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Dr Vino's wine blog » wine talk that goes down easy Dr Vino's wine blog

Dr Vino's wine blog » wine talk that goes down easy Dr Vino's wine blog

Homesick Texan jamie goode's wine blog Should wine critics allow personal stylistic preferences affect their judgments on wine? I recently had a discussion on twitter with a respected US wine critic from a major publication, who kept emphasizing that personal stylistic preferences had no place in his ratings. He was quite insistent. It’s a question I haven’t really considered before. Thus you have created the myth of an individual critic as a global arbiter of style. Admirable as this sentiment is, I don’t think this can work in practice. Why? Balance is important in wine, and it’s a style call. Look at the tastings carried out by The World of Fine Wine. Look at spoofulated wines (here I am exposing my style preferences). The sorts of critics who score these monster, childish wines very highly often say that they are not judging style. I believe you have to be open-minded, and recognize well made wines in a variety of styles. You can’t go so far as to hate entire genres of wines if you want to be a useful critic.

Vinography: A Wine Blog Wine-Tasting Party Tips at Epicurious W hile you might think of wine tastings as things that take place at four-star restaurants and fancy wine shops, there are many compelling reasons to host a tasting in the comfort of your own home. With just a little planning and shopping, a wine tasting can be fun, easy, and affordable. For advice on hosting an at-home wine tasting we spoke to Dina Cheney, a professional tasting host and author of Tasting Club. Cheney explains that compared to a cocktail or dinner party, a tasting requires significantly less planning, prep, shopping, or cleanup, leaving you more time to enjoy your friends—and the wine. Plus, with so many bargain bottles on the market, a wine tasting can be surprisingly wallet-friendly. Cheney's at-home wine-tasting plan covers everything: scheduling the event, choosing a theme, shopping for bottles, and leading the tasting. Photos by Charles Schiller Dina Cheney is a freelance writer, recipe developer, culinary consultant, and tasting host. See more in Entertaining:

Chez Pim Alice Feiring - In Vino Veritas The Pour Blog Wine Tasting Party (1) Table set-up for a sit down wine tasting party, (2) Tapas as Hors D’oeuvres, (3) Download Free Wine Tasting Evaluation Sheets, (4) Wine from wine list below, and (5) Make your own Wine bottle party invitation. Wine Tasting Party Quick Links Wine Tasting Party Invitations Number of Guests. Wine Tasting Party Decorations Decorate the party room like a winery with Tuscan style influence using lots of colors of reds, purple, beige, gold, and olive green.Use grape vine to decorate the tables and party area.Create a centerpiece display by stacking layers of breads, crackers, various cheeses, various types of grapes (concord, white, black, red, mini, globe) and wine bottles.Add flowers in rustic terra cotta vats to compliment the color scheme.Collect trivia about different wineries you will be featuring for the night. Wine Tasting Preparation – Day of The Party Decant your wine before the party starts. Wine Tasting Party Trivia Game and Guest Arrival 1. (a) $540(b) 1,700(c) $28,000(d) $160,000.

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