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Related:  Engagement and Sensory Immersion Response to Intervention (RTI) Response to Intervention Task Force The charge of IRA's RTI Task Force is to link the talents of IRA members with opportunities for involvement in implementation and professional development. Interested in participating in RTI-related activities? Read the draft version of their paper IRA Commission on RTI: Meeting the Needs of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students. Response to Intervention: Guiding Principles for Educators To further clarify issues related to RTI with respect to language and literacy, the RTI Task Force offers the following set of principles as a guide to IRA members and others concerned with developing and implementing an RTI approach to improving the language and literacy learning of all students. Response to Intervention in the Individual with Disabilities Act The Individuals With Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) was rewritten and signed into law in 2004. State Database from National Center on Response to Intervention (NCRTI) U.S.

Educación XX1 SJR 2016: Q2 - 0, 466ANEP: A+ Sello de Calidad de la FECYT Educación XX1, revista científica editada por la Facultad de Educación de la Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia, contribuye a la difusión de la investigación educativa difundiendo investigaciones, ensayos y experiencias innovadoras contrastadas en cualquiera de sus campos de intervención educativa. A partir de las últimas tendencias de la política educativa y de la producción científica, Educación XX1 dará prioridad en los próximos números a la publicación de artículos relativos a - La educación superior: tendencias, fundamentos, metodología, evaluación, política educativa, gobernanza, etc. - Buenas prácticas en intervención educativa en la educación superior. - Calidad e innovación en la formación del profesorado. Educación XX1 tiene una periodicidad semestral y publica en español o inglés.

Media Art Net | Davies, Charlotte: Osmose Charlotte Davies«Osmose» If in virtual environments during the first years of Virtual Art one often witnessed the use of gateways that caused abrupt crossovers, what one experiences in the image spaces of «Osmose» are osmotic crossovers from one sphere of images to the next, always aware of how an old sphere deteriorates and then amalgamates with a newer one. This, of course, entails calculating both image spaces at exactly the same time. [...] Two worlds of text parenthetically accompany this simulacrum of nature: on the one side, the 20,000 lines of the programming code that produces the work, which in the artificial world arranges itself to an enormous column awaiting inspection. On the other side, there is a room filled with fragments of texts, focussed on expressions that appear in the study of nature, technology and the body. The huge programming code fails to substantially lessen the overwhelming impression. (cf.

Culturally Responsive Response To Intervention Culturally responsive educational systems are grounded in the belief that culturally and linguistically diverse students can excel in academic endeavors. NCCRESt's newest professional learning module presents Response to Intervention (RTI) as a culturally responsive framework for ensuring evidence-based, high-quality opportunities to learn in inclusive settings for all students, including those who are culturally and linguistically diverse. Culturally responsive RTI frameworks have the potential to address issues of disproportionate representation for diverse students in special education programs by providing access to curriculum and instructional practice grounded in research that attends to the powerful role of culture in teaching and learning. Download the materials in each of the following three academies. All files will open in a new window. Please print the manuals and save the PowerPoints for use with the academy presentations.

01-26_2.pdf What the Research Says About Immersion - Tara Williams Fortune Note: This chapter was originally published by the Asia Society as a chapter in the handbook entitled Chinese Language Learning in the Early Grades. The full publication can be found at: Download PDF of this article What the Research Says About Immersion by Tara Williams Fortune Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition University of Minnesota Over nearly half a century, research on language immersion education has heralded benefits such as academic achievement, language and literacy development in two or more languages, and cognitive skills. Benefits of Language Immersion Academic and Educational Without question, the issue investigated most often in research on language immersion education is students' ability to perform academically on standardized tests administered in English. Although the vast majority of TWI research has been carried out in Spanish/English settings, Dr.

