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Tasteofhome. Holiday Cranberry Orange Smoothie. Are you running around like a lunatic right now like I am?

Holiday Cranberry Orange Smoothie

This cranberry orange smoothie has saved me so many times in the past few weeks. It’s the only way I’ve been able to eat any breakfast before I head out for my day. I love a good smoothie. American Homemade Christmas 2015. Tasteofhome. Here's What Happens When Snoop Dogg & Clinton Kelly Bartend - Clinton Kelly. Watermelon lemonade recipe. 2.3K Flares Facebook 475 Google+ 596 Pin It Share 1.2K 1K+ Twitter 14 Email -- Email to a friend 2.3K Flares × The flavors of summer are celebrated in this very refreshing, not too sweet watermelon lemonade.

watermelon lemonade recipe

Edible Margarita Idea That Will Liven Up Any Party. MyFridgeFood When you think of summer fun, what pops into your mind?

Edible Margarita Idea That Will Liven Up Any Party

I love hanging around outside with family and friends, and perhaps enjoying some food off the grill and some freshly made margaritas. This summer, I’m dying to try this idea we found over at MyFridgeFood. Instead of making a large batch of margaritas for your guests, turn a watermelon into several edible margaritas! Here’s what you do: just slice up your watermelon as usual (you can use this genius watermelon cutting technique!). Aruba Ariba Cocktail Recipes, Caribbean Cocktail Recipes, Whats Cooking America. The signature drink on the Caribbean island of Aruba are the Aruba Ariba cocktails.

Aruba Ariba Cocktail Recipes, Caribbean Cocktail Recipes, Whats Cooking America

On vacation several years ago, my daughter and her friends claimed this their favorite vacation cocktail and enjoyed many during their vacation. My daughter watched and asked the bartenders many questions on how to mix this fruity rum drink to try to recreate at home. Back home, she was happy to find the recipe on the Visit Aruba website. In Aruba they use a splash of a liquor called Coecoei, which can only be purchased on the island of Aruba and cannot be purchased in the United States.

12 Deliciously Fruity Spring Cocktails. 12 Deliciously Fruity Spring Cocktails Spring is in the air and most of the nation is enjoying warmer weather which means more time outdoors on the weekends relaxing with family and friends.

12 Deliciously Fruity Spring Cocktails

What better way to celebrate the season than gathering with friends on the back porch just sitting, relaxing, and enjoying great conversation and a delicious cocktail? With so many fresh fruits now in season, we thought we’d share our 12 favorite Fruity Spring Cocktails with you to help you plan for your next weekend gathering. Strawberry Moscato Lemonade. Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Mirassou but all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

Strawberry Moscato Lemonade

Is there really any drink more refreshing than a delicious homemade lemonade? Doesn’t it kind of feel like summer in a glass? Strawberry Lemonade makes me think of all those sunny summer days in the backyard with family and friends enjoying BBQ’s, picnics and all those delicious drinks together that spill over into the evening because you lose track of time. Beer Style Chart. Winter Sangria with citrus & pomegranate. How To Bake Bacon in the Oven. Homemade Hot Chocolate Mix - Lauren's LatestLauren's Latest. Homemade Hot Chocolate Mix Update on kidney watch 2014: the medicine is working!

Homemade Hot Chocolate Mix - Lauren's LatestLauren's Latest

I see the light at the end of the tunnel, kids. Crock-Pot Ladies Crock-Pot Apple Pie Moonshine. This is a traditional Christmas Eve beverage in my husbands family.

Crock-Pot Ladies Crock-Pot Apple Pie Moonshine

His grandfather has made this Mixed Drink for years and all the men sit in the basement laughing and joking and sipping this drink. It is also given to the adults as gifts to savor all year long. Once open, you can keep this in the refrigerator to drink cold (it is better that way) and it will last all year or longer. Please remember this is an adult beverage and it is strong. The Scooby Snack - Don't Poke The Bear. This is one of my favorite drinks!

