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make it for mom - mother's day roundup ohhhh, here it is folks! here's the monster of a post that's kept me up late the last few nights while i endure my braxton hicks.....the make it for mom mother's day roundup that i guest blogged over on "made" for celebrating mom! pop on over to made and check it out! To me, motherhood comes in many forms. being someone who thought she may never be able to have children of her own i learned through my own personal struggle that motherhood is in our lives in places we may not always want to look, such as adoption, in-vitro, surrogacy, etc., but it's there, patiently waiting. Being a mom doesn't mean you have to give birth, it means unconditional love. Whether that child has your DNA or not, each and every little angel deserves that special kind of love and giving birth isn't the only way to develop and nurture that precious bond.

3D Blueprint Art: Visual House Plans into Real-Life Models For those of us who love the look of classic blueprints this is a childhood fantasy world come to life – a strange and surreal mixtures of two-dimensional scale drawing and full-sized furniture and structural objects emerging from these flat surfaces. In places, this installation by Ou Studio (via Dezeen) is entirely drawn – but it still engages with a curious contextual interplay with surrounding objects, such as the tree and imagined area behind the wall in the image above. In other parts, this artwork takes on a fanciful life of its own as the objects start to animate along the base blue wall, seemingly in various phases of becoming physical and organizing from chaos according to some kind of plan. The net result is whimsical, creative and original – yet it still traces its roots back to one of the most logical, rational and common systems used for ages within the architectural industry: the pervasive blueprint.

say YES! to hoboken: DIY Projects and Crafts I added a new section on the right side column to showcase some posts that have been most popular amongst you guys! I’ll be rotating them around regularly, so if you’re new to the blog this is a great place start. Below is a selection of the most popular DIY posts I’ve done: DIY: Big Bow Pillow DIY: Hank’s Words Book DIY: Bunting Crayon Roll DIY: Hank’s Gallery Wall Big Bow Pencil Skirt copyright 2014 liz stanley // all rights reserved How to use a metal letter stamp set with clay? In July, I saw the new exchange program on Totally Tutorials. The idea behind it is that suppliers offer supplies in exchange for a tutorial. As you all know, I love making tutorials & I love supplies so I didn't have to think twice. I applied for the nice set of 1.5mm letter/number stamps from Evie's Tool Emporium. They arrived very soon after she decided who was going to get them, but I was so busy preparing for the craft fairs that I didn't have much time to play around with them. Well, time has come to show you what I did with them...I used polymer clay (Fimo) to create gift tags from them.

DIY Sweater pillows - cozy up! This project is a great way to cozy up your couch in the Winter time! Not only does it add warmth and texture to the room they just inviting. Aren’t they? let’s get started! Flower Tutorials Roundup! ok so this weekend I have a lil special for you.. Im helping my lil cuz with her art project this year and shes focussing on flower arranging - so i am going to help her make lots of crafty flowers because she doesn't know where to start. I have packed paper punches, fabric, scissors, glue, beads and paper! Im reaaady!!

CZ Chain Earrings Designed by: Virginia Magdaleno Skill Level: Intermediate Materials: 26 Gauge Silver Soft Flex® Craft Wire – 1 spool Sterling Silver 4 Loop Open Faced Connector – 2 connectors (1 pkg) Sterling Silver Earwires – 2 ear wires (1 pkg CZ Rondelles – about 66 beads Tools: Roundup: What to Make with Chalkboard Paint Home » Headline, Roundup-Ideas 9 June 2010 14,974 views 6 Comments by heather So, what CAN'T be painted with chalkboard paint? The Curated Object: Exhibitions Corning The Great TazzaEngland, Amblecote, Thomas Webb and Sons, George Woodall, about 1889H. 38.9 cmBlown (from two gathers), cased (opaque pink over opaque white over opaque green over opaque white over semiopaque deep green), acid-dipped, cameo-carved, engravedThe Corning Museum of Glass (92.2.8, bequest of Juliette K. Rakow)Formerly in the collection of Dr. and Mrs. Leonard S.

Crafts for home stationery and paper for birthdays, anniversaries or dinners 3D paper stars Celebrate a shiny party creating new stars with different colors and textures of paper to have heaven on earth. Origami booklets Irresistibly adorable, do not know if we can wait for the weekend to make our collection of mini booklets! Create your own stamps Use them later on wrapping paper, cards, fabrics and everything that passes through your mind.

macrame instructions - introduction Macramé is the art of decorative knotting. I am attempting, in the pages shown here, to teach you the basic knots which you can then use to create your own original designs. This is not meant to be a comprehensive course in macramé but I hope to provide information to get you started. When a book becomes a purse Mostly what we like to do with books here at Jacket Copy is read them. Which means we wind up carrying them a lot; personally, I had to buy a purse big enough to fit a book (or two). But some crafty people have taken that one step further and turned the books themselves into purses. For those who can cut and sew, the process looks pretty easy.

My favorite website for new arts & craft project ideas. by kakakakatieee Apr 27

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