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The Coca-Cola Tattoo Can (English) BURGER KING LAST COMMENT – CASE STUDY. Secret Cinema presents a worldwide Screening Protest. Schiphol & KLM: Cover Greetings. Making of T-Mobile Dance. Nokia's "The World's Biggest Signpost" INTERNATIONAL SPACE ORCHESTRA Nelly Ben Hayoun | You are in control. Nelly Ben Hayoun: Design is all about passion and ambition. Interview with Nelly Ben Hayoun. 1 / 16 The American Spirit in the film “Disaster Playground” by Nelly Ben Hayoun (Photo: Nick Ballon © Nelly Ben Hayoun) Among the pack of emerging designers who aren’t exactly making chairs, Nelly Ben Hayoun stands out, both for the experiential value of her mega-projects and their deep impact (pardon the pun) on gigantic, seemingly remote organisations.

Take the International Space Orchestra, a group of space scientists from NASA and the SETI Institute, who she pulled together from scratch to form a fully-fledged orchestra, collaborating with Beck, Bobby Womack, Bruce Sterling, and Penguin Café. Or Disaster Playground, a movie she’s making about scientists planning to deflect asteroids from earth. Hayoun, the so-called “Willy Wonka of design and science”, looking awfully space-appropriate in a jumpsuit, sat down with Elvia Wilk at the recent What Design Can Do!

With the International Space Orchestra (ISO) you’re dealing with the place where corporate culture and “high” culture meet. Dark Knight - Viral Marketing Campaign. Chevy Sonic Integrated - Chevrolet. Unlock the 007 in you. You have 70 seconds! Ten marketing lessons from the Barack Obama Presidential campaign. I wanted to make a few observations about why Obama was elected to be the 44th President of the United States. This is a marketing blog, not a political blog. These are not political observations, but thoughts about marketing.

It doesn't matter who I supported or voted for or who you supported or voted for us all to learn from Obama's victory. 1. Social media and the new rules of marketing are essential. The other campaigns seemed to be fighting using the playbooks of past campaigns. Hillary Clinton was relying on what worked to elect Bill Clinton. 3. 5. 6. 8. 9. Anyone have any other observations? Marketers can learn a great deal from political campaigns. Campagne présidentielle de 2008: la campagne 2.0 de Barack Obama. La campagne présidentielle menée par Barack Obama en 2008 est l'exemple d'une campagne novatrice en tout point.

Observant un certain désintérêt de le population américaine face aux élections, Barack Obama a décidé d'innover en se présentant avec un nouveau principe : celui d'aller à la rencontre de ses électeurs. ce principe n'est en réalité pas nouveau, la manière de l'exercer est nouvelle. En effet, Obama a mêlé Internet et terrain afin d'avoir plus d'influence sur l'ensemble de la populations et a opté pour un nouveau type de financement : les dons populaires. 1. Une campagne tournée vers les gens. Barack Obama a été le premier candidat à une élection à s'apercevoir de l'énorme potentiel des réseaux sociaux Internet et des avantages qu'il pouvait en tirer, d'où le thème de sa campagne : "Go where the people are" traduit en français par : "Aller là où les gens sont". 2. Barack Obama and the Facebook Election. The presidential election of 2008 will go down in history for an obvious symbolic reason that will inspire future generations.

Yet while pundits were focused on Barack Obama's race, another largely overlooked factor in his success was his powerful techno-demographic appeal. We know that Obama's landmark victory was due, in part, to a groundswell of support among young Americans. Early in his campaign, political pollsters were observing that Obama was "rocking the youth vote.

" This proved true: Exit polls revealed that Obama had won nearly 70 percent of the vote among Americans under age 25—the highest percentage since U.S. exit polling began in 1976. Obama enjoyed a groundswell of support among, for lack of a better term, the Facebook generation. He will be the first occupant of the White House to have won a presidential election on the Web. Facebook was not unaware of its suddenly powerful role in American electoral politics. Obama is a natural Facebook politician. Nike Plus - Titanium Lion - Cannes 2007.