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DIY Gold Painted Jeans

DIY Gold Painted Jeans
Chloé’s Fall 2010 gold embroidered, part mariachi-part cowboy denim pants were our inspiration for this week’s DIY. Such elaborate embroidering is beyond our skill set, so we figured stenciling a beautiful pattern using gold fabric paint would be a more feasible interpretation. Who knew paper doilies made the perfect stencil? Lightly spray the doilies with the adhesive and press down firmly on the jeans. We overlapped the doilies and stopped at three but there really isn’t a right or wrong way to creating your own pattern. Gently dab paint into the negative spaces of the doily, making sure not to overload the paintbrush. (top image here and here, rest of images by Honestly…WTF)

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Textures and Patterns « tales from the corner house… We got inspired by the arrival of Spring this week at our Crafty group. I wanted to work out a way to make paper flowers which were so simple that the children (4 and 5 year olds) could do quite a bit of the making themselves… You’ll need various colours of tissue paper, pipe cleaners, odd buttons, and plastic bottle tops (the flat ones – as in the back of the photo below).

20 Ways to Repurpose Old Sweaters It might not feel like it here in SF, but winter is most definitely on its way. While we love cozying up in all of our old sweaters as the air gets cooler, there are definitely a few sweaters who are on their last legs. What’s a scrappy DIYer to do but repurpose like mad?! From tablet covers to coffee koozies to ornaments and a bow tie, here are 20 ways to repurpose a scarf!

DIY Pom Poms If you don’t absolutely love pom poms or haven’t ever considered making them yourself, perhaps we can sway you after this week’s DIY. We adore pom poms and were beyond excited to discover the Clover Pom Pom Maker, which allows you to crank out pom poms of all sizes and 10 times faster than the conventional method. You will need a few skeins of yarn, a Clover Pom Pom Maker and a pair of scissors. The Clover Pom Pom Maker separates the process into two halves; you’ll start the first half of the pom pom by cutting about 7 yards of yarn. A time saving trick is to double it up twice, so you are working with 4 strands at one time. Because time is money, right?

DIY Ombré Denim Dip dyed ombré denim has been popping up here and there and not only do we love the look, it’s super easy to do yourself! We’ve combined Tory Burch‘s dip dyed jeans and Miss Unkon‘s ombré 501s as inspiration for a pink infused DIY that could be done in a jiffy. Start by rinsing your shorts with water. A bottle of RIT liquid dye amounts to 1 cup; you’ll dye your shorts with the lightest shade first and darkest shade last. Pour 1/3 of the cup of dye into 2 gallons of hot water and mix. When dyeing dark denim, you will want to use less water for a darker dye. DIY Botanical Print Jacket We are smitten with Stella McCartney‘s floral ensembles from her Spring 2011 collection, inspired by 18th and 19th century botanical prints. The studies by notable botanists Robert John Thornton and Pierre Joseph Redouté are so incredibly lovely and vibrant that we too were inspired to add a bit of floral flair to our own clothing. Follow the instructions that accompany the iron on transfer papers, as they drastically vary depending on the brand.

Bolster Pillow Tutorial Today I'm going to show you how to make a bolster pillow AKA lumbar pillow, AKA long roundish pillow. This was pretty easy.The most difficult part was the math, but I've taken care of that for you. So first, gather your materials. 5 Ways to Turn Old Hoodies into Hip New Threads You know we love us some repurposing around these parts. We’ve turned floppy disks into planters, colored pencils into jewelry, and even turned a white t-shirt into 10 totally different garments. Now, we’re tackling the hoodie. You’ve probably got a few worn out hoodies from concerts, college visits, and the like that you don’t ever wear but can’t bear to part with. Turn them into accessories and layers you’ll actually wear with these 5 how-tos.

DIY Moleskine Scrapbook Erica and I never leave home without a Moleskine notebook (we still like to take notes the old fashioned way with a notebook and pen)! So when our friend Karen (of Lulu Loves Caleb) showed us her fabric embellished Moleskine Cahier Notebook, we jumped at the opportunity to have her show us how she did it. You’ll need a sewing machine, a kraft brown Moleskin Cahier Notebook of any size, a piece of fabric, a glue stick and a pair of scissors. Start by cutting down your fabric to a size that is small enough to fit on your notebook.

can anyone braid plait shirt?? with tute I didn't have any scrap this is a plastic tablecloth...but it will do for this tutorial. Start by folding the fabric in half with the crease where you want your 'braid'. Then cut notches like this. (do some testing on some other fabric to see how far apart and how long you want will determine how large your braid looks.) Screen Printing your own T shirts with Freezer Paper You've probably seen this sprinkled around the web on various blogs and how-to sites. But, Meg and I thought we'd try our hand at it. What's so nice about this project is, you can make just about any image you want (depending on what you want to tackle), its cheap and even kids can get involved. sew everything Alina's Adventures sew everything A P indicates a printable tutorial or pdf pattern.

Color Block Your Boyfriend Jeans Whether the jeans are actually from your boyfriend, are secondhand from a thrift shop, are hand-me-ups from your little bro, or are a pair of Madewell’s too-perfect-to-be-true boy jeans, boyfriend jeans are a classic. But why stop at classic when you can go trendy? Surely you’ve seen the color-blocking trend that is sweeping the nation, so here’s a cool way to make your boyfriend jeans stand out. First, gather your supplies: boyfriend jeans, brightly colored fabric paint of your choice, paint brush, and masking tape. Then, turn the jeans inside out and tape off the jeans, as shown above. Now, lay down a few sheets of newspaper so you don’t accidentally color block your apartment floor and paint the lower portion of the taped off section. pottery barn looking decorative balls how's that for a title? ;)so i'm really into making my house a little more pottery barn looking at the moment. i wanted decorative balls, and when i started this tutorial i really liked the idea of "different colors" to add a little bit of punch as i'm going to show you how to attain the green color as well in this tutorial. supplies you will need: *spray paint (krylon ivy leaf is the color i used, which to me turned out EXACTLY like the color i was envisioning) *twine

Marie Grace Designs: Smocking by Hand... Okay... here we go... let’s smock! This is part 2 of my pleating and smocking tutorial. Part 1, which explains how to hand-pleat fabric, can be found here. Smocking is very simple once you get a few basic rules straight.

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