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The Telegraph. Understanding Food & Wine Pairings for Any Meal – Kamikoto. Wine holds great power as it can both complement and enhance the flavor of a beautiful meal, or quickly ruin it.

Understanding Food & Wine Pairings for Any Meal – Kamikoto

Choosing the correct vintage according to cuisine is therefore extremely important to ensure the diner’s experience is pleasure-filled, rather than a culinary disaster. Why Wine Pairings Aren't Just for Fine Food Food and wine pairings have evolved immensely over the past few decades and no longer sit solely in the domain of haute cuisine. How to Drink Ouzo Like a Greek – CC Talents – We Hire Talents! Source: Image source: There’s an art to sampling Greece’s delicious national drink, ouzo.

How to Drink Ouzo Like a Greek – CC Talents – We Hire Talents!

Here’s what to do, and what not to do, to enjoy it to the fullest. 9 Popular Greek Drinks you should try - Greece Travel Ideas. Part of the fun of visiting a country is to discover its food and drinks.

9 Popular Greek Drinks you should try - Greece Travel Ideas

Visiting Greece or the Greek Islands certainly has plenty of surprises in store with both! A variety of different spirits have been made by the Greeks for centuries. Some of them, like Ouzo, is known and loved around the world, but others are produced in small quantities on individual islands. As well as explaining their history and how they are produced, we also describe how they should be served for maximum enjoyment.

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Cava Sangria Recipe - Spanish Sabores. Drinks. The rise of rosé With its delicate flavour and pretty colour, chilled rosé is ideal to enjoy in the sun.


Its popularity has soared in recent years, thanks to its appealing flavour and Instagrammable good looks. France is by far the biggest producer, with Provence known for its pale, dry varieties. Rosé is made by pressing red grapes, a bit like red wine, but the grape skins are only left in contact with the juice for a short amount of time — the longer they’re left, the more intense the colour. Perfect for summery meals, from salad to chicken and seafood, we’ve got a rosé to suit every situation. 10 Things You Should Know About Tío Pepe Sherry. Whether you consider yourself a bonafide sherry fan or are just sherry-curious, it’s hard to deny Tío Pepe’s popularity in the fortified wine category.

10 Things You Should Know About Tío Pepe Sherry

Tío Pepe’s roots can be traced all the way back to 1835, when its parent winery, González Byass, was first founded. Today, it’s still run by the González family, whose sixth generation oversees the company’s now international reach. For those unfamiliar with Tío Pepe Sherry, it may be helpful to think of it as something closer to a very dry white wine, as it differs greatly from classic dessert sherries like Pedro Ximénez. This is because Tío Pepe is a fino-style sherry bottled at a pale golden color, with notes of almonds, green olives, and green apples.

Homemade bitter lemon and rosemary recipe. Homemade bitter lemon and rosemary recipe. How many calories are in your alcoholic drink, and which has the lowest?


Cocktails. Non-alcoholic. Punches. Smoothies. Spanish. Vermouth. Wine. Spiked Ginger-Lemonade Soda Can Cocktail recipe. Drinks. Ginger & lemon iced tea (V) (GF) You can prepare this beforehand — simply add ice to serve Serves 4 • Ready in 10 mins, plus cooling Peel and finely chop 75g ginger, then put in a large jug, along with 2 tbsp Co-op clear honey and the juice of 1 lemon.


Pour over 1 litre boiling water, add 2 Co-op 99 blend Fairtrade tea bags and stir for 30 seconds to 1 minute, depending how strong you like your tea. Remove the tea bags and leave to cool fully. Bank holiday bramble (VG) (GF) The berries pair well with the gin here, as well as adding colour — give it a go! Serves 2 • Ready in 10 mins, plus cooling In a small pan, gently heat 50g Fairtrade caster sugar with 100ml water, stirring until fully dissolved. Andalusia's culinary stars. One of the quintessential Andalusian experiences is to sit in a sun-filled plaza under the shade of an orange tree, eating pescadito frito ('fried little fish'), prawns or clams, and sipping on a glass of chilled fino.

Andalusia's culinary stars

This largely coastal region has a richly deserved reputation for exquisite seafood, but what is perhaps less known is the bounty of fruit and vegetables produced on the fertile plains that run back from the sea; the vast expanses of 'dehesa' (pastureland where Iberian pigs roam); the vineyards, and the olive groves. Much of this Mediterranean abundance makes its way to other parts of Spain, or is sent to other countries.

Three of the region's major exports have a uniquely Andalusian flavour – its wines; its cured Jabugo ham; and the olive oil produced all across the region, but most notably in Jaén. The winemaking tradition The sherry bodegas of Jerez are an intrinsic part of any Andalusia visit. It's Time You Learned How To Make A Hurricane. The Return Of Travel Booze, Beer, & Weed The Return Of Travel Booze, Beer, & Weed.

