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Fermented drinks

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DIY Homesteading: Making Your Own Country Wines. Week five of DIY Homesteading features an avid maker and connoisseur of country wines, Ben Hardy of Ben’s Adventures in Wine Making.

DIY Homesteading: Making Your Own Country Wines

In this piece he gives information on how you can get started making wine along with two of his delectable recipes using fruit and flowers available in early summer. I feel fraudulent contributing to a series on ‘DIY Homesteading’. This phrase suggests rural living, aching muscles and earth-covered hands. I live in a semi-detached house in suburban Leeds, and my wife is the gardener. This hardly fits the Homesteading lifestyle. How to Make Your Own Kombucha from Start to Finish. I went from questioning kombucha, to loving kombucha, to brewing my own kombucha—with a few road bumps along the way.

How to Make Your Own Kombucha from Start to Finish

Read the whole article, or skip around to particular sections: 1. Kombucha and Mold: What You Need To Know. This entry was posted on February 3, 2015 by Chris.

Kombucha and Mold: What You Need To Know

SCOBY? Or Io, moon of Jupiter? Eit par oppskrifter. Eit par oppskrifter User Rating: Details Last Updated on Friday, 19 April 2013 10:05 Eit par vinoppskrifter av frukt. 10 kg Appelsiner, evt. 4 liter appelsinjuice (uten konserv.middel) 5 stk Sitroner,safta av 6 kg Sukker 1 pakke enzymklaringsmiddel 10 gr gjærnæringsalt Vinsvovling 17 l Vatn Gjær (sherry-gjær) Hell alt på ballongen, men berre 3 kg sukker og 12 liter av vatnet, og ikkje vinsvovlinga.

Eit par oppskrifter

Kombucha SCOBY Experiment. Brygge øl hjemme Archives - Mikromakeri. Tradisjonsøl. Fjellturen er kun en oppvarming til ølbryggingen.


Nydelige farger. Det føles autentisk, som om jeg på en måte knytter meg nærmere forfedrene mine. Jeg vet at det er blitt brygget øl i slekten min for lenge, lenge siden. Og den gangen brygget de på einerlåg, eller sprakjelåg som de kalte det. Grandtanten min har fortalt meg om hvordan slåttekarene i gamle dager lesket strupene sine med øl mellom arbeidsøktene. Kulturdrikk: For et par uker siden gikk jeg og hunden min i fjellet. På Valdres kaller man einer for Brisk. How to Make Yogurt Without a Starter - It Takes Time. Did you know you can make yogurt with milk and chili peppers?

How to Make Yogurt Without a Starter - It Takes Time

I saw this idea on the blog of fermentation expert Sandor Katz. The article, Yogurt Cultured by Chili Peppers, relays the experience of a fermentation enthusiast in Israel without access to online starter cultures. I was intrigued and set out to find out for myself. Will chili pepper stems truly ferment milk? The answer is yes! Lacto-femented Sparkling Apple Cider - Nourishing Simplicity. Nothing says the holidays like a glass of sparkling apple cider.

Lacto-femented Sparkling Apple Cider - Nourishing Simplicity

It’s the favorite of kids and many adults for Thanksgiving, Christmas, weddings and toasting in the New Year. You would not belive how easy it is to make your own sparkling apple cider that is full of millions of healthy bacteria, enzymes and probiotics! Mix whey with apple juice, cover and a few days later you have your very own lacto-fermented apple cider! The fermentation process eats up of most of the sugars in the juice and leaves it slightly carbonated. It’s as easy as that, you’re very own bubbly drink is ready for your next special occasion. DIY Healthy Soda - Simple Life Abundant LifeSimple Life Abundant Life. Once upon a time I was addicted to Coca Cola.

DIY Healthy Soda - Simple Life Abundant LifeSimple Life Abundant Life

When my eyes were opened to the world of real food, I learned to start reading ingredients instead of calories, and here is what I found: Carbonated waterHigh fructose corn syrup (A probable GMO)Caramel color (A probable GMO and linked to cancer)Phosphoric acid (derived from a rock. Seriously! But don’t worry, they remove the arsenic compounds before they put it in your drink.)Natural Flavors (A probable GMO/excitoxin/addictive element from “natural” sources including bugs, beaver butts, and other deliciously savory things.)Caffeine Ya’ll, there is not one redeemable quality about drinking conventional soda.

Dandelion Wine Part III: New Recipes and Insights. I’ve posted on Dandelion wine before on this blog, and I wanted to follow up on my previous posts on dandelion wine – making the wine and racking/bottling.

Dandelion Wine Part III: New Recipes and Insights

I’ve also written more generally about the dandelion as a beneficial plant–so why not 4th post on the glorious dandelion! In this post, I wanted to spend some time talking about dandelion, review the last two years of dandelion winemaking adventures, share two new recipes, and talk about some flavor tests. Two Easy-to-Make Probiotic Drinks That Heal the Gut. Anna Hunt, Staff WriterWaking Times As I’ve recently written an article, How to Turn Milk Into Healthy Probiotic Medicine, that discussed the body’s need for beneficial bacteria in order to maintain healthy gut flora.

Two Easy-to-Make Probiotic Drinks That Heal the Gut

Yogurt is probably the most popular probiotic rich food, although making it at home does require precision and time. To add to the options of making yogurt or kefir, there are other probiotic recipes that are a bit simpler and do not require the use of dairy. This article will focus on two of my favorite probiotic drinks: kvass and Kombucha. Both have origins in Eastern Europe and Asia, are a simple to make, and are a low-calorie way to increase your daily probiotic intake.