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Storytelling (technique)

Storytelling (technique)

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Use Storytelling Techniques in Personal Branding: Characterizati The catch cry of personal branding experts is “authenticity!” But sometimes it can be hard to know how much information is too much — when authenticity gets a little too true-to-life — in your personal branding efforts. Public breakups, breakdowns and tantrums are just some of the personal events I wish I hadn’t seen online. But pointless name-dropping, disjointed communications that make contacts seem like split personalities, and mysterious updates that are never followed through are among the more common ways in which many of us dilute our personal brands every day. One approach that can help us to identify information that we’d be better not to publish to our peers — and information we really should — is to use creative storytelling techniques to assess and improve our personal branding efforts.

Articulate Storyline: A Better Way to Screen Capture Published on March 20, 2013, 10:45 am Written by Ben Saunders Share One of the key features for any eLearning development tool is the ability to record, import and manipulate the real time use of any application running on the user’s desktop. This feature enables eLearning developers to directly build dynamic systems based training content that can be targeted to one or a number of audience types without the need to engage IT departments to provide the relevant content. Having the capability to capture screen interactions and progressions on the fly also empowers the developer to follow the best practice eLearning principles when designing and constructing their content, since they are not constrained by static or technically correct, but poorly presented media.

Tech2Learn - Digital Storytelling Digital Storytelling has many definitions, but usually involves the telling of our personal stories combining digital technology to integrate text, sound, graphics and sometimes film. It is a great way for students to begin working with multimedia projects because they tell their own story, learning the techniques and technical tools of this kind of creative expression, but within a familiar context. Technology and Digital Stories Digital stories involve some or all of these components:an engaging and well written storyslides or clipsbackgroundsgraphics or imagestextsounds, narration and/or musica transition to move from slide to slide or clip to clipa title slide and an ending slide that lists credits 7 Elements of Digital Stories

Visual Storytelling: Why Data Visualization is a Content Marketing Fairytale On average, your readers will only read 28% of the words on a page. Can you tell your whole story in 2-3 sentences? Probably not. Seven Tips for Effective Storytelling Best-selling author Malcolm Gladwell popularized the idea that 10,000 hours of practice are necessary to become an expert or master in a chosen field of practice. Our chosen field of practice at donorworx is face-to-face fundraising, which we also like to think of as the art of storytelling. Who better to look to as a Master Storyteller then Lori L Jacbowith, who has more than 25 years of experience telling and coaching thousands of stories as both a nonprofit staff person and a trainer and coach. Lori shares her top 7 suggestions for mastering your storytelling.

6 Good Tools to Generate Writing Prompts All writing starts with an idea which is then expanded and elaborated, but coming up with ideas to write about is not always easy particularly when you have to teach different classes. This is where digital writing prompts come in handy.These are web tools that you can use to generate ideas and story starters for students to write about. I have compiled some of these tools for you below , check them out 1- Things to Think About Kids’ Things to Think About provides 100 prompts to spark thinking for written responses and encourage conversations about ideas and issues for kids. Created by students and teachers in Michigan, it can be used in classrooms or with families by allowing children to explore the prompts and by using them to guide a discussion or lesson. This is a good tool that can helpyou generate new ideas to be used for writing short stories, plays or any other writing task.

A New Tool for Adding Storytelling to Your Product Pitches Suddenly, these objects are part of an inspiring narrative — one that I can use to reveal something meaningful about myself to others. That’s something I am willing to pay for. - Ty Montague What if there was a tool that helped you through each step of the storytelling process: content gathering, narrative construction, and slide design. 5 Brilliant Tools for Student Storytelling Once upon a time, there was a class full of students. They needed to learn to tell vibrant, engaging, complex stories for a myriad of educational benefits. Storytelling would help them learn to express themselves clearly, to structure their thoughts and hone their descriptive skills. But the students were cursed with boredom – with only a pen and paper to create their masterpieces they were bored and limited and the results were distinctly lackluster. Then, one day, their teacher discovered a myriad of exciting online tools to sprinkle their stories with magic and excitement once again! And they all lived happily ever after…