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Content Curation 101: 7 Best Practices, Helpful Tools & Great Examples. In today’s digital world, marketers know that creating quality content is key to informing, engaging and inspiring action, as well as building authority and rapport with their audiences.

Content Curation 101: 7 Best Practices, Helpful Tools & Great Examples

And oftentimes that means creating original pieces and assets that tap into their audience’s interests, address pain points and answer burning questions. But let’s face it: marketers are busy—and creating quality, original pieces that get results and position your brand as having the best answer is incredibly time intensive. Content Curation: Things to Consider to Nail a Winning Strategy. Content curation is not just for people in marketing.

Content Curation: Things to Consider to Nail a Winning Strategy

The folks of this field know to create a hub of information regardless of the type of your niche. Since it is a fairly broad topic, you need to play with your site from different perspectives. Curating the content is a practice to find, annotate, organize, and share relevant third-party contents for your audience on specific topics. Without any doubt, curation has become a rapidly growing trend in the world of content marketing. However, the concerns that surround the practice put doubts in the minds of content creators and content marketers in one way or the other.

It is possible for everyone to maximize online visibility by being a part of the endlessly flowing Twitter streams and countless Facebook shares. Curation Tools. Developing Digital Literacy Through Content Curation. Curation. Content Curation Tools Supermap by Robin Good. Content Curation Takes Time. Create or Curate? One of the current hot topics in e-learning is curation.

Create or Curate?

But what exactly is curation? And what relevance does it have to e-learning? Interestingly the word derives from the Latin cura – meaning literally someone ‘who cares’. Curators have existed for thousands of years and their role is defined as follows: Traditionally, a curator or keeper of a gallery, museum, library or archive oversees an institution’s collections and is responsible for the safe keeping, display, documentation and interpretation of the objects and artefacts in the collection.

Interpretation is the key word here. So in the simplest terms curation is about organising, displaying and interpreting stuff. Curation on the Web In this post I really want to focus on curation as it applies to learning (and specifically online learning) but before we do that it’s worth exploring the current trend for digital curation on the web. Learning is different to news.

How Content Curation Can Help You Come Up with Awesome Content Ideas. Content marketing serves many purposes.

How Content Curation Can Help You Come Up with Awesome Content Ideas

It gives you an opportunity to establish a brand, build a reputation, reach your audience, and turn clicks into conversions. Content is a powerful form of digital marketing, but like anything else, there are stumbling blocks that trip up marketers from reaching its full potential. Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Content Curation (but were afraid to ask) “What can content curation do for you?

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Content Curation (but were afraid to ask)

Who is it for? What are interesting case studies? 12 Of The Biggest Content Curation Myths (Busted) When it comes to curating content to add to your editorial calendar, sometimes it can look pretty simple at a glance, adding topics and planning your next piece — or does it?

12 Of The Biggest Content Curation Myths (Busted)

Content curation may look from the outside as a quick fix to getting content fast, but it is most definitely not. It can be quite the complicated beast. Content Curation: The Art of a Curated Post [Infographic] For content marketers wanting to economically increase content production, content curation is the optimal solution.

Content Curation: The Art of a Curated Post [Infographic]

It benefits both publishers and audiences—who appreciate expertly selected, third party, independent content. In fact, according to Curata’s study, best-in-class marketers use a content marketing mix of 65 percent created content and 25 percent curated content. But many people interested in content curation—and some who are already curating—may still have lingering questions about best practices. What should a curated post look like? How much of the original article should I include? To help answer some of these questions and outline the anatomy of curated piece of content, we created “The Art of a Curated Post.” 6 Great tools for content curation. 407 Shares Share Tweet Email.

6 Great tools for content curation

Content Curation Visualized on Pinterest. Zimilate. Content Curation: The Art and Science of Spotting Awesome. Flickr Photo by Soyignatius Content curation – the process of finding, organizing, and sharing topical, relevant content for your audience that supports your nonprofit’s engagement or campaign goals (or your professional learning) begins with “Spotting the Awesome.”

Content Curation: The Art and Science of Spotting Awesome

I love that phrase coined by my friends at Upwell. Curation As An Emerging Skillset. How to become a curation king / queen.

Curation As An Emerging Skillset

Traditionally, a curator researches and puts together a collection which speaks to a narrative and / or serves a larger idea in art galleries and / or museums. In the current digital habitat, all can participate in this activity, so the challenge is honing the skills and leveraging the tools. Why? Because for you and the organisation / company you serve, curation will be at the forefront of: developing new ideas;broadening discussions;navigating and sifting through information to concentrate it into action;celebrating those in specific industries; plusuncovering / creating / deepening relationships to those that matter.