The Scooby Snack - Don't Poke The Bear

It’s absolutely divine! Ingredients: 1 oz. Melon Liqueur 1 oz. Coconut Rum 1/2 oz. Directions: Pour all ingredient into a stainless steel shaker over ice. Source: face book Related Lasagna Grilled Cheese Ingredients 4 slices bread (that you love) 2 tbsps unsalted butter Country Fresh Taste 1 dash olive oil 1/2 cup part-skim ricotta cheese 2 tbsps fresh basil (chopped) pepper salt… In "Recipes" Strawberry Daiquiri Jelly Shots recipe. That seems deserving of a celebration, don’t you think?

Strawberry Daiquiri Jelly Shots recipe

And since we're of the opinion that celebrations are made better by an awesome jelly shot, let’s combine the two! These might be the best jelly shot to date. Not only do you get the boozy fun of a jelly shot, but also the vessel that holds the shot is edible. And not only is it edible ... it’s a sweet, delicious strawberry. Lucky Lemon Seven the Best Lemonade Cocktail.

Trust me this is not your Grandma's lemonade! This lemonade cocktail is a combination of the juices of fresh muddled lemons, 7Up and premium vodka. It packs a fabulous flavor and it completely refreshing. This is the perfect cocktail to add to any party! The Lucky Lemon Seven cocktail recipe was created especially for me. Parade.condenast. Homemade Sno-Cone Syrup. Yes, I know it's not exactly summer quite yet, but we're kinda stuck with that in-between wacky weather season right now. For instance, yesterday it was so hot and humid here it might as well have been mid-summer. At the same time, I heard the weatherman say nighttime temperatures are forecast to drop into the mid-40s later this week, somewhere around here in South Mississippi. Shirley Temple Recipe. Valentine’s Day is next Friday and we’re spending it together as a family. There won’t be any romantic dinners for two here but I actually prefer spending it with my little ones anyway.

I find it much more fun to spend the day creating themed crafts, food and beverages. One of my personal favourite non-alcoholic beverages is the Shirley Temple and the kids love it too for something festive. I love the layers of the Shirley Temple both visually and in flavour. As a child, what I looked forward to most whenever my parents would treat us out to a restaurant was knowing the first drink I would order would be the Shirley Temple. Summer Berry Sangria. A sweet sparkling sangria loaded with luscious summer berries is the consummate summer cocktail. This recipe is so easy you will be making it all summer long. Sitting in the back yard on a hot summers day, sipping away on a sweet Summer Berry Sangria while you enjoy your loved ones. I can hardly think of a better summer moment.

Frozen Hot Chocolate - Day FOUR of Mexican food week on Wishes and Dishes has arrived and today is a DESSERT recipe invented completely by yours truly (but don’t let that scare you). This week is flying by! If you missed the first 3 Mexican-themed posts, here are the links to make it easy for you to find them: Chicken, Bacon and Ranch Stacked Enchiladas, Chipotle Chicken Burrito Bowls, and Taco Stuffed Shells. Have you been to Serendipity Restaurant in NYC, Miami, or Washington DC? This recipe was inspired by their Frozen Hot Chocolate that Mr. Coca Cola Cake - Mom's Kitchen Pantry. Dreamy Strawberries and Cream Shake. .facebook_-2081938102. Frozen Marshmallow Mudslide #CocktailDay - 365 Days of Baking. Lucky Shamrock Cocktail Shooters. Pineapple Upside Down Cake Daiquiri. .facebook_744226455. Skinny Shake. Detox with Skinny Shakes!

A tasty smoothie that will knock your socks off. Just about a year ago I came across a Dr. Oz show talking about a 7-Day Crash Diet that really piqued my interest. Dr Joel Furhman was his guest. He discussed many ways to kick start fat burning in your body, and who doesn't want that?! Melted Chocolate Easter Bunny Cocktail. Happy Tuesday Slow Roasters! We are enjoying an early Easter cocktail today. Chad has been working in his mixology lab, re-creating our favorite treats found in our Easter baskets. Pomegranate Martini.

Pomegranate and Rosemary White Sangria.