It's Time You Learned How To Make A Hurricane

Raise a glass. Bacon bourbon maple mary Our next-level take on a classic Bloody Mary is bursting with complex layers of savoury, spicy, sweet and sour Serves 4 • Ready in 30 mins, plus chilling 1 tbsp Co-op pure Canadian maple syrup 1 tsp Co-op Fairtrade light brown soft sugar ½ tsp Dijon mustard 4 rashers Co-op Irresistible air dry cured smoked streaky bacon1 litre Co-op tomato juice 200ml bourbon 1 tsp hot sauce 2 tbsp Worcestershire sauce4 Co-op whole pickled gherkins, sliced, plus 2 tbsp vinegar from the jar ¼ tsp celery salt 1 tsp smoked paprika 1 lemon, ½ juiced, ½ cut into 4 wedges Ice cubes 4 coriander sprigs Preheat the oven to 190°C/fan 170°C/gas 5.

Raise a glass

Line a large baking tray with foil and set a cooling rack on top. Combine the maple syrup, sugar and mustard with 1 tbsp water. Festive Newsletter Whitley Bay. Festive Newsletter Whitley Bay. Moroccan Mint Tea - MarocMama. It's that time of year when there are many (many!)

Moroccan Mint Tea - MarocMama

Champagne Punch. A festive cocktail for any occasion that’s sure to impress! Unbelievably easy, fruity and refreshing! Can be made non-alcoholic as well. Save. Ask Adam: Do I Really Need to Measure Out My Gin & Tonic? For most people, making a Gin & Tonic means adding ice to a glass, free-pouring some gin, and adding some tonic to taste (bonus for stirring). While building in the glass this way is completely fine, especially when at a backyard barbecue or house party, measuring out your ingredients will result in a more balanced and consistent drink for you and your guests. The general proportions for a classic G&T are two ounces of your preferred gin to four ounces of quality tonic, over ice. Aperol spritz recipe. Rosé All Day. How to Build Your Bloody Mary Bar (with Garden-Fresh Garnishes You've Never Tried) Best Lemonade Mimosas - How to Make Lemonade Mimosas. The ultimate summer brunch drink. Layered Lemonade Drop Cocktail Recipe - How to Make a Spiked Ombre Lemonade.

Don't be fooled by it's pretty layers; this baby packs a punch. Mimosa - How To Make The Perfect Mimosa Cocktail. Bhofack2Getty Images In recent years, the humble mimosa has soared in popularity making drinking before midday acceptable as long as you snap a photo of your avo on toast and tag it #brunchgoals. Containing just TWO ingredients, mimosas are the drink of choice for a girl’s weekend get together, wedding reception toasts and the welcome lounge of a First Class flight (if you’re ever lucky to score that upgrade).

What’s the difference between a Mimosa, a Buck’s Fizz and a Bellini? It’s easy to get these three mixed up. After all, each cocktail contains bubbly and fruit juice of some sort. Pimm's Recipe - How To Make Pimms. Is it even Summer if you don’t have a glass of Pimm’s permanently in your hand between the months of May to September? Pimm’s isn’t just for Wimbledon, but pretty much any moment the sun peeks from behind the clouds. Best Homemade Lemonade Recipe - How to Make Homemade Lemonade. On a hot day, nothing is more refreshing than your first sip of a glass of homemade lemonade. Best Strawberry Lemonade Recipe - How To Make Strawberry Lemonade.

Erik Bernstein Freshly squeezed lemons team up with juicy strawberries for the perfect summer drink. Best Spiked Watermelon Lemonade Recipe - How To Make Spiked Watermelon Lemonade. Best Virgin Cranberry Basil Sangria Recipe - How To Make Virgin Cranberry Basil Sangria. Emily Hlavac Green. Pineapple Prosecco Punch. All you need is 5 ingredients and 5 minutes for this refreshing, beautiful cocktail.

12 Ice Cream Float Recipes That Are as Refreshing as They Are Indulgent. Ice cream floats have been around for ages, gaining serious popularity in the time of the soda jerk and soda fountains of the 1940s and '50s. Ginger & rosemary spritzer - Recipes. Nigella Lawson's Christmas Cocktail Recipes. Festive spirits. Black and Blue Fruit Fool. Baileys and Grand Marnier with Ice Cream. Aromatic Gin and Tonic. Absolut Pineapple Martini. Chambord Royale. Groceries.morrisons.

The top 50 red and rosé wines to buy this summer. Quick 'n' Easy Epic Mulled Cider. Remember remember, the fifth of November. Tonight is bonfire night! * *Said in Shakespearean stage whisper. Britain will be aflame with fireworks, bonfires and sparklers. How to Store and Serve Sake. (Sake Section is sponsored by Vine Connections) To properly store premium Japanese sake, you’ll want to follow the same rules as you store wine.

Sake FAQ - Frequently Asked questions - MUST TRY: Tanqueray's new orange gin inspired by Spain's Sevilla - Olive Press News Spain. The Moderate Drinking Cheat Sheet. Recipes from The Nest. Nigella Lawson's Christmas Cocktail Recipes. Nigella Lawson's Poinsettia cocktail recipe. Calories C'mas drinks. Cranberry and orange vodka. Sparkling Ginger Lemonade. Endless Poptails: Mango Maui Mai Tai. Watermelon Lemonade Cocktail Recipe. Watermelon Punch. Watermelon-Cucumber Cooler. Waquila-watermelon/tequila. Peach sangria recipe. Perfect Iced Coffee. Mojito Recipe : Mulling syrup. Mulled-wine hot chocolate. BASIL SMASH!!!!! «