Content Curation Is Not Content Marketing. Content Curation has been hijacked and has been sold as a cheap and easy solution for content marketers plagued by the growing problem of how to produce more quality content within tighter and tighter time constraints. Photo credit: Red female shoes by Shutterstock But, just like the fact that you can't really build a world athlete by starting with the food complements, amino-acids, special shoes or the sunglasses, you can't build world-class content, become the go-to-person or organization in a specific niche, or be recognized as a little authority in your field if you have forgotten what sport competition you are into.

For organizations and individuals publishing content online, the sport competition they are in is the one of helping their readers solve a problem they have: by informing, educating or entertaining your audience, you support and guide them to learn, discover and master the topic, issue or problem they are after. That's why I wrote this article. 10 tips to curate like a rockstar. Five ways curators can improve user experience. Most people curate for the benefit of themselves or their organisations. What if we considered content curation from a user centered design perspective? What would audience centered curation look like?

Here are some ideas 1. Focus on quality, not quantity. No we don’t (unless perhaps you actually work in marketing). 2. 3. 4. 5. There you go – five things, three of which are simple steps we can all take when curating anything. Content Curation and the Interest Graph: Delivering Context to the Consumer. In December, an article I wrote "Content Is King, But Distribution Is Queen and She Wears the Pants" was nominated and won an end-of-the-year contest for the best content marketing post of 2013. The contest was run by a new startup called ShareBloc, a new content distribution platform for professionals to share and curate content. The original post identified the growing problem of content saturation on the Internet. Sustainable Content Curation Strategy (or Feeding the Beast) You find yourself atop a vast social media empire. At your disposal are dozens of communications channels: Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, Google+, tumblrs, Pinterest, Instagram, even a snapchat account for your brand- and project-level channels, as well as for your expert- and staff-level channels.

And don’t forget your blog(s), website(s), newsletters and email lists. Curation of the Web. Finding great content isn’t getting any easier. Search engines do what they can, but for many of us they’re not always adequate. And because we only have a few interests at any given point in time, we look for other ways to collect and sort through all the available material on the Web.

And that’s where curation comes in. Curation has been going on forever, but I think we’re going to see even more of it in the years to come. How Can Curation Tell Your Story? 6 Steps to Finding Your Voice. Adding Value with Your Sharing and Posts. Remember when someone older than you first got an email account? They probably sent you at least one joke, and it was likely to a long list of recipients. Actually, they probably sent a lot of jokes. How Sharing Other People's Content Makes You an Irresistible Job Candidate. When it comes to standing out online, your best bet is to offer your own original content. Blog posts or tweets that revolve around your unique ideas will make you a standout candidate. A Guide to Content Curation: How Social Media Changed the Game. Twitter announces ‘Custom Timelines’, lets users curate collections of tweets on any subject. 12 November '13, 07:21pm Follow Twitter has announced a new custom timeline feature that will allow users to curate feeds by dragging and dropping individual tweets.

The feature is coming first to Tweetdeck, but the company is also releasing a beta API that will allow developers to tap into the feature. Custom timelines will have their own links and can also be embedded on other sites. Twitter says the feature will roll out over the next few days to TweetDeck on the Web, Chrome and PC, while an updated Mac app is “coming soon.” The solution should serve as a decent alternative to the existing lists feature, while also putting some pressure on Storify. When the feature goes live, you’ll be able to create a custom timeline by adding a new column in Tweetdeck.

Twitter’s decision to push the feature out via Tweetdeck is an interesting one. . ➤ Custom timelines in Tweetdeck. Why content curation is a new form of communication. 15 top-notch content curation tools. Content curation for SEO — from professional purposes to personal passions. A recap: the community does incredible work with #curatethecurators. Content Curation - What Is It? Download the plugin and use the shortcode: Inventing the future of publishing through human curated big data. Have You Heard All the Hype About Content Marketing? The New 'Thing'? Popular Today in Business: All Popular Articles. The Coming Age of the Curation Economy: Building Context Around Content.

12 Experts Share Top Curation Tips. Content Curation Guide for SEO. Curation & The Future of Publishing. Visual Social Bookmarking with Pearltrees. Pearltrees by Amy Saunders on Prezi. Content Curation Tools. A new way to learn.