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Sewing 101: fabric boxes

Sewing 101: fabric boxes
It seems no matter what I do, I can never get a handle on all the tiny odds and ends that accumulate around my house. From craft materials to hair ties, the bits and bobs are constantly trying to take over, so in the never-ending quest to corral them, these little fabric bins were born. You can make one of these soft boxes in almost no time, and in almost any size, so you can customize them to perfectly fit whatever you need to hold. Top each one off with a label holder (also customizable in any shade of the rainbow, thanks to nail polish), and you’ll have a leg up on clutter . . . for a little while, at least. — Brett Bara Read the full how-to after the jump . . . Materials a sturdy fabric, such as canvasthread to matchsewing machine, iron and basic sewing supplieslabel holdersnail polish (optional) 1. I couldn’t find label holders in a color I liked, so I decided to customize my own by painting them with neon pink nail polish. 2. Begin with any size square or rectangle fabric you like.

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Easy Peasy DIY Rag Quilt Tutorial This weekend I did a little quilting project. It was super easy to do and can absolutely be done by the "beginner" seamstress. It is a flannel rag quilt made from strips of fabric instead of your typical squares.... and it's sooo soft! The most time consuming part is cutting all of the fabric, so if you have a spare afternoon why not give this a try?

Sew by Hand Hello, my name is Dawn Anderson and my company is Dawn Anderson Designs. I have a Masters Degree in Fine Arts from Indiana University, specializing in Theater Costume Design, Traditional Hand Tailoring and Pattern Making. I have worked as a freelance designer, tailor, milliner, and sewing instructor for 14 years. My company is located in Northern Virginia and also online. Today I would like to show you how to sew by hand. Easy DIY Lamp Shades Adding color, pattern & texture to a room is easy, with these self decorated lamp shades. I will teach you the techniques & tricks to creating your own retro, modern, country, chic, & eclectic lamp shade. 1. Cut pressure-sensitive styrene into panels slightly larger than the sides of the lampshade frame using a rotary cutter and cutting mat. Iron the fabric.

Creating my way to Success: Magnetic Pockets a tutorial - 5 steps in 15 mins Does your fridge look anything like this? I get endless vouchers and notes that get stuck on the fridge with magnets, but look very messy and cluttered. So I decided to pretty them up a bit! So instead of this: I can have this: Much neater and prettier! Hand Sewing Stitches Posted on 2008 under sew dresses | 23 Aug Sewing easy sewing stitches is the best way for beginners to get started. There are often times when machine sewn projects also need some hand sewing done. Once mastered each sewing stitch can add to the beauty when you sew dresses, make a sewing tote or add to any other handmade ideas. Here is an excellent chart I found from Britannica Online Encyclopedia.

Upholstered Headboard Tutorial Things move a little slower around these parts, with newborn twins and the corresponding 16 diaper changes a day… but I’ve finally finished the upholstered headboard! I know you’re thrilled! Well this headboard was a no-brainer… we had leftover damask fabric (from the nursery curtains) that I’m totally in love with. And the pattern fit perfectly with the 10″ x 10″ squares of wood that we already had pre-cut and lying around. You can use as many or as little fabrics as you want.

Sewing Tips: Installing a Basic Zipper First of all, I loved hearing about your potty stories that you shared with me here. I kept laughing and laughing. I love that we all have so much in common. So many of you are going through the potty training blues with either your own kids, a grandchild, a niece/nephew, and/or a friend’s child etc. Hang in there…..and let me know how it goes. Especially the stories that may not be funny at the moment but you can laugh at later! TravelWees Category: Sewing Type: Toy Item: Animal How to Reupholster a Chair - Step by Step Step 1: Gather materials and prep the seat board If you have upholstered chair seats that are stained, worn out or just plain ugly, there's no need to call a pro. You can do a first-class upholstery job yourself, even if you have zero experience. Don't worry about making mistakes; you can correct them by prying out staples and starting over. If the chair is fairly new, you can simply cover the existing fabric with new material. But it usually makes sense to tear off the old fabric and replace the foam padding, since most foam has a life span of only five to 10 years.

Hungry Monster You can sign up for this swap here: Whoever said "Cute doesn't need a reason" sure knew what she was talking about! Case in point: these CUTE little monsters! The pattern is by Ellen Luckett Baker and it's FREE over at The Long Thread ( Ellen calls it a Monster Tooth Pillow, and it was created for children waiting for the Tooth Fairy. But couldn't people who aren't losing teeth (I hope!) More inspiration for a sewing room « Handmade with joy Posted by Lova on February 29, 2008 I finally made time to take pictures of my beloved sewing studio but the weather was tipically english (grey and rainy!) so my pictures were not good. See what I mean! I made the necklace a while ago, it’s made of sterling silver and a light topaz, the topaz was faceted for a ring but I had it drilled so that I can use it for a necklace.

Bendy Dolls i LOVE bendy dolls. i really do. i remember first making these back when i was in girl scouts as a kid. Of course the ones i make now are much nicer, but the concept is still the same. They are very easy to make, and kids love them. i've had a lot of requests from folks asking just how they are made, so i thought i'd put together a tutorial. After repairing a bunch of bendies that the puppy chewed on, i decided to make Sage a few news ones for Yule. i'm working on putting together a few full play sets, i'll post pics of those later. Thrifty and Chic: Headboard upgrade...for cheap! I loved my bedroom before but it just always felt like something was missing....maybe color on the walls? Well, I'm not quite ready to take that big step, so as you can see below, I figured I would add my own color via a sheet draped over my headboard. It worked for a little bit, until I got tired of the dang thing always moving. So, I made my own headboard sans moving the sheet :) Supplies needed: plywood cut to size (they cut it at the homedepot for you), 2x4s cut in half, brown sheet or fabric of your liking, batting, pretty decorative buttons, staple gun, hot glue gun, drill, screws, tape measure and so on...