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...stumbled upon yesterday was a list of interesting drinks.

...stumbled upon yesterday was a list of interesting drinks.
I told you guys that I'm wasting a lot of time nowadays looking at pretty pictures and interesting ideas on Pinterest.I already have a bunch of different boards for all kinds of stuff - be it food or interior design. But I especially liked the idea of someone making up Harry Potter related drinks. And then I googled the term and came up with a bunch of interesting stuff. So I'm going to share only a couple of them with you guys (I know that this won't be the favorite topic of a bunch of you, but check them all out. Maybe you'll find something you like.), because there are a LOT of them out there. These next ones are my favorites out of all the ones I saw till now. WARNING:An Anonymous comment came that you shouldn't ingest anything that has dry ice in it. First off... For one serving you'll need:2 ounces Champagne1 ounce vodka2 ounces white grape juicePurple sugarOptional: Dry IcePour a small amount of grape juice onto a plate and a small amount of purple sugar on a different plate.

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Cocktails - Information is Beautiful 75+ classic cocktail recipes from the International Bartender’s Association’s list of drinks every bartender should know. Forget old-school measures like ml and oz. We’ve calculated our own universal metric. One of any ingredient represents one part of any measuring vessel you choose: cup, spoon, lid, shoe, whatever – it’s your party! Cocktails Inspired by Evolutionary Stages of Pokémon The sophisticated Pokémon trainer demands a beverage that will meet the needs of his or her discerning palate. The Pokémon cocktails developed by the author(s) of the Drunken Moogle blog do just that, with a series that include three separate drinks inspired by each of the evolutionary stages of various pocket monsters. Each series begins with a shot, moves on to a midsize drink served in a tumbler, and then a highball-sized cocktail.

24 exotic ways to eat a hot dog Today we are celebrating our freedom, and as we know, with freedom comes options, with options comes choices, and with choices comes serious indigestion. Keeping that in mind, here are 24 ways to eat America’s favorite 4th of July snack—one for each hour of the day. 1. Pink Panty Droppers Recipe at This makes a great fizzy pink lemonade. It's definitely one of my must have summer staples. If it's hot, you're low on cash, and want to have a lot of fun, this is the answer! Chocolate Guinness Goodness Recipe at Epicurious Editor's note: This recipe was developed by Shane Philip Coffey, the chef at Alias restaurant on New York City's Lower East Side. This rich and luscious dessert came about because I needed a special dessert for a St. Patrick's Day tasting menu. I was on a mission to use my favorite beer, Guinness, something I consider to be one of Ireland's gifts to the world. As the 17th of March drew closer, I looked for inspiration at my favorite Irish pub in Manhattan. As I savored my pint, I saw a Guinness poster that said, "My Goodness, My Guinness!"

15 Insanely Dangerous Cocktails We Dare You To Try This New Year Some of the most iconic cocktails which the world has come to know of are either too sweet or too flashy, politely missing the point of a cocktail altogether. A cocktail should ideally be a mixture of three ingredients out of which two are pure alcohols. Here, however, we might play loose with the principle definition. Your most humble author has tried his very best to break down the ingredients to their very core for your earnest perusal. So, here are some of the most intoxicatingly potent cocktails and their recipes which we dare you to try this New Year. 1. Hiram Abiff, the True King of Egypt,1554BC The Nag Hammidi Scrolls and The Dead Sea Scrolls are another example of a treasure trove of the writings of the disciples in the 1st century AD. Dismissed by the church as heresy, they reveal a great deal of the 'spiritual' insight of the early Christians. We also have documentation of when rulers like Alexander changed history and tried to preserve everything he found in Egypt instead of trying to destroy it like the Romans did.

Garlicky Baked Fries I’m never going to make garlic potato fries any other way. These garlic fries, win hands down as the best garlic french fries I’ve ever made. Plus they are baked – so I won’t feel too guilty if I make it every time I’m craving for some potato comfort. When I read that there is garlic infused oil involved, my heart skipped a beat (in a good way, not the way oil would otherwise treat your heart). {Marshmallow} DIY Wedding Favors Austin Weddings Austin Wedding Venues Austin Wedding Planners Austin Wedding Florists Jello shots without the trash Ingredients: Strawberries (the biggest ones you can find) Strawberry jelly powder Creme de cacao Vodka Chocolate chips (optional) Wash the strawberries and pick out the nicest ones. You will need about 3 boxes worth of strawberries for 2 cups of jello.

15 Alcoholic Beverages For Those Who Don’t Like The Taste Of Daaru Alcohol - often hailed as the answer to all of life's mysterious and perplexing questions, also receives its share of grief, because of it's taste. So, we found 15 ways in which you could up the taste meter of your alcoholic drink. And yes, they can also be made at home with less effort! 1. Radler Juba II & Cleopatra Selene With particular attention to coinage of the time Note: The following began as a simple "Compare two historical figures" report for an HIS100 class, which I based around their coinage. This has gradually been evolving since. If you have any suggestions or comments, please email me via the link the the bottom of this page. The Roman late republic period was a time of civil wars, with other countries and kingdoms giving aid to various sides. Since Rome was the dominant power, these countries knew that their future lay intertwined with Rome, and siding with the eventual victor would hopefully increase their chances for favorable dealings with this power.

Perfect Mac-n-Cheese « My Cooking Quest November 13, 2008 by joejhorn A few weeks ago I started a quest for some good mac and cheese. Nancy makes a killer mac-n-cheese but I wanted my own. I’m sure I frustrate the crap out of Nancy sometimes because I’m always looking for something better when it comes to food and recipes. Now mind you , this mac-n-cheese is not Bobby Flay mac-n-cheese with some crazy-sexy ingredients, but it is really, really good! I would make it for any of my friends and be proud.

Awesome Valentine’s Drink: Kid’s Bubbly Love Potion Awesome Valentine’s Drink: Kid’s Bubbly Love Potion February 10, 2010 I’m teaching a Children’s Valentine Cooking Class this Friday, and I have been getting ready to wow the kids. Instead of doing my usual (but delicious) smoothies, I thought I would try to something more unique. I came across this recipe from Family Fun Magazine’s website. I tinkered with it a bit and changed it just slightly.

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