mr Darcy have bad breath?: EAVESDROPPING ON JANE AUSTEN'S ENGLAND BY ROY AND LESLEY ADKINS.

A few of my favorite things: Sound of Music costumes sell for £845,000 at auction. 13-Year-Old Designs Super-Efficient Solar Array Based on the Fibonacci Sequence. More rings than you can count! The gnarled beauty of the oldest living tree that started growing as a sapling nearly 5,000 years ago when the pyramids were being built. We've Finally Figured Out What Makes LED Bulbs So Inefficient. What Is Nostalgia Good For? Quite a Bit, Research Shows. Blog Rimma_Erofeeva: LiveInternet - Russian Service Online Diaries. The one-wheeled electric scooter that's a cross between a Segway and a unicycle - and it's apparently impossible to fall off.

How to Trick Your Brain Into Thinking Your Day is Longer. Happy Summer. You’re Covered in Fungus. Antireality: Antivaxxers, global warming denial, and religious oppression. The Nocebo Effect: How We Worry Ourselves Sick. Cursed by cold-callers? Here’s how to leave them lost for words. Motion picture news. Moving Picture World (Volume 15) Jan-Mar 1913. Motion Picture News (Volume 38) Oct-Dec 1928. Box Office: The Business of Movies. Motion Picture News (Apr - Jul 1928) Motion Picture News (Apr - Jul 1929) Motion Picture News (Volume 42) Oct-Dec 1930. Film magazine 1930. Motion Picture News (Jan - Mar 1930) Galaxies could give glimpse of the instant time began - space - 31 October 2012.

Last life on Earth: microbes will rule the far future - life - 01 November 2012. Abdominal porthole reveals how tumours come together - health - 31 October 2012. Prehistoric Transylvanian mammal had blood-red teeth - life - 31 October 2012. Brain circuits run their own clocks - life - 30 October 2012. Time Warner Cable Welcomes Sir Patrick Stewart to Park Slope With Shitty Cable Service. Record 100,000 entangled photons detected - physics-math - 30 October 2012. 'Where are you headed, dude?': Incredible video shows octopus heave itself from the water and WALK on dry land. How I Mastered Consciousness and Infinity in Four Hours - Out There.

The Most Amazing Map You’ll See Today (No Matter What Day It Is) : Out There. Gwen in Her Hepmobile Rocket by ~BWS on deviantART. Dogs See the World in Living Color. 'And Vinyly' make vinyl records from cremation ASHES. Flip The Frog - Fiddlesticks : UB IWERKS. Self-instructor in the art of hair work, dressi... Mental imagery gives language meaning. The World Clock - Time Zones.

DU Meter Home Page. Ebola Virus: Don't shake hands and avoid sex: Ugandan president's stark warning after Ebola kills 14. Mysteries in slow motion: Videos offer a glimpse into an aerial world we never see. Delicious. Delicious. 15 Unmistakable, Outrageously Secret Signs You're an Extrovert. Techpur: Technology, Blogging and Social Media. This 90-Year-Old Grandma Freaking Out Over the Oculus Rift VR Goggles Is What Makes Technology Great.

Synesthesia: Stroke left patient feeling orgasmic when listening to James Bond theme music.