RTI in the Classroom – Virtual Visits | RTI Action Network The RTI Action Network travels to schools across the nation to find examples of real people doing real work with RTI. These Virtual Visits offer you frontline perspectives combined with informative stories of schools implementing RTI with success and dedication. Implementing Response to Intervention — Prairie Children Preschool A visit to Prairie Children Preschool in Aurora, Illinois, to discuss how they have been successfully implementing RTI in the early childhood setting for several years. Let the Prairie Children Preschool team walk you and your staff through the RTI process from beginning to end. Russell Middle School, Colorado Springs, Colorado Russell Middle School in Colorado Springs, Colorado, has been successfully implementing RTI for academics and behavior for several years. Let Russell Middle School walk you and your team through the RTI process from beginning to end. Tigard High School, Portland, Oregon Boulevard Elementary School, Gloversville, New York

Formación en red El Real Decreto 257/2012, de 27 de enero, por el que se desarrolla la estructura orgánica básica del Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte, atribuye al Instituto Nacional de Tecnologías Educativas y Formación del Profesorado (INTEF) la función de elaborar y difundir materiales curriculares y otros documentos de apoyo al profesorado, diseñar modelos para la formación del personal docente y diseñar y realizar programas específicos, en colaboración con las Comunidades Autónomas, destinados a la actualización científica y didáctica del profesorado (artículo 6r). A tal efecto, el Área de Formación en Red, Experimentación y Redes Sociales del INTEF ha lanzado tres ofertas, diferenciadas aunque complementarias, de cursos masivos abiertos y en línea: SPOOC INTEF (siglas en inglés de Self-Paced Open Online Course) es una iniciativa experimental de autoformación orientada al desarrollo de competencias profesionales, tales como la gestión autónoma del aprendizaje.

ThinkBalm: What is immersion?Hypergrid Business According to a new report by analyst firm ThinkBalm, immersiveness is not an all-or-nothing proposition but a continuum. On the low-immersion extreme are virtual worlds with cartoony graphics, static camera angles, no spacial voice, and limited gestures. High-immersive worlds, by comparison, have realistic graphics, customizable avatars, spacial audio and a full range of gestures and animations. An immersive environment can run either in a separate application, or inside a Web browser. The richness of the environment is determined “by the degree to which the user’s senses are engaged, and the desirability and meaningfulness of the activity in which the user is participating,” said Sam Driver and Erica Driver, the authors of the report. Read the full report here. ThinkBalm's reception area, running on the hosted 3DXplorer platform.

Response to Intervention (RtI) Project April 3, 2014: Educators from Kansas and Michigan produced this video about the Multi-Tier Systems of Supports (MTSS) in their states. The video provides a description of MTSS, lessons learned from implementation and data to demonstrate student progress. This is a follow up from a presentation done at the NASDSE Annual Conference in Atlanta in October 2013. NASDSE’s Response to Intervention (RtI) initiative began in response to a need from the entire special education community to have more information about RtI. Our initiative began with a NASDSE Professional Development Satellite Conference in the fall of 2004, Addressing the Needs of Students with Learning Difficulties Through Response to Intervention (RTI) Strategies. Response to Intervention: Policy Considerations and Implementation, an easily understandable guide to RtI. We held a second satellite conference, Making Responsiveness to Intervention (RTI) Work in Schools, in November, 2005. Response to Intervention.

rev132COL3.pdf Luxury inside out | Appealing to your audience with sensory immersion Luxury, by nature, is sensory. Tropical beaches. High-performance cars. In our online world – most typically seen through the small screens of laptops, tablets, and smartphones – luxury is literally at our fingertips. But as consumers grow more tech-savvy, capturing their imaginations has become more challenging. This surprise is equivalent to a turn of phrase. Oscar de la Renta Fall 2014 Oscar de la Renta captures this in the stills for his fall 2014 collection: In these images, we’re taken so up close to something, we only see part of the whole – in this case, the lower ruffles of a pink gown, or the top pleats on a pair of soft leather pants. Jaguar XE Similarly, this Jaguar ad from FP Creative zooms in on the macro details of one of its newest models Using an eye-popping 50 frames per second, Jaguar submerges our senses in the sleek aluminum that defines its new XE. Apple iPad Air Apple, however, immerses us in experiences rather than objects in this iPad Air ad: Key takeaways:

Student Progress Monitoring: The National Center on Student Progress Monitoring