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Carva twistshifters For intuitive and effortless gear shifts. brakes For balanced stopping power and control. handlebars For personal fit and optimal ergnomics. stays For sleek and strong performance. dropouts For safety and serviceability. pedal For maximum traction and comfort. vrls For tunable ride characteristics. tires For ultimate carability and grip. leansteer Steering mechanism actuated by degree of body lean and weight transfer. Invention success story: KtraK Which solution method fits your innovation model? [LEARN MORE] Breakthrough: A traction-boosting rear drive assembly that turns a mountain bike into an all terrain vehicle. Inventor: Kyle Reeves, Canada Financial reward: $1 million+ The Story: Adrenalin junkies now have a new toy to play with. Cool Idea Ktrak is a patented wheel system that turns a mountain bike into a pedal-powered snow machine and all terrain vehicle. Eureka Moment The light bulb moment occurred in 2005 during a long ferry ride from Vancouver to Vancouver Island, where Reeves lives with his wife and children. The finished version is a piece of apparatus that attaches to a standard mountain bike – it fits a 26-inch wheel, with 20” and 24” kits coming soon. Financial Burden Reeves took out a second mortgage on his home, and with his business partner and childhood friend Jason Scoffings, has invested no less than $700,000 to get the invention into stores. Entering the Dragons’ Lair No Business Like Snow Business

Software y Oportunidad MLM - Y Oportunidad de Trabajo desde tu PC Boardrunner Posted on September 22, 2010 by Marla Gnarla This odd vehicle stopped by the shop yesterday. What is it called, you ask? The Board Runner by Stepbike. The owner let Rick take it for a spin out in our lot. Notice the two cranksets attached to the platforms. Though one would have massive legs, I’m quite glad I have a seat! Like this: Like Loading... Filed under: Working at the bike shop Tagged: | board runner, step bike, stepbike Does Google Need to Create a Currency? While many critics have been quick to write off Google+ as a failed social experiment by what has been and inevitably always will be a search company, Google itself continues to deepen the integration of its varied products into the platform without paying these critics much heed. Operating on the same ‘release and iterate’ strategy that drove products such as Android and Chrome to become market leaders after initially underwhelming, Google knows that its social ecosystem may only be one killer application away from mass adoption. A Google currency that powers micropayments may just be the killer app, as such an offering could revolutionize the Internet by democratizing online commerce. Why is now the right time for a revolution in commerce? Though Google, Paypal, Facebook, Amazon and Apple have invested heavily in their efforts to become the trusted party users rely on to manage their transactions, online commerce has not ceased to be awkward and time-consuming.

LeverCycle LeverCycle The Levercycle is a fresh take on an old idea - the ‘rider’ remains in an ergonomically correct standing position and pushes down on levers, much the same as on a gym’s ‘stair master’ machine. About the Inventor Rob Duff is a yoga teacher in Cairns, Far North Queensland. Rob has been medically retired for four years after being knocked off his (normal) bicycle by a drunk driver speeding at 80kph. Contact For more information about LeverCycle, contact the following: Email: Online Discussion Read what others have said or have your say. Rob had long sensed that there must be a better way to exploit the human bio-mechanical dynamic to propel a bicycle than the conventional seated style. After a bicycling accident that took him out of the workforce, Rob finally had the time to put his theories into practice, the result being this first prototype of the Levercycle. The Levercycle is a differently propelled alternative to the standard seated bicycle.

El modelo escandinavo de bienestar ¿Puede un sistema capitalista hacer gala de un sistema de prestaciones sociales generoso? ¿Puede una sociedad rica aplicar el principio de igualdad? ¿Puede prosperar el colectivismo donde rige el individualismo? Pues sí. ¿Qué hacen los países nórdicos para ir (casi) siempre por delante? El modelo escandinavo de bienestar es un término utilizado para describir la forma que Dinamarca, Noruega, Suecia, Finlandia e Islandia han escogido para financiar y organizar sus sistemas de seguridad social, servicios de salud y educación. Diez investigadores nórdicos han analizado la cuestión en un estudio reciente, financiado por el Consejo de Investigación de Noruega. Los investigadores analizaron la riqueza y la igualdad características de los países nórdicos (Dinamarca, Finlandia, Noruega, Suecia e Islandia). ¿Qué caracteriza al modelo social nórdico? Los países nórdicos mantienen un equilibrio entre el colectivismo generalizado y un alto grado de libertad individual.

Runbike RUNBIKE ist ein spezielles Übungsgerät. Es dient zur Erhaltung und Stärkung der physischen und psychischen Kondition aktiver Leute und ist gleichzeitig auch ein Erlebnissport. Das Patent der Firma Laurini wird auf das Runbike angewendet, welches in Zusammenarbeit mit Physiotherapeuten und Hochleistungssportlern entstand. Runbike ist ein kurzes Rennrad mit mittigem Pedalantrieb in der Hinterradachse. Runbike ist geeignet für individuelles oder Gruppentraining, um Konditionssport zu treiben, für leichte und extreme Fahrten oder Ausflüge. Die Firma Laurini hat auch das Runbiking entwickelt – ein komplexes Trainingsprogramm für die Erhaltung einer guten Kondition. RUNBIKE Spezifikation

untitled AVN.- El gobierno de Gran Bretaña anunció este viernes que entregará alrededor de 7,8 millones de dólares a los grupos opositores armados de Siria, en una nueva muestra de injerencia extranjera en la nación árabe. El canciller británico, William Hague, justificó la decisión diciendo que ese dinero será utilizado en la adquisición de equipos de comunicaciones, reseñó la agencia AP. El funcionario reiteró que el gobierno de Londres no suministrará armas a los mercenarios, pero confirmó que los fondos enviados también servirán para comprar teléfonos celulares, generadores y pertrechos médicos de urgencia. Hague afirmó que los diplomáticos británicos aumentarán los contactos con el brazo político del Ejército Libre de Siria (ESL), organización irregular compuesta por mercenarios y miembros de Al Qaeda. El ESL es el principal promotor de la inestabilidad en Siria y responsable del asesinato de cientos de civiles y militares, además de perpetrar atentados terroristas. ¿Errata en el texto?