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Boozy drinks

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Strawberry Shortcake Drink Recipe. Toasted Smore Martini. I have always loved s’mores. i even had a s’mores bar at my wedding in lieu of a cake!

Toasted Smore Martini

They remind me of camping and family time. but who really wants to be freezing cold and be sleeping on the dirt to enjoy the joys of a s’more. now you can dress up, wear heels, have your s’more and drink it too! We had so much fun making these. this was my mom’s creation, isn’t it so cute?? Its a very simple process, it just takes a little more time than the average drink. make the rim first, using hershey syrup and then crushed graham crackers. if you want the drink to be layered, see the pictures below. pour each part VERY SLOWLY over an upside down spoon. the slower the better to make the layering. i love the way it looks with the layers, but in all honesty, it tastes better mixed together. you can making it all mixed together to start, or if you make it layered, just stir it with the bamboo stick after lighting your marshmallow. i just think these are so cute!!!

The cookie rookie. Love Potion #9 Martini (Triple Berry Martini) You need LOVE POTION #9 MARTINI for Valentine’s Day!

Love Potion #9 Martini (Triple Berry Martini)

Cutest Valentine’s Day or Bridal Shower Cocktail #FTW! I’m bursting at the seams with excitement over this super fun and festive cocktail, the LOVE POTION #9 MARTINI!! As a food blogger, we tend to get excited over the silliest things. For me, the happiest of days are spent trying to figure out the best way to photograph dry ice in a cocktail. I know, Earth shattering. Pat did not understand my disappointment when, on a random January Sunday, this idea popped into my head. DISCLAIMER: You CANNOT drink the dry ice! I’m just obsessed with these Love Potion #9 Martinis. As a reminder, HERE is the article about safe handling of Dry Ice in the kitchen. CHEERS and Happy Valentine’s Day! Becky Hardin - The Cookie Rookie. Made With Real American Whiskey. Strawberry Pretzel Whiptini Cocktail Recipe. Tres Leches Caketini Recipe. Pumpkin Cheesecaketini Cocktail Recipe.

Golden Cadillac Cocktail. Oatmeal Cookie Cocktail. Dirty Bedtime Story Recipe. Baileys Honey Bee. Hot Buttered Hazelnut Whisky. I have a sad secret to share, my friends.

Hot Buttered Hazelnut Whisky

For a long, long time, I hated the taste of whisky. This was due to several bad experiences with it in my younger years, and afterwards just the smell made me feel all squeamish and sad. It stunk because Jeremy is a huge whisky fan, and I saw how much he enjoyed the flavor and the long, slow sips of it, and I wanted to enjoy it like that, I really did, but I just couldn't bring myself to appreciate the flavor of it. Then one day, something Scottish happened. My friend Sarah had just returned from a trip to Scotland and was telling us all about her adventures, one of which was all about the terrible jet lag she'd had. Something about that combination really intrigued me, and I silently wondered if it might be my gateway into the world of whisky.

So if you're looking for something warm and cozy to share with your family and friends (or just enjoy on your own), I couldn't recommend this any more strongly. Ingredients: 4 parts milk 1 cinnamon stick. Strawberry Shortcake Drink. Alabama Slammer. Anyshower Punch You In The Face. Sign up to customize your recipe discovery experience.

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