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Presso Espresso Machine

Presso Espresso Machine

Dreamy Food Design: Chocolate Ice Cubes In Vanilla I don’t drink milk, but this doesn’t even look like milk to me. It looks like a dreamy concoction of chocolate and vanilla heaven. These are frozen chocolate ice cubes in vanilla flavored milk. As you can see in the bottom picture below, as the chocolate ice cubes begin to melt, you can stir it all up to make chocolate and vanilla swirled milk. There are also many creative ways to serve this. Modular ‘Love Mattress’ Made Flexible for Cuddly Couples Snuggling is an essential if rarely-discussed component of a comfortable sleeping arrangement for many (pairs of) people, usually aided indirectly by soft mattresses and/or strategic sheet and pillow usage. This bed-topping design by Mehdi Mojtabvi proposes a different-but-parallel approach, turning a single-piece cushioned support into multiple modules. The resulting strips create optional gaps into which an arm, leg, foot or hand can comfortably slip in order to wrap around a loved one (or perhaps survive being crushed by an over-snuggling canine best friend). As for finding cozy positions, nothing is mandated by the layout in particular – each fold can flex open or closed depending on usage, leaving it up to individuals (or pairs) to make use of it as they will.

Paper Mache Recipes This page contains recipes for several kinds of home-made paper mache paste, and home-made gesso recipes for finishing your sculptures. I have been messing around with paper mache for over 50 years and up until a few months ago I always came back to the easiest paper mache recipes, using plain old white flour and water paste with torn strips of newspaper. Now, however, I have abandoned the traditional layered paper process and use my new paper mache clay recipe and/or the even newer silky-smooth air-dry clay recipe for most my sculptures.

How Doctor Who Became My Religion Recently, my son started watching Doctor Who on Netflix and after a few months of hearing about time vortexes and sonic screwdrivers, I decided to check it out for myself. For those who don't know: Doctor Who is a British program that has been running almost continually since its 1963 debut. It involves a 900-year-old Time Lord from the destroyed planet of Gallifrey who travels through time and space inside the TARDIS -- a sentient spacecraft shaped like an old UK police call box.

Watermelonade Recipe at Epicurious photo by Roland Bello yield Makes 1 gallon (serves 16) active time 30 min total time 30 min You would be hard-pressed to find something more refreshing than watermelon. This cooler is easy to make, beautiful to behold, and not too sweet. No Ugly Guns! (Women shoot too) « 7.62 Precision Custom Firearm Finishes 7.62 Precision has declared war on ugly guns! There is no reason for women to use ugly firearms. Women hunt, compete, and carry firearms for protection. Women serve in law enforcement and the military.

Running Bride and Groom Preview Included The head is hand-sculpted based on the photos you provide. You can preview each stage of the creation process. The head and face of the bobblehead can be changed or modified until you are fully satisfied. Depending on how many changes you request, or how soon you approve them, the time to completion may be longer. Frequently Asked Questions Kombucha Is a Fermented Drink That's Good for Your Gut and Easily Made at Home I've made Kombucha at home and it is remarkably difficult to mess up. It's also is an acquired taste. I'll bet on most of the stories you've heard from people who posted negatively either botched the brewing process (aka didn't follow any of the readily available wealth of instructions, because they a) are big dummies or b) figured they knew better and did it their own way. I'd pick the latter on that, just look at forums on recipes online, everybody thinks they have a better way to improve a simple recipe)