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TinkerPop Xah at Blogger: list comprehension, python, semantics & syntax, and the hacker idiocies Guido wants to remove {lambda, map, reduce} in python. He wants us to use list comprehension exclusively. see Lambda in Python 3000. if you don't know what list comprehension is, see Python Tutorial: List Comprehension list comprehension is no good. see Computer Language Design: What's List Comprehension and Why is It Harmful? still, the python hacker idts defend it by “its faster”. however, there's one important semantic advantage of list comprehension. by the way, idts will start to talk about list comprehension as analogous to math's set comprehension and stuff. math's set comprehension notation is a idiocy, first of all. see: or Google search for “calculational proof” by Dijkstra or others, or “calculational math”. secondly, programing language's list comprehension has nothing to do with math's set notation, unless you are talking about purely declarative functional languages or proof system language that actually have some form of “comprehension”, such as coq or HOL, see:

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Javaslang Home - Elastic BigData Space Blueprints · tinkerpop/blueprints Wiki Getters/Setters. Evil. Period. - Yegor Bugayenko There is an old debate, started in 2003 by Allen Holub in this Why getter and setter methods are evil famous article, about whether getters/setters is an anti-pattern and should be avoided or if it is something we inevitably need in object-oriented programming. I'll try to add my two cents to this discussion. The gist of the following text is this: getters and setters is a terrible practice and those who use it can't be excused. Again, to avoid any misunderstanding, I'm not saying that get/set should be avoided when possible. No. Arrogant enough to catch your attention? Existing Arguments There are a few arguments against "accessors" (another name for getters and setters), in an object-oriented world. Tell, Don't Ask Allen Holub says, "Don't ask for the information you need to do the work; ask the object that has the information to do the work for you". All these justifications are reasonable, but they are missing the main point. Fundamental Misbelief What is it then? A Ball and A Dog PS.

Website Security with Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner | Web Vulnerability Scanner Lock-Free Data Structures. Exploring Queues It was long ago since the last time we talked about lock free containers. I was planning to quickly write another article about queues, but there was one problem. I knew what I wanted to write about, but I had no implementation of those methods in C++. Last time we spoke about them, we considered some interesting algorithms of lock free queues and provided their operation results in some synthetic tests. The answer to this question lies in the characteristics of the architecture of modern processors. Stacks and queues are extremely unfriendly for the lock-free approach of data structures, as they have a small number of entry points. Bounded Queues We should note that the above concerns unbounded MPMC (multiple producer/multiple consumer) queues. Researches are still interested in the problem of efficient implementation of concurrent queues. Flat combining Array of Queues The low-hanging-fruit method is quite difficult to implement and has a lot of hidden dangers. Segmented Queues

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