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A Wiki of Social Media Monitoring Solutions

A Wiki of Social Media Monitoring Solutions

Social Media Pack - Common Craft - Our Product is Explanation This Common Craft End User License Agreement (“License”) describes your (“You(r)”) legal use of the videos and/or related materials (“Content”) provided to You by Common Craft. By clicking “I Accept” and/or obtaining any Content from Common Craft, You shall comply with this License. If You are unable to comply with this License or do not wish to be bound by its terms, do not download or use any Content. 1. Harry Potter Ebooks Finally Arrive Fifteen years after the first Harry Potter paper novel was published, all seven of J.K.Rowling's megapopular fantasy novels are now available in ebook format. The books are available in English (US and U.K. edition), with Italian, German, French and Spanish editions coming in the following weeks. J.K.

Social Analytics Extend Your Brand Engaging Followers means sharing great content -- even if it isn’t your own. The Engagement Bar shows your brand above each linked page to keep you top-of-mind. Measure ROI with Google Analytics First off, I want to preface this post with the fact that social media shouldn’t be done only with the goal of making direct conversions. Social media is about building new relationships, generating word of mouth marketing, and strengthening brand loyalty with your customers. That said, I know that there are a lot of you who may be curious about the monetary value of your social media campaign, have clients that are asking the value of the social media services you provide for them, or simply want to learn more about how your social media strategy is leading to conversions. You’ll be celebrating your social media goal conversions too! Image Source(editor’s note: sly usage of a Vancouver Canucks photo) The following are the steps you must implement to be able to see the return on investment and goal conversions for your social media campaign.

HOW TO: Optimize Your Social Media Marketing Strategy Josh Peters is a social media and Internet marketing consultant and the co-author of Twittfaced. He blogs at Shuaism and can usually be found hanging out on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. Each section of AIDA represents a section of your sales and marketing process and can help you set your expectations, decide what to monitor, and visualize the relationships between each part. Understanding the flow of the tools and tactics will also help you get your measurements and analytics in line with your goals. Here's a closer look at the breakdown of this marketing funnel, some tips on how to apply it to your social media strategy, and a look at how the model is evolving in the social media age.

Turning Fashion E-Commerce into a First-Person Experience What Fashion Sites Can Learn from Video Games Featured Guest Post Michael Wolf, Co-founder of Blazer Ventures When I was growing up, the most popular video game was Doom, the first mainstream first-person shooting game. Unlike other popular games at the time, you never were controlling a character named Super Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog, or Donkey Kong. Essential Skills of a Community Manager Community manager is a role that more companies will adopt in the coming years. Jeremiah Owyang provide a huge list of companies who have such a champion already, and more recently gave businesses a scorecard for whether startups should have a community manager. Here, I’ve talked about managing a community and what it takes. I’ve discussed what I want in a social media expert. I’ve even written about how we might do community management wrong.

5 trends that will drive e-commerce strategy The mobility movement is driving more e-commerce activity, as online shoppers increase the amount of purchases they are making in cyber storefronts. Retail businesses are in the middle of one of the most profound business model transitions for the industry ever, as consumers transfer their shopping habits to mobile devices and e-commerce Web sites. So where should business development executives and merchandising managers focus their attention? A recent analysis from Forrester Research ("U.S. Online Retail Forecast, 2011 to 2016") offers some signposts.

Community Manager Job Description Updated in February 2009 The Community Manager position is a broad encompassing role. And it really should be! My definition of the position: A community manager is the voice of the company externally and the voice of the customers internally.

Are Blogs Dying? The state of the blog in a world where Facebook has become the most popular website real estate in the world, raises the question “Is the humble blog on a path to a quiet extinction at the hands of the social media juggernaut?” Facebook has certainly motivated some casual hobbyist bloggers to desert the blog and they have leapt onto Facebook and started publishing their information and updates there due to its ease of use, wide range of features and tools that allow them to easily publish and share. Technorati (the internet search engine for searching blogs and has indexed over 100 million blogs) has just released its annual “State of The Blogosphere 2010 Report” that highlights the latest trends in the blogging landscape that shows that the blog is not dying but instead evolving and changing to reflect our contemporary habits online. So what did the report reveal and what are the top line trends that are emerging? 1.

What is an online community manager? The precise description of an online community manager varies from organisation to organisation. Some companies will describe the responsibilities of an online community manager very differently to others. Some will offer roles with very similar job descriptions but very different job titles. The issue is this – there is no standard definition as to what an online community manager is, or does. We are all still ‘feeling our way’. Optimism, But Not Quite .500 I can only assume that you're tired of most of the baseball news on this site coming out of the AL East. So I asked my good friend Matt Loftus to provide a little insight into his favorite team, the much maligned Pittsburgh Pirates: I am a Pirates fan, age 21, and I only need one stat to explain the franchise’s recent years: number of Yankee losing seasons total, 22, number of losing seasons in a row for the Pirates, 19 and counting. Onto the continual optimism that only March and the near completion of Spring Training can provide.

PageLever Looking for PageLever? Welcome to Unified! Unified acquired PageLever, a leading Facebook analytics company, in January 2013. If you're looking for award-winning insights, content, and advertising solutions for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, we'd like to show you the Unified Social Operating Platform. Fill out the form to the right and learn how Unified can equip you with the most effective insights, content, and advertising for every major social network.

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